December 16, 2016

So far, liberals have blamed Hillary Clinton’s loss on racism, sexism, xenophobia, James Comey, fake news, hacked voting machines and a Russian conspiracy (To quote Graham Parker, “Is this a Russian conspiracy, or is it just idiocy?”) Before they take a cue from “South Park” and blame Canada, they need to read this exhaustive report from Politico, hardly a right-wing source. It details how Hillary blew the race in Michigan and hence the election (and $1.2 billion of donors’ money) all by herself, because she was a terrible candidate who surrounded herself with bad advisors and ran an incompetent campaign.

Her supporters can’t seem to fathom that when you nominate a candidate most Americans distrust; who piously preaches “public service” while getting wealthy off government connections; who told her core voters that she planned to put them out of work; who poured money into states she had no chance of winning while ignoring states she needed to win; who insulted millions of Americans and spent most of her speeches denigrating her opponent; who seemed, as one Ohio Democrat put it, to care more about transgender bathrooms than whether blue collar workers had jobs; and who was under FBI investigation for mishandling classified information – and whose excuse was that she wasn’t intentionally criminal, just incompetent – then she might legitimately lose.

Throughout the campaign, I was mocked for predicting Trump would win, but I kept thinking, “How can they not see this coming?” She showed terrible judgment that led to disaster and is now trying to blame it on something from the Internet. Doesn’t anyone else see a familiar pattern in that?


Interesting article: an American Family Association official argues that there are three popular beliefs among church-going young Christians in America that are not based in the Bible and are a “spiritual catastrophe in the making.”


This will be an unusual Christmas, since it falls on Sunday. That’s presented many churches with a problem: should they have services as usual, or let families enjoy Christmas morning together at home?

If you are a regular churchgoer, you’d better check to make sure your church will be open on Christmas. If you wonder how many won’t (it could depend on your denomination), there’s a new survey out with more info at the link. Feel free to comment below on whether you think churches should hold services on Christmas. Incidentally, if they do skip a week, they also have to decide whether to cancel services the following Sunday, on New Year’s Day. But I have a feeling that a lot of people might feel the need to get to church after New Year’s Eve.


The global assault on Christians continues, with two Christian pastors in Sudan facing the death penalty for “national security crimes,” but that’s really just code for promoting non-Islamic religious beliefs. The American Center for Law and Justice is circulating a petition to the government to save them, but time is running out. They could face death by hanging soon. You can read more and find a link to sign the petition at this link.

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