September 22, 2017

While other campuses are clamping down on free speech and silencing controversial speakers, Campbell University in North Carolina is reportedly taking the opposite approach. They have scheduled a speech by a very controversial author/speaker who makes outrageous, sweeping accusations about large groups of people he doesn’t know based on their race – and he’s not only allowed to speak, but attendance at his speech will be mandatory for all fraternity and sorority members.

The students are complaining that the Greek organizations are non-political, but the school doesn’t care: they will be forced to sit through the speaker’s offensive diatribe anyway. How can this possibly be condoned at an institution of higher learning?

Oh, wait: it turns out this particular speaker is a rabidly anti-Trump leftist who claims that Trump is a white supremacist and Americans who voted for him are all racists and “suckers.” Okay, now it all makes sense.

Note to parents considering a college for your kids: tuition to Campbell University is $28,820 a year, not including room, board and other fees. That seems like an awful lot of money. But I assume that mandatory admission to lectures by race-baiting demagogues is included free of charge.


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  • Charles M

    09/28/2017 07:54 AM

    Campbell used to be a small denominational (Southern Baptist?) private 4-year college in rural NC "back in my day" of shopping colleges to attend. Sounds like the radical 60s leftover hippies took them over, too, just like in the big schools.

  • Amelia Little

    09/23/2017 06:24 PM

    Will be eagerly awaiting the headlines that tell us the university is making it mandatory for the same students to attend a speech by a conservative. Of course, will not be holding my breath on that. Besides this university would probably turn down any conservative speaker. Safety, ya know!!!