December 22, 2021

The leftist reaction to Sen. Joe Manchin putting the kibosh on Biden’s “Build Back Bankruptcy” bill is giving new meaning to the term “Red Diaper Baby.” There were so many televised temper tantrums on Monday, I thought MSNBC was airing a “Bridezillas” marathon.

AOC, Ilhan Omar and the usual cast of empty talking heads have been wailing, stomping and threatening Manchin ever since he refused to buy them their multi-trillion-dollar toy on Sunday. They keep claiming he’s betrayed voters in West Virginia (who oppose this bill by 74% in the latest poll), and he has a lot to answer to them for. One of my favorite responses was a tweet showing West Virginia’s solid red electoral map from 2020 and asking which blue county he should answer to first. West Virginians also told Fox News what they think of Manchin killing the BBB bill. I don’t think he’ll lose any sleep over their comments.

The White House also railed childishly at Manchin’s “betrayal,” with Jen Psaki angrily huffing out of a press conference when questioned about it.

Ironically, it now appears that all this spiteful, immature brattiness might actually have been the last straw that caused Manchin to kill this bill. He revealed that he’d been negotiating in good faith with the Biden White House for months to try to get a bill that he thought wasn’t too expensive, destructive or inflationary, but “my Democratic colleagues in Washington are determined to dramatically reshape our society in a way that leaves our country even more vulnerable to the threats we face. I cannot take that risk.” Still, the reason he may have given up trying may be what he called the “incivility” of the White House staff.

By implying in public statements that Manchin was the reason the bill was stalled, they implicitly encouraged more of the kind of deranged, obnoxious, sometimes criminal, harassment of Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema by the Democrats’ shock troops of underemployed radical troublemakers.

But the bullying and intimidation didn’t work. Manchin said Biden’s staffers “drove some things, and they put some things out that were absolutely inexcusable. They know what it is, and that’s it. They figured surely to God we can move one person. We surely can badger and beat one person up. Surely, we can get enough protesters to make that person uncomfortable enough that they’ll just say, ‘OK I’ll vote for anything.' Well, guess what? I’m from West Virginia. I’m not from where they’re from and they can just beat the living crap out of people and think they’ll be submissive, period.”

In a sign that brain death is setting in, Party leaders actually seem to be taking advice on strategy from AOC, who is urging a combination of underhanded power-grabbing maneuvers and bullying Manchin even more. This is just one more reason why Newt Gingrich said that when dealing with today’s Democrat leaders, you can’t come at it from a political perspective, you have to bear in mind that you’re dealing with people who have mental problems and are completely divorced from reality.

Think about it: what they’re talking about is the surest way to convince Manchin to switch parties. He barely won his last reelection bid, and his state has moved much further right since, while Democrats are threatening to primary him with a more leftist opponent. It was fun being the most powerful man in the Senate, but now his own Party is determined to attack him constantly, and it would be in his best interests electorally to become a Republican.

If he does, that would throw the Senate majority back to the Republicans, and Chuck Schumer would be back in the minority seat, where he belongs. All because the immature spoiled brats running the Party now would rather throw a tantrum for not getting everything they want for Christmas than grow up and think like adults.

Even as seasoned a political player as Schumer seems to have become dumber from being around AOC and the rest. He now claims he’ll bring the BBB dead horse up for a vote in January and force everyone to go on record. He might even do it again and again.

That’s an idiot move. The bill is dead, so the vote is pointless. It will be opposed by all 50 Republicans plus Manchin, who will just become even more popular in West Virginia for saying “no” on the record. Meanwhile, he’ll be forcing all the other Democrats who just dodged a bullet by not having to support this unpopular bill either to support it and give Republicans another campaign issue to bash them with, or oppose it and make Biden and his agenda look even weaker. To quote that great philosopher Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Larry O’Connor has a reminder of how pulling a stupid, counterproductive stunt wouldn’t be the first time for Chuck.

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  • rodney buke

    12/26/2021 02:52 PM

    the reaction shows the utter moral and economic depravity of the left. They must be gone, on GPs alone not to mention being openly communist. We do NOT reach across the aisle to the enemy. Those days are over, we treat them LIKE the enemy they are to us.

  • Terry Allen

    12/23/2021 01:24 PM

    To Senator Manchin:

    Sir, you are a principled man who demonstrates a commitment to truth and reality rather than political posturing based on lies and fantasy. I, along with millions of Americans including most of your constituents, owe you a debt of gratitude for standing firm against the madness. Don't forget that our Republican party, the true party of the people. would be honored to welcome you into our ranks.

  • Dr. Joan R Gibson

    12/23/2021 08:17 AM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee for your thoughtful and insightful article. I am now 77 and own/live on/take care of the 5 acres of an old farm which my late parents bought in 1937 and moved with my 2 older brothers. Until 2014 when both houses of the WV Legislature flipped, we had 83 years of almost total Democrat control.
    The state has begun to blossom in spite of Obama and Biden's best efforts to the contrary. We now have a Republican Governor; Secretary of State Mac Warner (Army Lt. Col. ret.) who has really has cleaned up voter rolls and streamlined business applications); Attorney General Patrick Morrisey who is leading the way on many important issues; Agriculture Commissioner Marine Lt. Col. (ret) Kent Leonhardt who is leading is many innovations; Treasurer Riley Moore has been putting many good things into place; Auditor John McCuskey has cleaned up a lot of messes, put the state budget online for all to see and prosecuted a number of people.
    Joe Manchin has had a long and sorry history of flip-flopping, but seems to be holding firm this time. We don't quite know why, but are pleased. He is not up for re-election, so it is a bit of a head-scratcher.
    As to the usual put-downs from the usual suspects, we are a bit tired of them. My late father came to teach chemistry at WVU (PhD MIT) and my late mother was his lab assistant. We 3 all graduated from WVU. My 2 older brothers have PhD's in chemistry (Cornell Univ.) and physics (Univ. of Rochester). I have both an MA and PhD in plant taxonomy from The Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While I am comfortable in Wellingtons and field boots for field botany or caring for my property, I also don Chanel-style suits and evening clothes (which I make) with high heels for DAR conferences.
    Some of these wizards are stuck on the 1960 Saturday Evening Post hit-job articles on West Virginia. Thank you for trying to educate them.

  • Donald H Bates

    12/22/2021 05:30 PM


  • Carol McCormack

    12/22/2021 05:00 PM

    I LOVE your emails and they are the first ones that I open EVERY morning! You are the voice of sanity in a world that has LOST ITS MIND!!

    THANK YOU for being there for us who long for voices of reason!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your whole family.