July 12, 2017

It goes without saying that Nevada is like no other state, but here’s a new wrinkle: the Governor just issued a state of emergency because the supply of marijuana is running low. Just about 10 days after officially legalizing recreational pot, a bureaucratic logjam has prevented distributors from obtaining state licenses (that’s the trouble with drug-dealing, too much paperwork), while demand proved stronger than anticipated (seriously?!) And the state is depending on the 15% tax on legalized pot to fund the public schools (there’s a good lesson when you’re trying to teach kids to stay off of drugs: they pay your teacher’s salary). So the low stash of weed is considered a state crisis. Gee, if only there were some way they could mellow out.

I would comment further on this, but the entire system sounds like something that someone who was on drugs came up with. More details at the link.


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