August 25, 2016

Obama’s Departments of State, Treasury, and Justice have all refused to cooperate with a congressional investigation into how they paid $1.3 billion to Iran (the balance left over after sending $400 million in foreign cash that was NOT ransom money, perish the thought), despite the fact that Congress never appropriated the money. Congress may just have to appropriate the cash for a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, which reported today that the Administration paid off Iran with taxpayer money out of a fund that’s meant to cover unexpected legal expenses of government agencies. It was paid in 13 increments of $99,999,999.99, each just one penny under $10 million.

As if all that secrecy weren’t suspicious enough, consider that if an individual American tried to make multiple bank deposits of just under $10,000 each, Obama’s IRS would view that as an attempt to avoid money-laundering laws and seize the deposits, even if they were perfectly innocent (like daily revenues from a small business – this actually happened to a restaurant owner in Arnolds Park, Iowa). They don’t even need proof of lawbreaking - or even intent - to seize your money, just the suspicion that you are trying to avoid drawing attention to your financial transactions by acting like a drug-dealer, racketeer or terrorist conspirator.

So by doing this and then effectively taking the Fifth, which of those is the Obama Administration acting like?


Just for fun: every year, the State Fair of Texas holds a contest for new Fair foods, which has become a competition for who can figure out the weirdest thing to drop into a deep fryer. This year’s finalists have been announced, and they are enough to make Homer Simpson fly to Texas. Some of the latest breakthroughs in artery abuse include “Fried Jello,” French fries made of cookie dough with strawberry dip instead of ketchup (real French fries no longer being deemed quite fattening enough), “Deep Fried Bacon Burger Dog Slider On A Stick” (that’s a mouthful in more ways than one), and my favorite: “Injectable Great Balls of Barbecue” (no, they inject the barbecue sauce into the fried balls of beef and bread crumbs, although I was kind of hoping they injected it directly into your arm for maximum efficiency). Don’t worry, those come on a bed of cole slaw, so they’re healthy! Dig in!


Everyone was quick to condemn swimmer Ryan Lockte and the other Olympians for allegedly fabricating a claim that they had been robbed at gunpoint by Brazilian cops. The rush to judgment cost Lockte his reputation and his endorsement deals. But gradually, we’re learning more about the incident that indicates the Olympians might have been telling the truth, or at least what they assumed to be the truth, considering they were facing guns and cops demanding money in a language they didn’t understand. Here, a former NYPD cop with years of experience investigating armed robberies explains why he believed the athletes from the get-go:


Like boss, like employee.

Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only one at the State Department who treated sensitive material with “extreme carelessness.” We’ve learned that her staff members were complicit in the sharing of classified information over nonsecure email channels. And now, thanks to a FOIA request from Judicial Watch, we see that Huma Abedin was apparently negligent with the actual paperwork as well.

An email from Abedin to Clinton’s personal assistant, believed to have been sent when Hillary and Abedin were in India, tells her to get the “burn bag” that she’d left on the seat of her car and put it in the trunk.

I guess we’ll never know how secret the materials in the burn bag were (assuming they were, indeed, burned at some point). But we do know they were sitting right there on the seat of Abedin’s car. Failure to safeguard the type of material that is typically placed in burn bags is serious --- it can lead to criminal prosecution, termination, or “removal of authority to access information or information systems.”

Better inform someone at the Justice Department, so they can administer justice right away.

For the full story, click here.

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