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March 31, 2021

Saturday morning’s news contains a sudden surge of stories about shootings. They include shootings near Virginia Beach Oceanfront that left at least two people dead and eight wounded…

A Texas State Trooper fighting for his life after being shot by a suspect near Mexia…

A teenage girl dead after being shot near a high school in Henrico County, Virginia…

And seven people wounded after a shooting in a Philadelphia sports bar...

Aside from all of these stories being tragic, sad, depressing and infuriating, they will also be used as fodder to promote more gun control laws that won’t make any difference. President Biden says he’ll just go around Congress and do it by executive order.

But it’s questionable whether that will work, since any such order will immediately be challenged in court and likely run afoul of the Second Amendment. For instance, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals just put a stay on the BATF’s ban on bump stocks, ruling that they don’t turn a rifle into a machine gun, so they can’t be regulated that way.

Ultimately, the gun is just a tool, and if someone is determined to commit violence, they’ll find a way to do it, whether with a knife, a hammer or an illegally-obtained gun. Disarming and inconveniencing the law-abiding won’t deter criminals and sociopaths.

If such horrors are ever to stop, it’s going to take something that the left in America not only refuses to admit is a problem but actively works to promote, and that’s the erosion of religious faith and respect for the sanctity of life. The left mocks those who respond to such horrors with prayer, but if we had a lot more prayer and a lot more soul-searching, maybe we wouldn't have so many shootings. In a society where life is not a miracle and a precious gift from God but something disposable for our convenience, how can it be a surprise that so many people think taking a life is an act with no deep meaning or consequences? You can pass all the gun laws you want, but to stop the violence, you have to reach the perpetrators' hearts and souls, not just their arsenals.

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