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December 8, 2022

A high-five to Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton for finally standing up to a corporation that promotes leftist policies but comes running to Republicans to defend it from the anti-business policies of the very Democrats that it helps to elect. In this case, it was Kroger, the “diversity and inclusion”-pushing supermarket giant that’s been sued by employees over such “woke” overreach as forcing workers to wear aprons endorsing LGBTQ+ rights.

Kroger is pursuing a buyout and merger with Albertson’s, but some “progressive” politicians are opposing it. So Kroger’s CEO came to Congress to try to get Republicans to defend the merger. After grilling him on Kroger’s “woke” policies, Sen. Cotton dropped the hammer:

“I’m sorry that’s happening to you. Best of luck.”

At the link above, Bonchie at cheers Cotton for doing what’s he’s been urging Republicans to do for years: tell “woke” CEO’s who “promote Democrat insanity with one hand while getting benefits from Republicans with the other” to go “pound sand.” They need to learn that they’ll have to “live with the consequences of their political pursuits,” and in every case thus far, those consequences have been “Get woke, go broke.”

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