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May 2, 2023

Breitbart News has an in-depth interview with Speaker Kevin McCarthy on the night-and-day changes that have remade Congress since the dark days of Nancy Pelosi’s reign.

He talks about a number of major issues, like censorship, Big Tech and trying to force Democrats to stop spending us into the dank basement apartment underneath the Poor House. But he also gets into the return of transparency and accountability, with real investigations of actual crimes and abuses of power rather than just political differences (backed by real evidence released in full to the public), and the removal of corrupt liars and power abusers like Adam Schiff from plum committee assignments.

One thing he calls a “smaller issue,” but I consider it extremely important and too overlooked, is the reopening of the People’s House to the People. Considering what they were doing to the American people, I can kind of understand why the Democrats viewed average citizens with fear and paranoia.

Even though they claim to believe that walls don’t work at the border, they put up walls and barriers and tight security to keep American citizens out of Congress (which made the lack of same on January 6th extra suspicious.) The public thought, “This is our Congress and we pay for it, so surely we can walk through an open door of this public building and look around.” The Democrats’ attitude was “Those peasants, even the ones who did nothing violent at all, are insurrectionist trespassers who must be rushed off to prison for invading my sacred workspace!”

That arrogant attitude also extended to putting heavy restrictions on which Congress members were allowed to speak or propose legislation, and when. McCarthy explains that that process is now much more open, so that all ideas can be debated and the best win (attention, colleges: this is what you’re supposed to be teaching students!)  

In short, he’s applying to Congress the same thing he says about the exposure of government collusion with social media to censor free speech: “We believe in a free market and a free market of ideas. You’re going to find not only are we going to hold them accountable, we’re going to be able to use that basis to know legislatively what can we do that they can never do this again.”

Let’s just hope and pray that voters appreciate that enough not to let them do it to us again by voting them back into power.


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  • Scott Wroblewski

    05/02/2023 04:08 PM

    We the people deserve to see the work that goes on in government. We also need to approve of where all the taxes are being spent, how much is wasted, and how much is pocketed by dirty politicians. I like to see more collaboration between the parties, but not just giving in to the progressive left communist agenda.