October 19, 2020


Sunday, the Biden campaign “called a lid” on the rest of this week. Yes, less than three weeks from the election, Joe Biden will not appear in public or make any statements from Sunday until Thursday. Of course, this is not because of the risk that some journalist might actually commit journalism and ask him about his son Hunter’s laptop that reeks of crack smoke and corruption. No, he needs four full days to “prepare for the next debate.”

Meanwhile, President Trump continues to do his job while also hosting rallies in two or three different states a day. Yet I predict that he’ll be just as prepared for the debate as Joe is.

I’m still trying to figure out how you can be in politics for 47 years and still need four full days of study and preparation to tell America your ideas for the second time in a month. I know what my beliefs are, and why I believe them, and I’m ready to explain and defend them at any time, and I'm not even running! I have to assume that spending four days locked down out of sight has more to do with avoiding answering questions than with preparing to answer questions.


CNN White House correspondent and former biased GOP Presidential debate moderator John Harwood promoted a video designed to make Michigan Republican Senate candidate John James look like he fumbled a question on preexisting conditions. In fact, he gave a thoughtful and lengthy answer. The video had been deceptively edited and spread by Democratic operatives. But fact-checking is apparently above Harwood’s paygrade, as well as that of the other DNC operatives with bylines who shared it.

On the bright side, I’m sure Twitter’s strict policies against disinformation will get them all banned. Sorry if there are typos in that last sentence, but it’s hard to type while laughing out loud.


If you’d like to send Washington $10,605 for each person in your household, vote for Joe Biden. For Ohioans, a vote for Joe will cost you $12,300 each. You voters in Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan will get off relatively light for your Biden votes, sending DC just $9,389, $9,020, and $8,142 apiece respectively. For a family of four, the added burden could reach up to $49,000.

If you want to see why you’ll be paying so much (and without a job, it’s going to be tough), the details are here, from a new study by the James Madison Institute on the effects of Biden's tax plans and other proposals on five key battleground states. Read ‘em and weep (and you will.)

And here's more on that study and some other very high costs that will flatten us all if enough people punch the "D" chad.


Saturday in San Francisco, a small group of Trump supporters tried to hold a rally for free speech outside Twitter headquarters. But hundreds of what the media called “counter-protesters” (but which more accurately should be described as “fascist goons”) physically assaulted them. They punched Philip Anderson, the organizer of the event, in the face, breaking his front teeth as they taunted him and called him racist names (he’s African-American.)

There’s a photo of one of the hate-filled thugs in the act at that link. He has a bandana over his lower face, but would it really be that difficult for the police to identify and arrest him? Even in San Francisco?

Anderson will need extensive dental work to fix his teeth. Fortunately, a GoFundMe account quickly raised more than enough to cover the bill. His response to the assault on Twitter: “Joe Biden, do you still think Antifa is ‘just an idea?’”

A check of Antifa social media communications showed that this was organized in advance with the intention of attacking what they called racists, fascists, Q-Anons, and other negative epithets that they attach to anyone who disagrees with their radical leftism to justify their violence.

How much longer will innocent American citizens be expected to tolerate being assaulted by these thugs until they are finally, officially branded as what they are: an anti-American domestic terrorist group? How much longer will people be expected to give up their First Amendment rights and not resort to using their Second Amendment rights when the government and the police refuse to protect them from physical assaults?

Using violence and threats to deprive Americans of exercising their civil rights is a federal crime.

The creation of those laws was inspired by the KKK. The fact that the people breaking the teeth of a black man while calling him racist names claim to be fighting racism doesn’t make them any better, or any different, from Klansmen.

Where are the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to condemn this atrocity? Where are all the Hollywood liberal celebrities? Well, we all know the answers to those questions. The more important question is, where are the federal authorities to round up, arrest and prosecute to the full extent of the law these thugs and terrorists who are using violence to deprive people of their civil rights? Local authorities refused to act. Now, they’re committing a federal crime, and it’s time for the useless local authorities to step aside and let the feds move in and stop it.


The Democrats are running lots of ads claiming that Joe Biden’s economic policies will create 7 million new jobs and put more money in workers’ pockets. If you’re like me, you’re asking yourself, “If he knows how to do that, why didn’t he do it during the 47 previous years he spent in office?”

But the Hoover Institution think tank did more than just wonder: they dug deep into Biden’s plan to estimate what would actually be the economic results of his proposals for massive new taxes, regulations and government micro-management.

Here’s the full study.

And if you’re in a hurry, here’s an excerpt from the summary that puts it in a nutshell:

“We conclude that in the long run, Biden’s agenda would reduce full-time equivalent employment per person by about 3 percent, the capital stock per person by about 15 percent, real GDP per capita by more than 8 percent, and real consumption per household by about 7 percent. Relative to the CBO’s 2030 projections for these variables, this suggests there will be 4.9 million fewer employed individuals, $2.6 trillion less in GDP, and $1.5 trillion less consumption in that year alone. Median household income in 2030 would be $6,500 less.

While these effects may seem large, they are actually conservative estimates of the negative impact of the full Biden agenda.”

I’m not an economist, but that sure sounds to me like more unemployment and lower pay. If you lived through the Obama/Biden years, this may sound eerily familiar to you. But if your memory has been short-circuited by four years of media propaganda, maybe this will help refresh it.


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Comments 1-25 of 47

  • Deatrich, Curtis C

    10/20/2020 11:17 PM

    Joe’s laptop payday —
    Don’t we have a case of income tax evasion for the Biden’s? Al Capone got his ass nailed for failure to pay Uncle Sam.

  • William Fuhrer

    10/20/2020 09:40 PM

    President Trump has enough room against Biden that I wish he could answer questions in such a way as to show Biden turning completely against Socialism and Bernie Sanders. Democratic Party used to be pro religion and pro family. In my opinion I think there was a HOSTILE TAKEOVER of the Democratic Party

  • Melissa Stair

    10/20/2020 08:43 PM

    Could the reason for his hibernating is because he may have been given the questions that the moderator (democratic supporter) will ask Thursday evening just like what happened in 2016? Why all of a sudden is the issue of foreign policy removed?

  • Merle Douglas

    10/20/2020 08:21 PM

    I truly hope that President Trump gets control of his emotions in this next debate. The first debate was very disappointing to a lot of Republicans. It would be nice if he made a quick note of what the rebuttal is about and when it's his turn........if he gets take a breath and speak calmny and in control. The one thing I will give Obama credit for is that he read a good speech that someone else had written for him............he sounded calm and in control. I never voted for him, but he sounded calm and in control.

  • Carol Chavez

    10/20/2020 03:14 PM

    Just a thought here ... Out of sight ... Maybe he’s being tutored on Debate questions ... just saying it’s possible ...

  • Michael

    10/20/2020 01:20 PM

    With liberal Chief Justice Roberts siding with the Democrats in Pennsylvania to count votes up to three days after the Nov 3rd election. Pennsylvania Democrats plan on cheating. I hope I am wrong, but when all the ballots are counted for up to three days after the election, Democrats will find enough votes for Biden to win. But Pennsylvania won't be the only state to cheat for a Democrat win. After this election never again should we be allowing mail-in voting. Absentee application and in person voting only. Mail-on voting was the scheme of the Democrats and Covid-19 have them the reason they could push their cheating and scheming agenda. Governor, your $ figures that will cost the residents in each of those swing states was so right on. I hope the Republican parties in those states are using those figures to wake up the undecided voters and Democrats!!!

  • Giovanni Catanese

    10/20/2020 01:17 PM

    Regarding your article on the debates, I fully agree. In fact I believe the debate commission must be eliminated because it outlived his usefulness, It has shown to be very biased against the president and cannot be counted to be impartial and really pertinent any more. In the future the candidates can just get together on a stage or better yet, on their own, and provide their vision and policy for the country. In this way the American people can hear from the "horse's mouth" directly what the candidates stand for and make informed voting decisions. The latest debates have only shown the partiality of the "moderators" who intentionally asked weak questions to one candidate while attacking the other. And in many cases asking questions of no interest to the public at large but only to push a pre=determined political outcome. If I may, I would also like to pass on a bit of advice to the president: when you win this election, please get rid of all Obama & swamp individuals in your administration, starting with the current FBI chief who has demonstrated to be not any better than Comey. The president MUST reestablish faith in the People of one justice system for ALL Americans, not one for the elite and one for the rest of us. We can no longer allow crooks in the government to continue with impunity and with countless of investigations and no one ever goes to jail. ENOUGH! Governor, keep up the fight for our Constitution and way of life!

  • Linda Kirk

    10/20/2020 01:11 PM

    I tremble to think what this country will look like under Harris( it’s apparent she will be the actual President) . I have many friends that want all the freebies they offer never realizing that they, the taxpayer, will pay for all this so called free stuff. I am old and have seen what has happened to socialists countries. We have to get God back into this country and families in church. We pray daily for this country and God’s word to reach the ears of those who do not know him. I thank you for your daily articles. Keep them coming!

  • Carol Stonelake

    10/20/2020 01:07 PM

    Mike, I believe that the sequestering of old Joe for 4 days is to start preparing him with drugs and lower his sun-downing effect. He has to practice with his wire again and other appropriate mind opening devices. I don’t think he even remembers what Hunter did in China, Russia, Ukraine, etc! Carol

  • Debra Elliott

    10/20/2020 11:12 AM

    Biden says he knows how to stop Covid-19, and when he's elected, that will happen. Why wait? Why put people through this (until January), possibly to die, if he KNOWS what to do to stop it?! What does that tell you?

  • Barbara rose

    10/20/2020 11:01 AM

    Where is hunter Biden ?
    No one seems to be asking?

  • Janice robertd

    10/20/2020 10:17 AM

    Call me naive but I would have never believed that our first amendment rights would be trampled on as they have. The swamp goes a lot deeper than we thought and the Democratic Party leaders are ruthless liars. I shudder to think what will happen to our country if Democrats are in charge. I am older but I’m very concerned about my children and grandchildren and how their lives will be impacted. That said I expect President Trump to win this election in a landslide!

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    10/20/2020 10:09 AM

    All I know to do is pray. Scary for America. Evil and hate is well and alive.

  • Kay DeWitt

    10/20/2020 10:03 AM

    Your article "FREE SPEECH FOR CONSERVATIVES" has left me numbed by the horror of how America is being stripped of its identity and BECAUSE is has already BEEN so stripped, if the Democrats win this election, it won't take them long to complete what has already begun.....

    Speaking OF "identity", I am about to risk mine as I now recount what happened seconds before I clicked on this newsletter to read it. ... which is THAT....

    I saw an email heading that stated: "Ms Kathryn I'm back..." and, when I went to click on it, it was gone! Figuring I must have somehow deleted it, I, immediately, checked my trash folder and it was not there!....nor was it anywhere else I looked for it.....NOW....

    While I THINK that I saw it was from YOU, I could not swear to it....but what I CAN swear to is that the sentence STATED what I just said it stated!....AND the reason I thought it could BE from you is because I, recently...when I first learned that President Trump had the coronavirus..sent you a snail mail letter where I begged you to "go to" President Trump and I wasn't sure if I used one of my return labels that identifies me AS "Ms Kathryn" ......

    While I know it would BE highly unlikely for you TO send me a personal email, even if it IS only one chance in a million, I still don't want to be guilty of your HAVING sent it and my NOT acknowledging it!

    If, you did NOT send me this email, but DID go and see President Trump, then I am open to believing it was, what I have come to refer to as, one of my Lord's heavenly hugs to me because these heavenly hugs have no EARTHLY explanation ...and because I have been the recipient of actual miracles, I began writing a book which I entitled "One Woman's Journey With the Miraculous", but I never finished writing it because my reaching out to gang kids, here in Charlotte, took all of my time!

    If you did NOT just come back from seeing President Trump, then my seeing this statement will remain a "mystery" because I know I did not IMAGINE seeing it!

  • Robert Mascari

    10/20/2020 09:59 AM

    The Dems defense for their "bad" economy, God-forbid should they get in, will be that they "inherited" the "economic mess" from Trump.
    You know it!!!

  • Lynn Miller

    10/20/2020 09:21 AM

    Pathetic and outrageous seeing Americans who peacefully assembled to petition their government, to pray, to voice conservative ideologies - in America - being "evacuated" by police running into a basement for potentially, their lives. The Marxist rabid mobs in the must-watch video, are degenerate thugs, gang members some. The BLM Antifa insurgent Marxist gangs make a starving wolf pack appear gentle and considerate starting into devouring cornered prey, in comparison.

  • Mary HendricksCurtis

    10/20/2020 08:57 AM

    Did you aware of what site you are directed to if you google
    Shock! It’s brings you to the Biden campaign!

  • Stephen Russell

    10/20/2020 08:34 AM

    Hiding Biden : hes hiding due to charges against Hunter or probes into Hunter being made now.
    & Free speech in Bay area: NEED rallies near FB, Google, LinkedIn Hqs 2.

  • Terry Norrington

    10/20/2020 08:27 AM

    I Can Not believe Thursdays debate has yet another Biased Democrat Moderator who is being given a mute button.
    If that’s not bad enough, no Foreign Policy question are being allowed at this Final Presidential debate before election day.
    Totally biased for Biden.

  • Margaret Gilman

    10/20/2020 08:00 AM

    Justice needs to be done for The AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • Ileana Connally

    10/20/2020 07:37 AM

    I clicked on the survey at the top about is Biden fit to be president and when it took me to the action for Donald Trump website, I got a message access denied. Facebook is blocking our right to vote

  • Mike Bearden

    10/20/2020 07:24 AM

    I can't WAIT till the debate to see what our President has to say to the world about the Biden scams!

  • Raymond J. Dixon

    10/20/2020 06:48 AM

    I believe Biden's strategy is to allow MSM and other various arms of the left do his campaigning for him, which is essentially protecting him from any type of scrutiny ( reality ) while at the same time bashing Trump. I like, I am quite sure like other lifetime Democrats are sick of what they have been doing
    Trump revealed them for what and who they are and will be voting a straight GOP ticket this year. Trump in 2020

  • Robert Carter

    10/20/2020 02:51 AM

    I suspect Biden is being coached to use a dramatic offense to distract voters from hearing Trump. If he spends his time on that, he won't have to answer many questions.
    Also, I don't understand why (much like jury selection) all candidates in a debate aren't committed to selecting a narrator that all can agree on to be fair (obviously never a media member) - and that all questions must be appropriately addressable for all candidates, and that all have an equal time chance to address the questions, uninterrupted, to their best advantage (i.e. no name calling time), followed by equal times for rebuttals to do the comparing.

  • Michael Kimberly

    10/20/2020 02:12 AM

    Remember the debate between Vice President Pence (I really like that guy, by the way) and Kamala Harris, Senator from the People's Republic of California? The moderator made a comment similar to, "...and that is a perfect segue into the next question". To which Senator Harris responded, "Yes it is". Well, I am sure the Biden campaign will have four days notice to prepare for any specific question regarding his criminal behavior.