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October 26, 2022

Rick Moran at PJ Media reminds us of why San Francisco is considered the ultimate liberal enclave.

It has everything you expect when the leftest-of-the-left run a city and impose their special combination of incompetence and illogic, like incredibly fancy digs for the wealthy elites, and rampant homelessness, unaffordable housing and outrageously bold criminals for the dwindling middle class to deal with. Gorgeous parks and buildings inherited from previous generations that actually knew how to build and run things, covered by trash, drug needles and human feces courtesy of this generation of politicians.

And of course, it may not have enough cops, but boy, does it have “art.” Like the half-million dollar campaign to create more beautiful trash cans for the homeless to forage through. And if these people had been in charge in 1906, they’d still be trying to rebuild from the great earthquake and fire, judging by the fact that the city has appropriated $1.7 million to build a public toilet.

Why so much? Well, first an architect has to design it, then submit it for public feedback. Then the Arts Commission’s Civic Design Review committee has to conduct a “multi-phase review” to evaluate the “design, scale and massing for accessibility, safety and aesthetic merit” (I’d say as long as the feces goes into a toilet at all, it’s an aesthetic improvement.) They have to ensure that the design is “appropriate to its context in the urban environment, and that structures of the highest design quality reflect their civic stature.” And if all that takes a while, people can just keep enhancing civic stature by relieving themselves on the sidewalks.

Here’s the real difference between living in a liberal enclave and a conservative enclave: Some bridges in Florida were recently destroyed by Hurricane Ian. Replacement bridges were constructed and open to traffic within three days. And nobody’s pooping on them.


Related: Could there be hope that the leftist stranglehold on big cities might finally be coming to an end?  Even the New York Times seems to have noticed that life in these deep blue sewers has become so unbearable that voters are finally starting to revolt. Even in San Francisco, where they recently recalled their criminal-loving D.A. and threw out three America-hating school board members.

I’ll believe the voters have finally had enough abuse from their co-dependent relationship with leftist politicians when San Francisco elects its first Republican mayor since…let’s see…1964.

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  • Kenneth Rumbarger

    10/26/2022 03:29 PM

    I have regarded San Francisco as a cesspool of liberalism for decades. You mention the 1906 earthquake. I recall reading that the city spent decades trying to spin it as "The Great Fire of 1906." Maybe because you can persuade potential residents that fires are preventable.

    Sometimes it seems downright peculiar that cities or regions which should be the first to rely upon God for protection from recurrent natural disasters, (SanFran & CA in general with their quakes and wildfires, New Orleans with its hurricanes and floods), seem to go the furthest in the opposite direction.

    Most of us have only heard of one planet where the occupants behave logically. And it's fictional.

  • Elizabeth Davis

    10/26/2022 02:05 PM

    I remember when San Francisco was a wonderful place to go to visit!! Now, it is a wonderful place to stay away from! Unless of course, you don't mind the third world diseases! and the stench.

  • Elizabeth Davis

    10/26/2022 02:02 PM

    I remember when San Francisco was a wonderful place to go to!! Now, it is a wonderful place to stay away from! Unless of course, you don't mind the diseases!

  • Elizabeth Davis

    10/26/2022 01:23 PM

    I remember when San Francisco was a wonderful place to go to!! Now, it is a wonderful place to stay away from! Unless you don't mind the diseases!