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May 22, 2023



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28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28




The J6 “CRIMINALS” Don’t Hold a Candle to These CROOKS | Monologue


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Monologue text: Durham's report reveals the real criminals

This week the long-awaited Independent Counsel Report from Special Prosecutor John Durham was released.  It confirmed what most of us already knew—that the FBI and Dept of Justice went out of their way to abuse the law in their determined attempt to prevent Donald Trump from being elected President in 2016 and then to have him discredited, criminally charged, impeached and removed from office.  The relentless attacks on the rule of law should make every patriotic American want to throw up.  The people we need to trust the most in enforcing the law evenly, fairly, and with a blind indifference to politics were in fact conspiring to prevent an election they didn’t want, and when that failed, they tried to overthrow an election they didn’t agree with.  Let that sink in.  After YOU voted, instead of respecting the results of an election they knew to be fair, they used every means possible, most of them illegal to overturn YOUR vote!  I want to know why these so-called law enforcement officers and high-level officials at the Justice Department aren’t the real insurrectionists?  Where’s Liz Cheney riding in on her self-righteous high horse with Cowboy Kinzinger at her side carrying the water for actual justice like they tried to carry it for Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi’s posse and lynch mob who violated every last strand of decency even to the point of twice impeaching a President because they didn’t have the votes to simply defeat him?

I will say again that anyone who broke the law and vandalized the Capitol or sought to injure a police officer on January 6 should face charges, but we saw a lot of people arrested, shackled, placed in jail for months without a trial, and had their lives ruined who didn’t even go inside the Capitol.  We’ve had some on this show whose stories are mortifying like Brandon Straka who was even placed on the no-fly list until he was eventually let off with minor misdemeanor charges of simply being in Washington that day. 

But do not forget this big difference between those who went to the Capitol on January 6 and who have been called insurrectionists and those revealed in the Durham report—the people who showed up on January 6 paid their own way to get to DC and most genuinely believed they were carrying out their Constitutional right to protest.  The federal thugs who sought to destroy Donald Trump and tried to overturn the election used YOUR money to do their dirty work—it wasn’t THEIR money that paid for Robert Mueller’s $37 million dollar witch hunt or the unknown millions of YOUR tax dollars used to conspire with Democrat operatives in creating phony documents created to get illegal search warrants and cause dozens of Trump associates to be bankrupted by legal fees.  They used the people’s money which was supposed to go after real criminals.  Instead, these government paid goons became criminals in the worst betrayal of the law in US history. 

But here’s the question—will James Comey, Peter Strok, Lisa Page, James Brennan, Jim Clapper, James Baker, Andy McCabe, or their ilk have THEIR homes raided, their property seized and get frog-marched across their lawns by SWAT teams and go to trial and be held accountable for what they did to lead this insurrection?  Probably not.  And that makes me angry.  Seething mad in fact because it tells me that there really is a two-tiered justice system at work in this country.  One for the insiders; the elites; the deep-staters; the career government bureaucrats.  And there is another for the rest of us.

And there is one more outrage in all of this.  The media has proved to truly be the “enemy of the people” because they didn’t just fail to report the truth, they actively helped hide it, distort it and outright lie about it.  And we can’t trust them.  We need an honest and objective press, but they have destroyed whatever credibility they may have had.  And they may have helped destroy a country in doing it.

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Tim Keller RIP

I was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Tim Keller, the founding pastor of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan and a noted scholar and author.

His church attracted massive crowds of younger New Yorkers to the point it required additional services, campuses, and days for church to accommodate those drawn to his Biblical teaching.  While he related to the very diverse culture of New York City, he stuck to Biblical concepts of sin, grace, forgiveness, and service without apology. 

He was a guest on my television shows both on Fox in New York and in Nashville on TBN.  (Here is his appearance to talk about his book on Jonah, "The Prodigal Prophet.")

When I was working in New York each week and had to stay over on a Sunday, I occasionally visited Redeemer Church, but found that it was necessary to go very early to get a seat. 

His impact has been substantial.  He will be missed for clarity and articulation of the Gospel. 


Ginning up outrage

Here's the latest example of the woke mob ginning up outrage over a viral Internet video depicting an incident for which they got the facts all wrong. They branded an innocent woman as a racist monster, causing her to suffer trauma, smears of her name, doxing and being put on leave from her job while she was placed under investigation.

But guess what? Turns out she has the evidence to prove the accusation against her was a lie. I hope she also has the phone number of Nick Sandmann’s attorneys because there are a lot of deep-pocket leftists who rushed to slander her online before knowing the real story, and who really need to be sued to teach them to stop doing that.


Join Me: The Israel Experience


“progressive” who agrees with conservatives

Chalk up at least one “progressive” who agrees with conservatives that the FBI is engaging in politicized intimidation tactics.

Elise Ketch is part of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, a group that espouses feminist values but also opposes elective abortions (yes, believe it or not, there are still some people who can discern the difference between women’s rights and killing babies in the womb.) In April, her doorbell camera recorded a surprise visit by two FBI agents who claimed they needed to speak with her regarding "some information that was sent in."

Ketch told them to talk to her attorney. While nothing more has come of it, she believes it was an attempt to intimidate and silence her. But she says it backfired because she’s even more determined to keep doing what she was doing.

Ketch told Fox News, "They're going after everybody. So I think it's really important we step up and say, The FBI is being weaponized against all of us.’…Even as a progressive, I actually agree with the right on this, that the FBI is corrupted and there's always going to be bias against the people who are trying to get human rights, who are trying to do the right thing."

A progressive fighting for free speech, human rights and the sanctity of life? That’s a novelty! She sounds like an actual progressive and not what I call most of them these days: “regressives.”



Sicker than we were told

Just as many people suspected, Sen. Diane Feinstein was sicker than we were led to believe, and was  suffering from neurological complications even after she returned to the Senate. Here are the details:


Least Surprising Headline Of The Day!

“George Soros Funds Organization That Says Criticizing Soros is Anti-Semitic.”


Encouraging signs

There’s a saying that’s quoted often at the Instapundit blog: “Things that can’t go on forever won’t.” And there are encouraging signs that people may have finally had enough of the freedom-crushing, anti-science jihads of the woke elites and are finally speaking up, fighting back and saying, “Enough!”

For a long time, Europe has been under the sway of radical greens demanding that civilization be dismantled to appease the climate gods. It’s gotten so insane that unelected EU bureaucrats are forcing farm families of generations standing off their land without regard for what people would eat, and shutting down power plants with no viable alternatives available. The self-destructive virtue signaling was papered over by buying food from Ukraine and oil from Russia, but suddenly, that protection from their own insanity was cut off by the war.

Now, reality is suddenly making a surprise comeback. Dutch farmers are fighting back, and some nations are fed up with unreliable, high-priced “renewable” energy sources. Finland recently opened a nuclear power plant that was delayed by 14 years, and power bills dropped by 75%. The Greens are blasting France as “crazy” for building nuclear plants, but as the linked article notes, they’ll be begging to buy electricity from France soon enough. Even in Germany, a hotbed of radical environmental lunacy, unreliable and inadequate wind turbines are being dismantled to make room for a coal mine expansion.

(As a reminder of how loony German greens are, they rushed to ban nuclear energy after an earthquake caused a tsunami to flood the Fukishima nuclear plant in Japan in 2011, despite the fact that Germany is not prone to earthquakes or tsunamis.)

Speaking of Germany and unscientific ideas that liberals refuse to give up, five German researchers have stood up against the rigid pro-mask narrative with a new study warning of hidden health dangers from longterm mask-wearing and arguing that mask mandates should be reconsidered.

Even with the pandemic far in the rearview mirror, you still see people wearing facemasks everywhere. But this study isn’t about the effectiveness of masks at blocking viruses, or even the unhygienic practice of putting a dirty mask over your face. It’s about carbon dioxide (CO2.) The human body is built to breathe in fresh air and exhale CO2. Fresh air is about 0.04% CO2. Chronic exposure to CO2 levels of 0.3% is considered toxic. From the article:

“At levels between 0.05% and 0.5% CO2,” one might experience an “increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and overall increased circulation with the symptoms of headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, rhinitis, and dry cough.” Rates above 0.5% CO2 can lead to “reduced cognitive performance, impaired decision-making and reduced speed of cognitive solutions.” Beyond 1% CO2, “the harmful effects include respiratory acidosis, metabolic stress, increased blood flow and decreased exercise tolerance.” And the US Navy limits CO2 levels on submarines to 0.8% to reduce the risk of stillbirths and birth defects for pregnant female personnel.

So how much C02 are mask wearers breathing in? According to this study, people who wear masks for five minutes or longer are inhaling CO2 levels of 1.41% to 3.2%, or 35-80 times the normal level.

But if you try telling some people this, they call you a science-denier and refuse to remove their masks. Maybe they’ve living proof that longterm masking really does cause “reduced cognitive performance” and “impaired decision-making.”


Disney cancels plans to expand in Florida

Disney announced that it was canceling plans to build a new campus in Orlando that would have cost $1 billion and created 2,000 jobs. Liberal media outlets gleefully blamed Gov. Ron DeSantis and claimed that Disney was teaching him a lesson for messing with them (today’s liberals apparently now love big corporations dictating to the people’s elected representatives.)

California Gov. Gavin Newsom crowed about the project staying in California rather than moving to Florida (hey, we finally found one!) And DeSantis himself apparently felt the pressure enough to comment on it and say that it would not cause him or the state to back down from their fight with Disney. As if there’s a shortage of companies moving from California to Florida!

Okay, that’s the politically spun version. But here’s a novel idea: how about considering the possibility that politics had nothing to do with Disney’s decision?

Chris Queen at PJ Media reports that the project would have moved Disney’s “imagineers” from L.A. to Orlando (incidentally, how much “imagineering” does it take to turn old classic cartoons into boring, woke, live remakes?) It was the brainchild of former CEO Bob Chapek, who’s gone. Current CEO Bob Iger always opposed the move because he prefers having those people closer to the movie production facilities. Many workers didn’t want to move (woke Disney workers are the only ones who don’t want to get out of California and move to Florida.) And it would have cost Disney a billion dollars at a time when they’re cutting 7,000 workers and slashing production budgets to try to save $5 billion.

Putting politics aside, the project makes no sense. But of course, nobody today is capable of putting politics aside.


Biden, Obama, FBI, DOJ, CIA conspiring “right in front of us”

One of the best analysts on the subject of FBI misbehavior, former U.S. Attorney for Utah Brett Tolman, appeared on Sunday’s LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN.  They talked specifically on the FBI’s efforts to cover up Democrats’ crimes.

The FBI did this for Hillary, of course, but they just keep following the same pattern, this time with Hunter Biden and family.

“It’s quite a moment in history,” Tolman said, “to be watching this in real time.”  He says he can’t look at what they’re doing with the Biden case without thinking of what was exposed in the Durham Report. 

“You have, on one side...the Vice President and President of the Obama administration, and the head of CIA, and the FBI, and DOJ, all conspiring to make a hoax look like a reality on the Russian ‘collusion’ investigation, and then you have the same offices, same agencies and many of the same people, making what is real corruption and real crime out to be a hoax.

“And they’re doing it while they’re right in front of us.”

He said that if he were still a U.S. attorney, he would’ve indicted “this case against the Bidens” a long time ago.  Notice he said “the Bidens,” not just Hunter.

“I would have indicted immediately Hunter Biden,” he said, “in order to put an incredible amount of pressure on him to expose the full...level of corruption that is at stake.  Everything I’ve seen, from the shell corporations that can’t define what their business is, to the movement of money, the money laundering, to the tax evasion, all of it is really the bread-and-butter of what the FBI and DOJ used to investigate 15-20 years ago.”

Tolman said that those “formers” (former FBI officials) who go on the media to say there’s no connection to Joe Biden are saying something “absolutely false.”

“There’s sufficient evidence to present it to a grand jury and to get an indictment,” he said, “and I’ll tell you why.  You have [Tony] Bobulinski, who has already connected that money has flowed into the company and then out of the company, and that Joe Biden participated in receiving that money.  You have, already, a whistleblower who came forward to the FBI and exposed the connection to Biden, and Chuck Grassley requested the document, so it is reliable.  That’s information that a non-political DOJ and FBI would have utilized to expose what may be one of the greatest episodes of corruption our government has seen in the history of this country.”

He said that when he went to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, he got some advice from the outgoing attorney: “Don’t cede your authority and power to Washington DC...You are nominated and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, just like the attorney general.  He cannot fire you; you serve at the pleasure of the President.”  This powerful statement helped him make decisions independent from the influence of politics.

“That’s not the case any more,” he said.  U.S. attorneys are losing their independence.  “The Founders of the Constitution knew,” he said, “that centralizing that power in Washington DC would be the most dangerous thing for our country.  Well, that’s what’s happened, and the U.S. attorney there, and the U.S. attorney on the...Hunter Biden case, they have ceded their authority and, I would argue, their ethics, their moral compass, to Washington DC’s gravity.  And that, to me, is offensive, and it should be for the whole country, and it should suggest that Congress needs to clean this up.”

So U.S. attorneys have their own authority to act --- they don’t have to be led around by the attorney general or anyone else.

BREAKING:  Tolman had something very revealing to say about January 6:  “The outgoing U.S. attorney at the time of January 6 had identified a very small number of individuals that should be prosecuted, and had indicated to the DOJ that [this] was his intention.  They forced him out because he did not have the same vision that they did in terms of what they would turn the January 6 prosecution into.  And so I think about that and who they put in their place, and I think it is someone that will toe the line and follow what Washington DC wants.  And that is the greatest injustice we have, because now we see that they will...make decisions and use their power based on politics rather than based on the facts and the evidence, which would result in a lot of people being prosecuted and put in jail, including the Biden family.”

The incoming U.S. attorney Tolman was talking about, who apparently shared the DOJ’s “vision,” is Matthew M. Graves, who began on November 5, 2021.  He shares the DOJ’s “vision,” all right; in fact, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling for him to be impeached for malicious prosecution of January 6 protesters.  The U.S. attorney on January 6 who, according to Tolman, wasn’t as aggressive as the DOJ wanted must have been Michael R. Sherwin, who was appointed on an interim basis by President Trump (uh-oh) in March 2020.

But we see from his bio at current law firm Kobre & Kim that he did move quite swiftly after January 6.  “Under his leadership,” it reads, “more than 400 criminal cases were filed and over 500 search warrants, were executed throughout the U.S. in less than 10 weeks.”  This says nothing about prosecutions, though, and apparently he wasn’t nearly as hot to prosecute most of the J6-ers as the Biden administration was.  So Biden (what else?) replaced him with someone who was.  And we’ve seen the result.




RELATED:  K.T. McFarland, former deputy national security advisor to President Trump, alleged on Friday that the FBI, ‘Justice’ Department and CIA are planning to rig the 2024 election, just as they interfered with the 2016 and 2020 elections.  In 2016 it was the Russia Hoax, and in 2020 it was with the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story.  They’ve gotten away with it so far, so of course they’ll do it again.

“The difference is, in 2024 the evidence is there,” she said.  “We now have the Durham investigation.  We have all the congressional investigations.  There is now hard evidence that there was election interference by the U.S. intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice.”

She also noted how terrified they must be at the thought of a Republican President if his own attorney general really investigates THEM and charges them “with the crimes they’ve committed over the last eight years.” Athena Thorne at PJ Media has more on how Politico also revealed the level of panic, both in the Deep State and among their sycophants in the media, over the thought of a so-called “rogue President” like Trump dismantling their rogue bureaucratic/surveillance state.

Despite the fact that most major media aren’t even reporting on the Durham Report, or calling it a dud when it tells the story of the biggest political scandal in living memory, Americans are figuring out that it was all a huge hoax.  As Nick Arama reports in REDSTATE, a new Harvard Harris poll of registered voters shows that most believe the Trump-Russia “collusion” stories and the Steele “dossier” are fake stories.

Most of them also believe the Hunter Biden laptop is real and not Russian “disinformation,” that the Bidens --- including Joe Biden --- really have participated in influence peddling, and that the FBI is not investigating their crimes.

As Arama reports, “Voters are also very concerned about what the FBI did regarding Trump, are concerned about the interference in elections from FBI and intel agencies, and think sweeping reform is needed.”  And “large majorities” feel Biden is mentally unfit and is too old for the job.  Only 40 percent of Democrats say they’d vote for him in the primary and only half think he’ll win the primary.

Now, if a mentally unfit Biden could WIN, they’d still run him and continue pulling the strings.  But a few more polls like this one, and the Dems will pull Biden out of the game and send in a pinch hitter.

Related: Speaking of polls, a new Rasmussen Survey of likely voters found that 42 percent think Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden, although 66 percent think it’s not likely they will. A majority, 53 percent, believe it’s likely Biden has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors that would justify Congress impeaching him.” That includes over a third of Democrats and 48 percent of Independents.




Finally, here’s an idea:  instead of prosecuting Americans who were NOT trying to stage a coup, how about prosecuting “DC’s finest,” who attempted their own coup --- manufactured evidence, framed Trump as an agent of Russia and perpetrated a fraud on the American people.  Biden, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Brennan, Comey, Schiff, Clapper...they all participated.  Surely that is illegal.

ANOTHER document shames FBI for “conduct unbecoming”

The civil rights abuses carried out by the FBI since 2016 --- 2015, really --- have been shown to be motivated primarily by a seething hatred of Donald Trump.  So why should even those conservatives and middle-of-the-roaders who don’t wear MAGA hats and attend Trump rallies be all that concerned about this?  Maybe their relentless trashing of the Constitution was just an aberration that will blow over if and when President Trump walks away from politics.  Maybe things will finally go back to normal with Trump no longer in the mix.

Don’t fool yourself.  As long as we “extremist MAGA Republicans” (translation:  Republicans) exist, the entrenched bureaucracy will be pulling out all the stops to keep us from putting on our white hoods and doing whatever it is white supremacists supposedly do in 2023.  (These days, Jim Crow-style segregation is promoted only by the left.  I digress.)  Mostly, of course, they want to stop us from voting Republican.  They might no longer be targeting Trump, but they’ll still be out to get whoever takes his place, with half the country as collateral damage.  Nothing will change.

Here’s one indication of what can and will continue to go wrong if changes aren’t made:  A document from the FISA Court unsealed Friday shows that the FBI misused Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) more than 278,000 times (!) in the year ending November 2021, “including against crime victims, January 6 riot suspects, and people arrested at protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in 2020.”

They also misused it to spy on 19,000 donors to a congressional candidate.  It’s not clear who that former candidate is, but FOX NEWS says this person wasn’t a member of Congress and did not win the election.  (Who’s to say if the outcome would have been the same without their involvement?)  Just think:  whenever you give to a candidate, you can’t be sure that the FBI isn’t scooping up your electronic communications.

Section 702 is what gives the government permission to conduct targeted surveillance of (“SPY ON”) foreign persons located outside the United States to acquire foreign intelligence.  The FBI can compel electronic communication service providers such as ATT to assist them in this task.  As reported by AMERICAN GREATNESS, “The law, created in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, allows National Security Agency [NSA] and FBI employees to search a vast database of electronic communications and other information.”

Agents are not supposed to be searching the 702 database unless they have reason to think that doing so will provide needed foreign intelligence or evidence of crimes.

The FISA Court now says the FBI has shown “a pattern of conducting broad, suspicionless queries” that go beyond these limits.  Can you say “fishing expedition”?

A senior FBI official told FOX NEWS that these abuses are “completely unacceptable” blah blah blah.   They claim to have changed their “querying procedure” so this will never ever happen again, adding, “We are committing to continuing this work and providing greater transparency into the process to earn the trust of the American people and advance our mission of safeguarding both the nation’s security, and privacy and civil liberties, at the same time.”

Well, that’s good enough for me!  Actually, they’re wasting their breath.  “Civil liberties” is supposed to mean the same standard of ‘justice’ for all, and after seeing the Durham Report’s comparison of the Trump and Hillary investigations, they are not to be trusted.  Sad to say, the pinky-swear of the FBI means nothing to me at this point, and I’ll bet it means nothing to you, either.

(The Durham Report revealed that the FBI dropped FOUR active criminal investigations of alleged attempts to influence the Clintons via donations to Hillary’s campaign and/or the Clinton Foundation in the run-up to the 2016 election. Have they ever dropped an investigation of Trump, even when they knew it was based on fake evidence they manufactured themselves?)

Greater transparency is the last thing they want.  We JUST SAW the testimony from whistleblowers who, for trying to provide transparency, were suspended without pay and deprived of their security clearances.

The big question right now is, “What’s it going to take to rein in the FBI?  Do we need to just tear it down and start over?”  That certainly should be on the table, but in the meantime, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, says the FISA law, which “sunsets” on December 31 of this year, should be allowed to expire.


RELATED:  As they say, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  According to investigative reporter Peter Schweizer, the House Oversight and Accountability Committee has subpoenaed the phone records of a phone belonging to President Biden that Hunter Biden’s business paid for while his dad was VP.  (Unlike the FBI, at least Congress got a subpoena.)  The contents of that phone are “going to yield a lot of interesting information as to who Joe Biden was talking to on this phone that was being paid for by his son,” he said.

Also, Schweizer is quite disturbed by the firing of the IRS team looking into Hunter’s financial improprieties.  He thinks what happened to the investigators is potentially illegal as well.

AND THIS:  More from the Durham Report --- Here’s a blast from the past:  Remember Bruce and Nellie Ohr?  Bruce Ohr was a very high-up ‘Justice’ Department official --- third in command if memory serves --- married to Nellie Ohr, who just happened to work at Fusion GPS (!) as an open-source researcher with a specialty in all things Russia.  It turns out the foundation for many fictions in the Steele “dossier” came from material she put together.

In the course of his investigation, Durham obtained the reports she had done for Fusion GPS.  In a series of at least 12 reports, she had zeroed in on an individual named Sergei Millian and stories about his connections to Russia and Trump, which turned out to be absolutely false (Millian sued) but so what?

Instead of re-telling the story of Nellie and Bruce Ohr and the Steele “dossier,” I’ll ask you to read this excellent summary at REALCLEAR INVESTIGATIONS.  Apparently, the role played by Nellie Ohr in creating the “dossier’s” central claims is much more significant than we knew until now.  The material wasn’t the high-quality “Crown material” of a British ex-spy, as the FBI had insisted it was.  The “dossier” was nothing of the kind and they were well aware; it carried the name of a British ex-spy, Christopher Steele, but actually was the brainchild of Fusion GPS, a political oppo research company paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign through her attorneys at Democrat powerhouse legal firm Perkins Coie.

In other words, it was a sham.

There’s also quite a bit here about Fusion GPS promoting the phony Alfa Bank story in the media.  For this, they sought the assistance of Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann.  So even though Durham didn’t get a conviction in the Sussmann case, the discovery phase of that trial was invaluable in getting information about everything the various Hillary cronies were doing to help her frame Trump.  All roads lead back to Hillary.




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  • Judy McGlothlin

    05/22/2023 06:48 PM

    Of course the liberal leftists are conspiring right in front of us. Why not? Republicans are too weak to do anything other than ring our hands and say "Oh that's not right".

  • Paul Kern

    05/22/2023 01:43 PM

    Sounds like a " who did it" crime series in Durham's report. Likely goes back further than Her Highness, empress of clown world!
    I am disappointed in your praise of Tim Keller. He was outed some years ago as a " progressive" left wing Christian. His messages on grace and forgives sound good on the surface but like many he ignores the fact that God by his very nature judges sin. All lollipops and roses he pushed