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March 22, 2023



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If Trump is indicted today, here are TWO REASONS WHY

REASON #1:  “It’s not about the case.  It’s about the mug shot.”

Jesse Watters mentioned this on his FOX NEWS show Tuesday evening.  And sure enough, a source told the U.K. DAILY MAIL that Trump is “expected” to be indicted today (Wednesday).  The grand jury is scheduled to convene today, and even if only 12 of the 23 grand jurors agree it’s likely a crime was committed, that will be it, and then the DA’s office will reach out to Trump’s Secret Service detail to “make arrangements for his surrender.”  The arraignment will likely take place before a New York judge sometime next week.  That’s when he’ll be fingerprinted and pose for that mug shot.

A picture with the DAILY MAIL story shows two anti-Trump protesters standing outside the DA’s office building, dressed in black and holding signs --- bold, pre-printed ones --- that say “ARREST TRUMP” and “TRUMP IS OVER.”  And doesn’t that last sign say it all?  They just want Trump to be over, and they don’t care how we get there.  In fact, if it involves spitting on the law and the Constitution to get there, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Radio host Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, is furious, saying Tuesday that if they deem it a security nightmare, the Secret Service does NOT have to agree to Trump going to New York (he’s reportedly in Florida now) and personally appearing in a courtroom before a judge.  By law, they can say, “This is unsafe, and it’s not going to happen, period.”  As courtrooms did routinely during COVID, they could handle this remotely.  Someone could come to his home to fingerprint him (!!!) and take his photo.  We’ll see how they choose to deal with this potentially very dangerous situation for the former President.  Why do I keep having visions of Ruby and Oswald?

Also, the DA knows the President isn’t a flight risk or a risk to anyone’s safety.  He’s DONALD TRUMP, perhaps the most recognizable person in the world.

I joked yesterday about Democrats rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of Trump being arrested and perp-walked.  But today, we’ve all seen them actually behaving this way.  (We didn’t watch “The View” but heard about it.)  It’s so hard to do comic exaggeration these days.

But step away from the Trump Derangement Bubble, and Americans are wise to this.  Not just Americans, either; even the President of Mexico sees it for what it is --- a scam to keep Trump from running again --- and he said the whole world will know what it is, “because we are not sucking our thumbs, that it is so he will not appear on the electoral ballot.  And if I say that, it’s because it seems [the] application of a crime, because they don’t want him to become a candidate.”

The case itself is ridiculous.  As Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said yesterday, “The Department of Justice didn’t take this case.  The federal district of New York didn’t take this case.  Cy Vance, the former district attorney, didn’t take this case.  And even Alvin Bragg when he got the job didn’t take the case.”  He only took the case now, Jordan said, because Trump has announced a run in ‘24 “and is winning in every single poll.”


REASON #2:  It’s really starting to look as though President Trump is the only one with the wherewithal to dismantle the ‘deep state,’ and this is how the deep state fights back.  On Tuesday, Trump unveiled his plan to “dismantle the deep state” in a new policy agenda video.  It cannot happen too soon.

The video he posted on Rumble --- “Agenda47:  Trump’s Plan to Dismantle the Deep State and Return Power to the American People --- offers a list of ten items that he says will be at the top of his agenda once he’s back in office.  Here’s a summary:

1.  He’ll reinstate his 2020 executive order restoring the President’s authority to remove rogue bureaucrats, and he will “wield that power very aggressively.”

2.  He’ll “clean out all the corrupt actors in our national security and intelligence apparatus, and there are plenty of them.”  He says he’ll completely overhaul the departments and agencies that have been weaponized.  He’s had it with faceless bureaucrats targeting conservatives, Christians, and other political enemies.

RELATED STORY:  Perhaps you saw that the U.S. Attorney in DC is planning to bring over 1,000 additional January 6 protesters into court.  It just never ends.  Republicans need to be up in arms about this, so take note of the ones who don’t appear to be, such as Lindsay Graham.  And did you know that even some investigative journalists who were there that day and later wrote stories that contradicted the DOJ’s preferred “narrative” are among the ones targeted?  Tucker Carlson featured one, Steve Baker, on his Tuesday show, and also this U.S. Special Forces veteran, Mike Glover, who says his disaster response organization, American Contingency, was falsely targeted by the FBI as “a militant violent domestic terrorist organization.”  He says they even targeted his Korean-born mother. 

“If we’ve talking about subversion, sabotage...government entities going after its citizens, these are the first precursors to ‘Operation Prepare the Environment,” he said.  “We call it ‘shaping the environment.’  And I don’t like seeing it.”  He’s seeing the routine targeting of veterans who are now entrepreneurs and on social media.

This, I’m sure, is the kind of thing Trump is talking about and wants to end.  Moving on...

3.  Trump says he’ll totally reform the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) courts, “which are so corrupt that they seemingly do not care when they are lied to in warrant applications.”  Judges do nothing about it when they see applications that they know must be wrong.  No one knows better than Trump, after a FISA court went right along with the ridiculous and unverified “dossier” --- four times.

4.  He’ll “expose the hoaxes and abuses of power that have been tearing our country apart.”  He intends to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission “to declassify and publish all documents on ‘deep state’ spying, censorship and corruption.”  (“And there are plenty of them.”)

5.  He’ll launch a crackdown on government leakers who collude with fake news “to deliberately weave false narratives and to subvert our government and our democracy,” pressing criminal charges when possible.  That’s another one he knows all about, firsthand.

6.  He will physically separate the offices of inspectors general from the departments they oversee, to help maintain the independence of their investigations.  This is “so they do not become the protectors of the ‘deep state.’”

7.  To stop intel agencies from spying on our citizens or running disinformation campaigns against them, he’ll ask Congress to establish an independent auditing system, to continually monitor their work.  This is also to stop them from “spying on someone’s campaign, like they spied on my campaign,” he said.

8.   He’ll continue the effort launched by his first administration “to [immediately] move parts of the sprawling federal bureaucracy to new locations outside the Washington swamp,” as he moved the Bureau of Land Management to Colorado.  This could affect 100,000 government employees.  He wants to locate these bureaus “among patriots who love America.”

One bonus that occurs to us:  maybe most of those bureaucrats just won’t make the move to places where they can smell the Trump support, and Trump can cut the size of the bureaus by, oh, about 90 percent.

Trump didn’t mention the proposed plan to build a new FBI headquarters near-but-not-in Washington DC.   But he’d appreciate what Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz said:  that the FBI is “rotten to the core” and that “Gifting the FBI a new headquarters larger than the Pentagon would condone, reinforce, and enable their nefarious behavior to levels we have never seen before.”  Gaetz has introduced legislation prohibiting the funding of this.

Now, back to Trump’s list.

9.  He’ll work to ban federal bureaucrats from taking jobs with the companies in industries they were regulating.  He singled out Big Pharma as a particularly egregious example.

10.  He’ll push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress.  When he says that this, too, is part of how he is going to “shatter the ‘deep state,’” that should tell you a lot about how far it reaches.   Trump wants to restore “government that is controlled by the people and for the people.”

So next week, if you see President Trump on TV standing before a judge for his arraignment, and being photographed and fingerprinted, after a corrupt DA has contorted the law and managed to “find” a way to indict a political enemy, please note the irony that his plan to end such abuses of power is one huge reason he’s there.  We all know it’s true.



RELATED STORY:  Did you know that George Soros’ high-dollar campaign support for Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg was a family affair?  We didn’t, either.  A million dollars apparently wasn’t quite enough for such an important race, so his wife and son kicked in.


Report exposes extensive collusion

The Biden “Justice” Department continues to claim they just can’t figure out who might be firebombing pro-life pregnancy centers (it can’t be those sweet kids from Antifa; why, that’s not a terrorist group, it’s just an “idea.”) But the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government and House Judiciary Committee just released a report exposing extensive collusion between the Biden administration and the National School Board Association to brand parents as terrorists for criticizing school lockdowns, critical race theory and inappropriate sexual content in the classroom.

The report includes a detailed timeline showing how the NSBA worked with the DOJ, the White House and the Department of Education to push for federal investigations of parents around the country, motivated by political concerns, not law enforcement.

Read the full article, and as you do, remember that this is the exact sort of thing that Attorney General Merrick Garland swore to Congress did not exist. Again, I have to ask: why is he still in that job?


Last April, when the FBI raided the home of ABC News national security producer James Gordon Meek and he disappeared from public view, rumors swirled about the motivations behind the raid. We had our own suspicions because the FBI hasn’t exactly been covering itself in glory lately, especially when it comes to raiding people’s homes. The suspicions were fueled by a Rolling Stone report that lionized Meek and implied that the government was going after journalists for political reasons.

It wasn’t until last month that the FBI revealed there was a legitimate reason for the raid: Meek was suspected of child sex abuse, including receiving and distributing very disturbing child porn under a false name on the Internet (he has pleaded not guilty.) But this long delay gave rise to another question: why was this information kept hidden for so long? And that brings us back to Rolling Stone.

In a rare fall-out between liberal media outlets, NPR is accusing Rolling Stone editor in chief Noah Shachtman of misleading readers by taking over the story when its original reporter was called away to deal with her dying mother, and reframing it to cover up Meek’s alleged crimes and criticize the FBI instead. NPR claims the reporter was furious when she discovered the changes. One former writer for Rolling Stone blasted it as “journalistic malpractice of the highest form.” That seems to have become Rolling Stone’s business model of late.

There are more details at the link, but I warn you, those about the alleged crime are extremely sick and disturbing.

Must-Read Column

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is taking flak for accepting lucrative speaking fees from banks that she’s supposed to be overseeing (and some of which are collapsing on her “watch.”) A lot of people are just now discovering this practice and responding with outrage. But they shouldn’t be surprised.

At that link, columnist Derek Hunter explains how this corrupt payoff system works and has been entrenched for a long time, why the big corporations bankrolling it consider it a tiny investment with potential huge returns, and why it should be considered “a speculative bribe.”

Cereal Giant Kellogg’s proves how flaky it is

I recently wrote about the nearly $83 billion (yes, with a “b”) that woke corporations showered on Black Lives Matter and other leftist groups to keep from being called racist (not that it helped them.) But while the leaders of BLM were celebrating getting all that money by buying mansions and putting their relatives on the payroll, it seems that nobody was talking about the effects on the companies of giving away all that moolah.

Now that we finally are talking about that (like the focus on Silicon Valley Bank crashing and leaving their depositors hanging out to dry, but somehow having $74 million to give to BLM), here’s a story that went overlooked:

The Federalist reports that the cereal giant Kellogg’s proved how flaky its corporate leaders are by giving a heaping bowlful of cash - $91 million! – to BLM and a campaign to “fuel innovative and actionable solutions to build a racially equitable future,” all less than a year after employees went on strike to protest cuts in benefits. These included reduced health care benefits, limited vacation days and enforced work weeks as long as 84 hours.

Also worth noting: “In 2022, Kellogg’s also bankrolled a pilot program aimed at providing hundreds of illegal aliens living in the U.S. with a guaranteed basic income of $500 per month.”

If you are what you eat, I think the board of Kellogg’s has been eating too many bowls of Fruit Loops.

Know what might be a better way for a corporation to achieve a “racially equitable future?” Instead of giving away the payroll to leftist radicals and illegal aliens, use it to provide good wages and benefits to the people of all races who actually work for you.


Bob Fu is a Chinese Christian who was imprisoned and persecuted, and who escaped China in 1996. He now heads a nonprofit called ChinaAid that monitors the persecution of Christians in China. And everyone should read the warnings he’s sounding about the scary similarities between communist China and the American left’s growing discrimination against Christians, its social media censorship and its dictatorial weaponizing of law enforcement agencies.


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