July 13, 2018

Now that FBI agent Peter Strzok has testified publicly, it’s easy to see why Republicans on the Judiciary and Oversight Committees were so disappointed after the private hearing at their inability to pry any information out of him.  On Thursday, the same tactics were on display –- perhaps even more so, as cameras were rolling –- when Democrats joined forces with FBI attorneys to help Strzok avoid answering questions.  Thursday’s public spectacle was stunning and even a little heartbreaking as it pulled back the curtain on our government at work.

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I do have to crow a little, because we learned Thursday that in his closed-door meeting, Strzok had actually used the very interpretation of his “We’ll stop it” text that I predicted he would; namely, that by “we” he meant “the American people” and that he was talking about their power at the ballot box.  Yeah, that’s the ticket!  (Maybe he got the idea from reading my commentary; who knows?  You never can tell who’s going to see something like that.)  But nobody’s buying.  That “safe” interpretation of the one really incriminating text –- the “smoking gun” that implied he and...who?.. were taking action to influence the election –- is just too inconsistent with all the other withering anti-Trump messages he and Lisa Page exchanged.  Another reason it didn’t work is that Strzok testified at one point that he didn’t even remember writing the text, and then later gave a detailed context for it.  Which is it?

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If congressional Democrats are even capable of embarrassment, they surely embarrassed themselves here, by making it obvious that they were desperate to keep the lid on FBI misconduct when it came to the exoneration of Hillary Clinton and the pursuit of Donald Trump.  Several of them, notably Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, demonstrated a sweeping lack of knowledge in their MSNBC-style accusations of President Trump and his campaign associates.  They must get their facts on the “Trump/Russia” investigation straight from Joy Behar.

 Republicans occasionally displayed some ill-advised behavior as well.  Louie Gohmert of Texas threw all judgment out the window and got personal, with a reference to Strzok’s lack of honesty with his wife.  Yes, it goes to credibility, but It was a bad moment; we’re better than that and should be maintaining higher ground.


As promised, here is my list of suggested follow-up questions for Peter Strzok.  These are included for just for fun and entertainment value, as Strzok surely would find an excuse not to answer even one.


1.  Mr. Strzok, if, as you say, you are frustrated over not being allowed to answer questions that you would just LOVE to answer, why is it that you are sporting that smug little cat-that-ate-the-canary grin whenever you say you can’t?  (At times, your nose was so high in the air, we had to wonder if you were trying not to smell the Trump support in the room.)


2.  How is it possible that you don’t recall writing a particular text but can later remember and explain in perfect detail the exact circumstances that prompted you to write it?  Now that you have more leisure time, perhaps you could volunteer for a research study on brain function.


3.  When the Democrats almost derailed the hearing with their constant “point of order” interruptions and roll call vote on an unrelated motion, did you gather up your things and call Uber in the assumption you could go home?


4.  When you gave that windy, self-serving speech about the sanctity of the FBI and were rewarded with applause in the chamber from Democrats, did you think you were auditioning for Jimmy Stewart’s part in a remake of MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON?  (Of course, in this new version, the hero would be arguing not to clean up Washington but to save the corrupt status quo.)


5.  When you spoke to your bosses about possibly heading up the “Trump/Russia” investigation, did you remember to remove your “I’m With Her” button, or did you think it gave you an advantage?


6.  Just for fun, did you and then-FBI Director James Comey ever have contests at work to see who could sound the most self-righteous?  Who usually won?


7.  It was suggested at Thursday’s public hearing that you deserve a Purple Heart for your appearance before the committees, and you did not disagree.  Which part of your body was wounded in service to your country?  Describe your injuries in full. 


8.  You wrote an email referring to multiple versions of the Steele “dossier” that were being circulated around the FBI.  By now you’ve no doubt read John Solomon’s reporting on this.  Which version of this unverified material did you use for FISA applications to spy on Trump associates, or will the attorneys let you answer that?


9.  You testified that there was no evidence of bias in your professional actions.  With your remarkable ability to speak absurdities with a straight face, and your obvious hatred for President Trump, have you considered a second career as a late-night TV host?


10.  When (if?) Lisa Page testifies behind closed doors on Friday, she’ll benefit from having heard your public testimony.  You knew she was watching you on Thursday and probably taking notes; did you have a private signal for her, like when Carol Burnett used to pull her earlobe to say hi to her grandmother?


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11.  When Democrats repeatedly brought up other subjects, like immigrant children who had been separated from their parents, did you think you had walked into the wrong hearing by mistake?


12.  Finally, are you still receiving a paycheck from the FBI?  If the paychecks stop coming, are you worried that you will have to put on a nose clip and shop at Walmart?



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  • Danielle

    07/20/2018 12:11 AM

    Those 11 statements about Strzok in the just for a laugh portion are hilarious. Your so funny. I wish you could write a book for them to read when they get their new orange outfits and will have more leisurely time to read.

  • Betty Hope

    07/18/2018 11:24 AM

    Thank you so much for the person that you are; you love this Country and you are honest, genuine & caring!! I have a COMMENT, one that's been bugging me for a long time. I see absolutely no reason that disgraced employees of the Federal Government should receive their Pension. Everything that has happened about this entire mess is an affront to every American who cares about our Wonderful Country and who knows right from wrong!!! Am I correct in figuring Pensions are paid by the hard working American Taxpayers?? Well, this "Hard Working American Taxpayer" doesn't want my tax $$ to go to Pond Scum, the likes of Stzrok, Comey Lisa Page, McCabe and all the other low-life involved in this mess. There is a bunch of them, Obama included!!!! This should also be applied to Congress men & women. Thanks so much for letting me vent ??

  • Martin Plowman

    07/15/2018 07:18 PM

    Priceless always you have an uncanny ability to periscope into the subject matter. And with your sense of humor I had to put the I pad down before it was ejected uncontrollably across the room. I watched most of the circus it didn’t bode well ..sadly both sides didn’t come out well...OK the Dems were abismal . One comment about Strzok, did you notice how on occasions he looked out from the top of the eye demonic like that was something that I can’t laugh at!

  • Michael Hutch

    07/15/2018 12:42 PM

    Peter Strzok works for the FBI.
    It's said he has 50,000 on his FBI cell Phone, More on his personal phone.
    The FBI was Established by Congress.
    Congress is supposed to answer to the people.

    The phone in question AND its contents is owned by the government, hence the people.
    Why in God's name have we not seized government property, stop this B S, and see what is there????

  • Bruce Nason

    07/14/2018 10:41 AM

    My question to Stzrok would be.... "Did you really think it was ok that Hillary took a hammer to her Blackberries and bleachbit her computer? And as an senior FBI agent, still thought after that she still deserved to win 100 million to zero?"

  • suzanne A Gibbs

    07/14/2018 10:39 AM

    Sad.....but HYSTERICAL!

  • Jane Joplin

    07/14/2018 09:18 AM

    Thank you for being a bright spot in the middle of all of this mess!! It is hard to keep a positive attitude in the times we live in!!

  • Lea Sapp

    07/14/2018 09:03 AM

    Loved it! I also wonder if the TV cameras made him think he was in Hollywood, he was putting on the show! !

  • Lea Sapp

    07/14/2018 09:01 AM

    Loved it! I also wonder if the TV cameras made him think he was in Hollywood, he was putting on white the show! !

  • Daniel Burke

    07/14/2018 08:06 AM

    Did I miss it? Did any GOP questioner specifically ask Strzok what the "insurance policy" they discussed in "Andy's office" was all about? I would like to know how he answered that question - or if it was not asked, why was it not asked? Thank you.

  • Catherine Susinno

    07/14/2018 06:59 AM

    I loved the 12th question, thanks again! You and Mark Levin are good at helping us all laugh! Laughter surely is the best medicine. Catherine Susinno.

  • Bryan Collier

    07/14/2018 02:08 AM

    Go back and look at the transcript of the questions Robin Kelly of Illinois asked Strzok.

    REP. ROBIN KELLY (D), ILLINOIS: I know it's been a long day for you, so I will keep it simple. Some questions will be repetitive. But if you can just say yes or no. In your time at the FBI have you ever investigated a member of the Democratic Party?

    STRZOK: Yes.

    KELLY: Did any of those investigation resulted in an indictment?

    STRZOK: No, not to my recollection.

    KELLY: Have you ever investigated anyone that identifies as independent or unaffiliated with either of the two major political parties?

    STRZOK: Ma'am, I don't know.

    KELLY: So, you don't know if any of those resulted in --

    STRZOK: I don't know that -- I know when I'm thinking of the Democratic Party, clearly, Secretary Clinton was part of who we looked at and she was very clearly part of the Democratic Party. I don't tend to beyond that. I am not a public corruption agent and political affiliation is not something that we looked at.

    KELLY: But in your assessment would your work history suggest a bias by you towards anyone political party?

    [15:40:00] STRZOK: No, not at you will

    KELLY: You investigated, as you said, Secretary Clinton for a use of private e-mails.

    STRZOK: Yes.

    KELLY: She is a member of the Democratic Party.

    STRZOK: Yes.

    KELLY: We know you have investigated a Republican, provided your participation in the ongoing Mueller investigation. And we know that that investigation has led to an indictment. In fact, it has led to 19 indictments, five guilty pleas and a host of charges filed against former campaign and White House advisers to President Trump, as well as Russian nationals and companies. So, is it fair to say that you have investigated and indicted individuals from the political spectrum or you may not be aware.

    STRZOK: Yes, ma'am, we don't look at that. So, I don't know, but it's a fair assumption.

    Here's my point,

    So...when asked if he has investigated Democrats he says yes. When asked if there have been indictments of Democrats...he says "No, not to his recollection"????? Yet, after Kelly lists the long line of indictments of Republicans he claims that he investigated the full "spectrum" of political beliefs, but he can't recall that a single Democrat received an indictment?????? His sworn testimony is that no Democrat he has investigated got indicted??????? Isn't that the very definition of looking the other way?????

    More importantly, why did no Republican Congressman catch it?????

    I'm just a reasonably sensible guy from TN...somebody who gets paid to be a lot smarter than me should've caught that.

    Thanks, Governor

  • Shawn Ondell

    07/14/2018 12:35 AM

    Great reading! I loved it! Are you sure it was a 'for fun' list because I think you are right on the money with every item!

  • antoinette dawson

    07/13/2018 08:57 PM

    Mr. Strzok,
    Your emails to your lover make sense if you are gay. The amount of time spent texting, rather than romancing would make sense if both Page and your wife were your "beards". I am a woman and noted your physical gestures throughout your hearing as being a sign of a man "off limits" and not from a wedding band, either. Just saying, you have very effeminate ways.

  • Janette Garner

    07/13/2018 08:46 PM

    I agree that the lack of decorum was appalling. Gohmert's references were inappropriate in that setting. The screeching female who was shouting when Trey Gowdy had the floor should have been removed.
    Another reason that Strzok may have had his nose so high in the air could have been to keep from spelling the doodoo that he himself was putting out.
    Contempt, perjury and obstruction seem pretty reasonable charges to file against Strzok.

  • Robert Ashford

    07/13/2018 08:12 PM

    I amamazed at how forgetful democrats get it seems to well to beconveniently forgetful I remember bill c. and hilary saying "I am sorry I don't recall" this must be a common thread with deceit, contemptuous and seditious behavior.We knew it was happening at the time and we still know he is quilty. He is a liar and a fraud so is his patriotism America was born of freedom truth and honor of the founding fathers. This guy may as well hang out with old benedict arnold.

  • Beverly Tuttle

    07/13/2018 05:46 PM

    I watched part of it later on replay. In this baby boomer's life, I have never seen such a free for all. There is no dignity left in Congress. Stzrok appeared so arrogant I feel very certain he thinks he will walk. How many people will we poor "Walmart" taxpayers continue to pick up the tab for? I presume his salary includes kickbacks because he seems very confident. Regardless. It's very sad for the honest hard working FBI agents around the country. In fact I had a very good friend that was an agent in my city. He was the most moral ethical person I knew. A few years ago when he turned 50, he got his retirement and went to work doing international security for a big company.

  • don alt

    07/13/2018 05:30 PM

    These are great questions. I am saddened by the circus atmosphere I witnessed yesterday. I shut the TV off after 45 min. It was so obvious the Democrats do not want the truth to be revealed.

  • Sue Clarke

    07/13/2018 05:16 PM

    Mr. Huckabee I wish you would have been asking the questions. Ask him on your show and ask away. He doesn't have enough gonads to stand up to you sir.

  • Laurel Carlson

    07/13/2018 05:15 PM

    I was really surprised that the "Insurance Policy " did not come up . I was so looking forward to hearing answers about this.


    07/13/2018 05:03 PM

    Strzok represents a broken cultural rift in the FBI. A sweeping reorganization is needed from top down now. Until then I am remembering them as the Federal Bureau of Idiots. So sad. Another historic institution lost.

  • Angela Mason

    07/13/2018 04:41 PM

    Another, question for fun, You didn’t think General Flynn lied during his testimony, did you?

    I deeply respect you and Sarah,Governor! You are true patriots! God bless!

  • Cheryl Magnuson

    07/13/2018 04:39 PM

    Excellent! Many of those question actually should be put to him.


    07/13/2018 04:38 PM


  • C. Spencer van Gulick

    07/13/2018 04:13 PM

    We sat through the Senate investigation of the IRS. All involved knew the principals were guilty of using political power to make war on conservatives. So did everybody watching. The investigation dragged, then ended: no climax, no result. Lois Lerner went into retirement, her replacement belligerent and combative. Months later, when nobody cared, on page 12 the IRS "apologized" to those it had harmed. Now we're watching the investigation of the FBI and Justice Department. Everybody knows those organizations under Obama, like the Obama IRS and his Attorney General, used their government positions for political power and gain. It's the same circus now—different lions jumping through different flaming hoops, but the same show. The progressive juggernaut rumbles on unrestrained, without thought, doubt or scruple, and the nation disintegrates. The most unique and promising system of government in history, and the people its founders gifted as beneficiaries of that government, are almost overwhelmed now in a tide of selfishness, godlessness, adolescent sentimentality and slogan-shallow thought.