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October 26, 2022



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Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Isaiah 5:20

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Overselling “Green Energy” News Roundup

A lot of stories have been coming in lately that show how the brave new world of “renewable energy” has been vastly oversold to the public at a very high cost. Here’s a roundup of the latest…

Goldman Sachs economist Jeff Currie reports that over the past 10 years, we've "invested" $3.8 trillion in "renewable energy," and over that time, the amount of energy we consume from fossil fuels has dropped from 82% to 81%.

The Department of Interior announced that it would hold the largest-ever lease sale for wind energy off the coast of Central and Northern California. It would open up more than 373,000 acres of ocean for building off-shore, giant spinning wind turbines. Oh well, the world doesn’t need seabirds anyway.

 Speaking of, in Norway, wind turbines are falling apart because the wind is too strong. Bonus: when they break apart, they leak oil.

For the first time in 35 years, the new conservative government of Greta Thunberg’s native land, Sweden, will have no separate ministry dedicated to the environment. A Minister of Climate and Environment was appointed, but will work under the Minister for Energy, Business and Industry. To be fair, after 35 years of government environmental policies, they probably don’t have enough energy to heat a separate environmental office.

A journalist who was looking into the cost of a replacement battery for an electric Ford Lightning pickup got sticker shock when he discovered a standard 230-mile battery was $28,556.47. If he wanted the “extended range” battery that got 300 miles to a charge, that was $35,960.

But don’t expect those batteries to get any cheaper. A study commissioned by the government of Finland found that while “in theory” there’s enough global reserves of nickel and lithium to make batteries for all vehicles to be electric, there’s not enough cobalt. That’s just for the cars, not for all the other things greens want to be powered by batteries. Also, the car batteries will have to be replaced every 8-10 years. The study’s author said the lack of key resources “suggests the whole EV battery solution may need to be re-thought and a new solution is developed that is not so mineral intensive.”

And not to be a devil’s advocate, but have any of these worshipers of Mother Earth thought about how we’re going to dispose of billions of dangerous worn-out lithium batteries?

Tribel Social

Apparently fearing that all the other social media platforms aren’t leftist enough, some leftists launched their own social network appropriately named Tribel Social. They describe it as “an innovative Twitter/Facebook alternative that’s free of hate, fake news & bots.” 

To test its tolerance for free speech and defense of the truth, the woman behind the conservative outlet Libs of TikTok opened an account and posted three undeniably true statements: “Men cannot get pregnant,” “Men cannot become women, and women cannot become men” and “Joe Biden sniffs little girls.”

She reports that Tribel users displayed their tribalism by immediately reporting and “misgendering” her, and in less than 20 minutes, the admins labeled her “racist,” “transphobic” and “bigoted,” suspended her account and banned her from the site.

So if you want a site that claims to be free of fake news while insisting that men can get pregnant, humans can become the opposite sex, and Joe Biden doesn’t sniff little girls, you’ve found your new home on the Internet.


Hillary Clinton is scary

It's nearly Halloween, so Hillary Clinton has emerged to scare us all again. She's reminding us that denying the legitimacy of elections is only treasonous insurrection when Republicans do it. She not only still denies the legitimacy of the 2016 election, she’s trying to raise money off of claiming the 2024 election is rigged, even though it’s still over two years away.

A Party of Oxymorons

David Harsanyi at The Federalist ticks off the many, many ways in which the Democrats are now declaring that the only way to “save democracy” is to have one-party rule.


Democrats are off the deep end

How do we know the Democratic Party and its acolytes have gone way off the deep end? They’re even being called out by two of Hollywood’s most liberal celebrities, Susan Sarandon…

…and Tim Robbins…


Sanity Sighting In New York!

A New York State Supreme Court judge ordered New York City to reinstate municipal workers fired for refusing the COVID vaccine mandate and for them to receive back pay.

The judge found that the mandate order was arbitrary, capricious and unconstitutional because it targeted certain classes of unvaccinated workers while making exceptions for others, such as private sector contract employees, athletes and performers.

Naturally, New York City officials are refusing to change the policy and vowing to appeal until they find a judge who’s okay with orders that are arbitrary, capricious and unconstitutional.

Speaking of vaccine mandates, could someone please tell me if COVID is an emergency today? I mean, Biden said the pandemic is over, and he lifted the emergency rule holding back illegal migrants from entering. But then it became an emergency again so that he could make the taxpayers pay off his supporters’ student loan debts. We knew the virus was a Democrat because it spread at Trump rallies but not BLM protests; but now, it’s become accommodating enough to change from an emergency to not-an-emergency depending entirely on what’s convenient to Democratic political goals on any given day. That makes it really hard to keep up since there’s no logical consistency there.


Candy prices impacted by Bidenflation

If you want to counteract the socialist garbage your kids are exposed to in school, try telling them how Bidenflation is threatening to ruin Halloween trick-or-treating.

Fortune magazine reports that due to high inflation, prices of Halloween candy are higher than a full moon at midnight. In September, candy prices overall were up 13% from one year before. But the really good candy is out of sight. The price of Reese’s peanut butter cups is up by 35%, Skittles are 41% more expensive, and the cost of Twix bars is up by a whopping 53%.

Even with much higher candy prices, the National Retail Federation estimates that the average household will spend only $100.45 on Halloween this year, over $2 less than last year, thanks to the overall strain on their budgets.

So when your kids come home complaining that instead of treats like Snickers and Twix bars, they got the dirty trick of a sack full of cheap candy corn, tell them, “That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats.”

PS – Even if you make it through Halloween, you’ll still have to brace for this year’s inflated cost of Thanksgiving dinner. Last year, the ingredients for a typical Thanksgiving dinner for 10 cost a record $53.32 on average. This year, it’s estimated that the price will leap to $67.78.

The government claims supermarket food prices have risen 13% since last year, but that’s over a 27% increase in the cost of Thanksgiving dinner. While everything is more expensive, the biggest increase is in the cost of the turkey, an eye-popping 73% rise from $1.15 a pound to $1.99 a pound.

Well, let’s at least hope that the midterm elections will give us all something to be thankful for that might end this.




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