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October 4, 2023



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Kevin McCarthy is voted out

Well, did anyone else predict on Monday that by Wednesday, we’d have no House Speaker and all the important things that were finally getting done, like the investigations and the impeachment inquiry, would be on hold while Republicans scrambled to find a leader? And all the Democrats had to do to throw the GOP into chaos was to vote in lockstep (as their party always does) with eight renegade Republicans to remove Kevin McCarthy, the first time in history that a Speaker has been voted out.

I had hoped that after the recent hubbub over dress codes, public groping and pulling the fire alarm that Congress was done with juvenile behavior for a while, but no such luck. As Greg Gutfeld put it, the Republicans didn’t shoot themselves in the foot, they shot themselves in the head. This move was the very definition of betting the entire House on a roll of the dice.

McCarthy said he’s not interested in running again, so who will replace him? Jim Jordan announced this morning that he'll run. Word is that Steve Scalise might also be interested, but he’s fighting cancer, and it’s a job that comes with constant criticism and threat of expulsion by a tiny handful of Republicans plus all the Democrats who will happily keep voting with them to maintain chaos and disunity while claiming it proves that the GOP can’t govern.

The interim Speaker will be Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, whose first act was to order Nancy Pelosi to vacate her private Capitol office. Sounds like he’s planning to run for the fulltime job.

Gaetz claims he had Donald Trump's blessing to challenge McCarthy, but at this writing, Trump hasn't confirmed that. This is a good opinion piece on whether Gaetz was right or wrong by Fox News’ Liz Peek. She is fair in giving him his due that he has some important points about curtailing federal spending, but this wasn’t the way to accomplish it. It was like cleaning off your desktop with a hand grenade.

Joe Cunningham at compared Gaetz, quite aptly, to the old story about the dog that chased cars until he caught one, then didn’t know what to do with it. He also includes an important reminder that there was an interim budget resolution plan that would have funded the government through November that included an 8% non-defense spending cut, border security and no money for Ukraine. Most Republicans backed it, but Gaetz rallied opposition to kill it. Then he attacked McCarthy because its substitute didn't have the things that were in the bill he killed.

I know that by criticizing Matt Gaetz (for whom I held fundraisers), I’m letting myself in for accusations that I am a “RINO” or don’t appreciate the importance of standing up for principle. Yeah, I do. I also know that politics isn’t the art of demanding everything you want, it’s the art of getting as much of what you want as you possibly can. The guy who designed the Titanic stood on principle when he went down with the ship. Do you want to join him?

I didn’t agree with everything Kevin McCarthy did, but he appeared to me to be doing a pretty good job of getting as much as he could, considering he was dealing with a tiny majority, a loud, rebellious faction in his own party, and the Senate and the White House both in the hands of radical left Democrats. (For the record, McCarthy seems to think Gaetz had more personal motivations.)

And news flash to the Republicans who ousted McCarthy: no matter who replaces him, the same conditions will prevail. Whoever is the next Speaker will still have to deal with the Democrats. By publicly tearing apart your own party and badmouthing its leaders, you’re only making it harder to maintain even that tiny House majority in 2024, much less win back the Senate and White House.

And did it never occur to them that as they were ousting McCarthy for working with Democrats, they only succeeded because ALL the Democrats gleefully backed their efforts, while none of their fellow Republicans did? Does that make Matt Gaetz a “RINO?”

When I first ran for President, I was attacked and called ridiculous names like “RINO” and even “socialist” (I would hope everyone has learned better by now) because as Governor, I compromised at times with Democrats. I had to because at the time, they had a lock on power in Arkansas. I could have stubbornly refused to work with them, and accomplished nothing except spraining my arm patting myself on the back for my principles. Instead, I negotiated with them and eventually got the vast majority of my conservative agenda enacted. When people saw how well it worked, they wanted more of it. Now, Arkansas is a solid red state. That’s how you build political power, not by taking your ball and going home.

Now, all we can do is wait and pray that a good candidate is willing to take on a literally thankless job, and that voters aren’t paying too much attention to all this.

Speaking of that, here’s a short list of just a few of the Democrat problems that were pushed out of the news by Republicans attacking Republicans.

A gag order on Trump

The judge in Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York did what many liberals have dreamed of: he put the first gag order on Trump. Actually, he put it on all defendants, but it was obviously aimed at Trump. Trump had posted one of his famously pugnacious social media posts showing a photo of Judge Arthur Engoron’s female law clerk standing next to Sen. Chuck Schumer. He identified her by name and called her “Schumer’s girlfriend” and branded it “disgraceful.”

The judge said personal attacks and doxing of his staffers are "unacceptable, inappropriate and will not be tolerated under any circumstances" and threatened “serious sanctions.” He didn’t make it clear what those might be, but under the law, they could include a contempt of court charge that carries fines and up to 30 days in jail. Trump deleted the post.

Attention, please!

Today at 2:20 pm EST, FEMA will hold a nationwide emergency alert test. Alarms will sound on all our radios, TVs, and wireless devices and cell phones, even if they’re silenced. Do not panic: this is ONLY a test!

Hoping to see a lot more of this:

Former New York City bodega clerk Jose Alba, who was arrested and spent six days in Rikers Island jail after stabbing an attacker to death in self-defense, is suing DA Alvin Bragg and the NYPD for racial discrimination. Alba was facing prosecution for second degree murder for defending his life before public outrage forced Bragg to back down.

Alba’s attorney said Bragg’s “racial equity” policies mean that he’s prosecuting some people because of their race while releasing others over and over because of their race, and “We can’t keep pitting ourselves against each other based on race.”

I wish him the best of luck with this case, and I hope he wins compensation that’s painful enough to force Bragg to redefine “racial equity” the way it should be defined: everyone is treated equally, regardless of race.

Good news

Trump got some good news from the Supreme Court, which rejected without comment an appeal of a failed attempt to have him barred from the 2024 ballot under the 14th Amendment’s ban on insurrectionists. There are still a couple of others of these frivolous suits floating around, but let’s hope they crash and burn the same way.  If you’re going to try to “save democracy” by banning the people from voting for whoever they want, the least you can do before banning someone for insurrection is prove that he ever actually committed insurrection.


The Good News: A state Governor called out the National Guard to help deal with her state being overrun with illegal immigrants.

The Bad News: It’s New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, who is deploying thousands of National Guard members to help illegal immigrants fill out paperwork to get housing and obtain work status to take American jobs. The Democrats: Friends of working Americans!

Will they ever learn?

Blue states just never learn that the Second Amendment actually means what it says.

More on Hunter’s guilty plea; why Biden won’t be the nominee

Yesterday morning, just as our deadline was about to hit, the story broke about Hunter Biden pleading not guilty in a Delaware federal courtroom to three gun-related criminal charges, all involving his drug use and lying about it as both a gun buyer and owner in 2018.  His “sweetheart” deal obviously kaput --- even though Biden’s attorneys had tried to maintain it was in force --- Hunter has put himself in his attorneys’ hands and will apparently now go to trial.

Rumor has it that Hunter wanted the trial moved to New York and to get the case assigned to a particularly fair-minded, nonpartisan and objective judge named Engoron.  Kidding.

Cameras showing Hunter emerging from the courtroom revealed him styled differently, most noticeably with an almost-shaved head.  Our first thought was that his shorn hair, however unflattering, would go well with a prison uniform.  (As we saw later, the NEW YORK POST news writers had thought of this, too, calling it a “jailhouse-style buzz cut.”)  But Judge Jeanine Pirro, appearing on Tuesday’s THE FIVE, offered another idea:  Since hair offers a forensic record of someone’s drug use, shaving his head would, in effect, destroy the evidence of how recently drugs were in his system.  The NY POST reports that he “cleared his drug test shortly after arriving at the courthouse” but was not clear about whether or not hair is tested at that time.

By now you know the three felony charges Hunter is facing.  With a guilty verdict, they could bring as much as a 25-year prison sentence, if it were you or me, but in his case, it won’t.  He could also be fined as much as $750,000, but surely, he could sell enough of his fine paintings to cover that.  He could sell them to that connoisseur of art, Kevin Morris, who has already shown his discerning eye by becoming a buyer.  Why not shell out for a few more of these works?  After all, it’s impossible to have too many of such exceptional pieces.

Hunter’s pretrial release conditions were announced today and they are that he:

--- cannot possess a gun.  (If he has one, better ditch it in a trash can, quick.)

--- cannot use alcohol or drugs.  (Keep that head shaved, just in case!)

--- cannot change his address or phone number.  (All international money transfers must go to the same California address.)

--- must submit to random drug testing or enter a drug rehab facility if requested.  (He no doubt knows all the best ones.)

--- must share in writing any plans for international travel.  (Hunter gets to travel internationally??)

--- cannot break any other federal laws.  (A MAGA Republican breaks ten laws before breakfast and is prosecuted for all of them.)

He also must seek active employment.  His only skills are schmoozing and selling influence, but in DC, that can take you far.  Too bad he’s living in California, but that’s where his probation officer will be.

“I think the protective dam around Hunter Biden is starting to break,” said Kellyanne Conway to Sean Hannity on Tuesday’s HANNITY show.  It’s obvious now that “the Big Guy” was very involved and that he has lied repeatedly to the country about this.  “…People see all this about the Bidens unfolding; they know what they see, but they wonder what they can’t see.  They can’t peek around the corners [to see] what’s being hidden, what’s being covered up.  In the case of Hunter Biden and his father, the apple is still affixed to the tree.  They’re one and the same.  And we’re just learning about this.”

Of course, these charges are, in Hannity’s words, “low-hanging fruit.”  This tree is dense with fruit.

Our ‘Justice’ Department wouldn’t even go after the easy pickin’s.  On the contrary, they seem to have done everything possible to avoid investigating Hunter, even allowing statutes of limitations to expire, and to help him evade more serious charges of money laundering, illegal foreign lobbying and even sex trafficking, for which the Republican-led House committees have found evidence.

According to the NEW YORK POST, Hunter’s DC attorney Abbe Lowell has said that Hunter Biden “was not in business with his father” and that any discussions in the presence of Hunter’s business associates were “small talk.”  Two things about that:

1.  The nature of the talk doesn’t matter at all if Hunter was selling access.

2.  Again, Hunter’s defenders are moving the goal posts when they say the Biden’s weren’t “in business” together.  You’re too smart to fall for this, yet they keep using the same talking point.

For this and other reasons (Biden’s cognitive feebleness and his low polling due to the chaos affecting people’s lives), we’ve said for a long time that NO WAY will Biden be the nominee in ‘24.  And it won’t be his decision not to run; somebody is going to have to “get the hook,” as in the old vaudeville days, to get him off the stage.  This is becoming painfully obvious; Duke at REDSTATE admits that when he read a recent left-of-center piece suggesting that Joe would be deciding this himself, he “could not stop laughing.”

As Duke explains, “The skittishness that Democrats have is not that Joe Biden is 80 or because of his quote-unquote modest polling numbers; it’s that he’s failing on almost every level as President of the United States.”

“...He was an idiot from day one.  He’s never been particularly smart, he has lied about his academic records.  His making up things and plagiarism are things of legend.”

Biden continued to lie (or maybe he really believes these lies --- who knows at this point?) in an interview on 60 MINUTES this past weekend.  The fact that 60 MINUTES did not help him by editing out those parts we know aren’t true is, he said, “further proof to me that the green light has been given to send Joe to the nearest ice cream shop for early retirement.”

RELATED READING:  Alex Marlow’s new book, “BREAKING BIDEN:  Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, his family, and his administration,” has just arrived at our door, and it looks interesting.  If an investigative reporter as good as Peter Schweizer praises it to the skies, that tells us it’s a must-read.

In Schweizer’s words, “BREAKING BIDEN is essential reading if you want to know the hard truths about the presidency and the American power structure itself.”  Count us in.

Marlow’s introduction helps explain why we say Biden will definitely not be the nominee in ‘24: “...It’s not his policies failing, or his absolute lack of accountability, that have led to historically low poll numbers; it’s the commonly held presumption that something more insidious lies under the surface.”  In other words, there’s just something WRONG.  Something rotten in Delaware.

And Marlow offers this warning: “Joe Biden didn’t merely [help] create the system [that is to say, THE SWAMP] over fifty years; he is the system incarnate.  To understand him is to understand America’s present and our recent past.  And unless there’s a course correction, he is a window into our future.”  Of course, whoever the Democrats pick as his replacement for the ‘24 race will be a dweller in that same swamp.  Looks like an important book.

ALSO RELATED: Derek Hunter of has a new article called “The President Who Wasn’t There.” It recounts some of Joe Biden’s many, many obvious and self-serving lies over the years, but worse, it also looks at the great lengths to which the media has gone to ignore, spin or explain them away (Trump is a LIAR; Joe Biden is a “storyteller,” he just “embellishes narratives to weave a political identity;” why, his lies “aren’t the kind that matter,” they’re the kind your grandfather tells.)

Yes, how well I remember sitting on my grandpa’s knee as he swore to me that he never profited from my father’s shady business deals with China. Oh, wait: that never happened!


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  • Jim Greer

    10/05/2023 09:50 PM

    While l can't say l necessarily agree with Matt Gaetz starting the ball rolling to remove Kevin McCarthy, and likewise the chaos and confusion in the Gov. Lord only knows our government has enough problem getting things done for the country without something this unprecedented. That being said l have read more than one reference to McCarthy saying one thing in public - like not sending more money to Ukraine - but then meeting on the sly with Chuck Schumer to make an agreement to do just that. WHAT HAPPENED TO INTEGRITY IN OUR GOVERNMENT???

  • Jon Alsager

    10/04/2023 07:31 PM

    “I also know that politics isn’t the art of demanding everything you want, it’s the art of getting as much of what you want as you possibly can.”
    You are one the wrong side of this issue. Based on your quote above, we’d be fine just settling for winning a few battles, meanwhile we (continue to) lose the war. All I can say is, if not now, when? There seemingly will never be a good time for such a move.

  • Patrick J Green

    10/04/2023 06:44 PM

    By this childish act the Republicans just handed the house. The senate and the white house over to the commie dems in 2024 and then they will pack the SCOTUS. And or republic is gone. Why they could not have cured there problems behind closed doors?

  • Carl E Serkland

    10/04/2023 05:57 PM

    RE: Hunter Biden's shaved head: Hair grows on places other than the skull; has he shaved his arms, armpits, chest, back, legs, and pubic area? Some evidence may yet be found.

  • Stephen Russell

    10/04/2023 05:51 PM

    Outster Outcomes:

    Purge DC Culture, Swamp
    Purge RNC
    Purge DC Swamp
    Unify MAGA
    Change poliices procedures
    OR Status Quo