June 11, 2020

While Americans around the nation, including in Chicago, were protesting the death of George Floyd and demanding the recognition of Black Lives Matter, it has been barely remarked upon for a week that Sunday, May 31st, was the most violent day in Chicago in 60 years. In that 24-hour period, 18 people were killed, including a high school student, college students with big dreams for the future, a hardworking father of two shot from a car driving by, and a father of three who was on his way to pay his phone bill when he was fatally shot.

From Friday evening through Sunday at 11 p.m., 25 people were killed and 85 wounded by gunfire. Most of the victims were black. This article tells more about them, and the heartbreaking loss of their lives for no reason whatsoever. They weren’t victims of cops but of an entrenched system that’s allowed poverty and violence to fester for decades as the violent death toll continues to mount. Don’t their lives matter, too? If there must be systemic change so their loss won’t be in vain, then stop the blame-shifting and political games, and change the system that actually led to their deaths.

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  • Jackie Coble

    06/20/2020 06:35 PM

    Red or Yellow, black or white we are precious in HIS sight, Jesus loves the children of the world. We need to pray to see others as Jesus see's all of us. "For God so loved the world, that HE gave HIS one and only SON, that whosoever believes in HIM should not perish but have everlasting life."
    John 3:16

  • Dawn Austin

    06/14/2020 09:35 AM

    Why don't black lives matter when it's black on black violence?

  • Constance Frazier

    06/13/2020 01:29 PM

    This horror must stop for all peoples. This starts with family and church,

  • Patsy Cain

    06/13/2020 11:55 AM

    Proof positive that the mainstream media doesn’t care about real news!! They only care about whatever fits their agenda for the day!!!

  • Canuto

    06/12/2020 07:40 PM

    At that rate the "gene pool" is escalating at a fast rate!

  • Amy Boesen

    06/12/2020 01:02 PM

    Senseless and absurd, the killing of these innocent people living their lives.

  • fred

    06/12/2020 10:52 AM

    Black on black murders don't count...that's and shame because people, not races, got killed. You won't hear BLM say anything about this because this doesn't play into their power is not a means for them to gain's not in the Marxist playbook, so they ignore's collateral damage in the big picture to change our system, our culture, our American dream.....everything

  • Carolyn Watkins

    06/11/2020 05:05 PM

    Please let the Hate stop. President Trump needs to step in and put a stop to the rioters and to the fear of the virus No Fear take back America