April 19, 2019

Immutable laws of life: Just as people sweat more the higher the mercury rises, so do people flee more the more leftists are in the government.  From Venezuela to New York to California and all points in between, the further left the government, the more people are voting with their feet.  

Latest case in point: Chicago. New figures show Cook County’s population has declined every year for the past four years (and that’s not just because of the murder rate.)  Three surrounding counties that had been growing also showed a drop in population from 2017 to 2018. Among America’s 10 largest metro areas, the biggest population gains were in Dallas, Houston and Atlanta, while only L.A., New York City and Chicago lost population.  Percentage-wise, Chicago’s population loss was more than twice that of New York’s and nearly five times that of Los Angeles.

Reasons given by residents for leaving Chicago include “high taxes, government corruption, crime rates, economic instability, long commutes, an overall rise in the cost of living and the weather.”  The only thing on that list that you can’t plausibly blame on Chicago’s government is the weather, even though Democrats are trying to blame bad weather on Republicans. 

Chicago hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1931, but voters recently decided to try fixing some of the Democratic corruption by electing socialists to the city council.  That’s like trying to cure your unhealthy smoking habit by switching to heroin. The good news is that if you are in a heavily-leftwing city and are foolhardy enough to open a business, there’s still a killing to be made in U-Haul franchises.  That is, if you can get past all the regulations to open it and shield any of your profits from the tax collectors.   

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  • Michael Kreisel

    04/21/2019 08:16 AM

    It doesn't take a genius to figure out the Illinois population decline. Thanks for the update Governor Huckabee. I guess you needed to remind us to the obvious. Governor to Governor, can you call Pritzker and share the this common sense with him. I live in Kane County. 3% real estate tax, 9% sales tax, 5% income tax. Governor Pritzker proposes a new 5 cent per bag bag tax. We pay 19 cents per gallon gas tax and he is proposing a .021 cent per mile you drive tax. And of course he is trying to change the constitution that protects Illinois residents from raising our income taxes. He is proposing a progressive income tax. These are his ideas to balance our inflated government budget. With the inflated, bankrupt public pensions. He has yet to propose cutting any spending. Or looking at the pension system which is broke and collapsing under it's under funded weight. But of course how can we cut spending when he and Chicago have invited any illegal immigrant into the city. I live here so trust me when I say these illegals have 5-15 kids living under one roof, flooding into our public schools. Stretching the abilities of these schools to provide a descent education.

  • Patricia McMahon

    04/20/2019 02:37 PM

    With the people moving out of these havens of elite leftists, sometimes they bring their left wing
    leanings with them. Many of the folks fleeing California to Texas seem to have brought their
    Left Wing bad habits with them. Texas appears to becoming a Blue State. If it didn't work in California; why do they think their leftist policies will work in Texas? Good Grief! They left California
    to get away from the high taxes and over regulation. Will they ever learn?

  • Troy Jenkins

    04/20/2019 01:40 PM

    Problem is they are bringing their politics with them. I live in Dallas county and it has gone from fairly red to completely blue.