Those of you who watch my TBN show “Huckabee” (I assume that’s everyone, of course) will remember my guest Brandon Straka. He’s what you’d assume to be a prime demographic for the Democrats: he’s young, single, gay, a New Yorker and an aspiring actor who’d always been reflexively liberal (in other words, he’s the opposite of me, but we had a terrific conversation.)  One day, Brandon realized that the Democrats who claimed to speak for him had started embracing everything he found abhorrent: threats, violence, vandalism, intolerance, weaponizing federal agencies to slander and investigate political opponents and silencing any views that weren’t in lockstep with theirs.  So he bravely posted a YouTube video explaining why he was walking away from the Democratic Party.  

That video lost him some friends, but it went viral and inspired thousands of other decent people who also thought the modern, hateful Democratic Party had left them to join him.  It grew into the #WalkAway movement, to encourage the silent majority of Americans to stand up against the Left’s growing violence, intolerance, censorship and name-calling.  It grew so big that Brandon began organizing a Walk Away March in Washington on October 26-28, the weekend before the midterm elections (  That’s when someone at Facebook (the pinky-swear totally unbiased social media platform) found a way to silence him.    

Straka posted a link to a radio show where he was to be a guest.  It happened to be hosted by Alex…Oops, almost forgot: “He Who Must Not Be Named!”  You know, that right-wing guy whom all the social media sites chose as the person who was so out there, nobody would protest if they censored him – which conveniently provided a camel’s nose in the tent for their escalating censorship of people, ideas and words that the Left find too difficult to refute rationally.  

This is the slippery slope argument in action, and the reason why the Founders and, once upon a time even the ACLU, defended even the most offensive speech: because if you agree that some speech isn’t constitutionally protected, then someone has to determine what speech is and isn’t allowed, and that’s the kind of absolute power that corrupts absolutely.  Soon, nobody has free speech except those who agree with the speech police.   

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Anyway, because of that innocent link, Facebook banned Straka, conveniently at the exact time he needed to promote the Walk Away March. And it being a grassroots movement, he was counting on using Facebook to promote it.  

Facebook got a lot of bad publicity and reinstated Straka’s site, blaming the ban on one of these random errors that only seem to happen to conservative users. Of course, a liberal “journalist” tried to turn Straka’s fight to be reinstated into something nefarious, claiming he knew he was reinstated and was trying to gin up publicity by playing the victim, when Straka says that despite their claims, Facebook never contacted him to apologize or tell him his account was being reinstated.

Griping about Facebook or liberal media bias is fun, but there’s something more constructive that you could do.  Brandon is on Twitter at  and following him there will get you updates on the march.  And if Twitter pulls a Facebook, you can always learn more at his own website  I have a feeling a lot of people will be leaving the social media giants to return to their own websites. If enough of you share that web address far and wide, then Brandon won’t need Facebook -- which seems to be bent on making all the conservatives and even moderates and reasonable liberals in America ask themselves, “Do I need Facebook either?”


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  • Ben Thomas

    09/10/2019 10:47 AM

    You are doing a great thing!
    Speaking out about everything the left tries to do against all “
    Rights “
    Any chance you could hop over to Canada & lend a hand against the liberal agenda here , as I am sure there is a lot of lefties here that just don’t want to rock the boat ! so to speak !
    Anyways great job !
    Keep at it!

  • James Pinto

    11/18/2018 06:00 PM

    Mike, My wife and I attended 2 or 3 of your Show while at Fox. We appreciate your conservative politics - and your being a Christian and minister.
    Great article covering Brandon Straka. He and his movement/campaign is a fantastic thing. To me, an answer to the cry of my heart to God.
    His campaign has drawn so many - I follow it on facebook and periodically contribute posts.
    Conservatives, Christians, have this opportunity to simply show love and acceptance; non judgement. The Left has shown itself to have enough hate and judgement for any and everyone who doesn't fully, blindly and completely embrace their doctrine.
    We as individuals, can do much better.
    Jim Pinto

  • Jill forthmann

    11/18/2018 12:56 PM

    I love Brandon ... I m 66 yrs old and very involved christian who struggles with her feelings for the evil democrats ... thank you Brandon for being a place to fall when needed ... standing with you ??

  • cheryl moon

    11/18/2018 11:40 AM

    Thank you for your support of Brandon Straka and his effort to educate and provide a platform for #WalkAway members to unite.
    And... I love Sarah!

  • Kerri Goldinger

    11/18/2018 08:24 AM

    Thanks for promoting Brandon. The movement is so important!

  • Kerri Goldinger

    11/18/2018 08:23 AM

    Thanks for promoting Brandon. The movement is so important!

  • Jane Treadway

    11/18/2018 07:12 AM

    Here's hoping the movement keeps growing and can influence more people to be independent of the herd.

  • Stacey DeCroo

    11/18/2018 07:08 AM

    Hi Mike! Awrsome article!

  • Dawn Wayman

    11/18/2018 03:38 AM

    Thank you Governor, for your great service and intelligent voice for our country! Also I have been watching #walkaway and Brandon for several months and really appreciate the support you’ve given him. I’m a lifelong conservative, but believe this movement has great potential to overcome identity politics and keep us heading to MAGA! God bless you!

  • Michelle Orseske

    11/18/2018 02:32 AM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee for your thoughtful words and encouragement for our wonderful warrior, Brandon Straka, and his Walk Away Movement!!!! What an inspiration he has been to the silent majority!!!! Kudos to you, fine man, for speaking out and bringing attention to such an important young man and his mission!!! God bless you sir, and your family, and the United States of America. Let's continue to keep making America great! #MAGA #WALKAWAY

  • Mary Teague

    09/24/2018 06:25 PM

    I will never vote Democrat again. Their behavior over the past two years disgusts me. Facebook has also lost me. I am back to individual websites.

  • Denise Narciso

    09/15/2018 06:35 PM

    I have been wanting to say this for a long time: Socialism/communism is not the form of government we have in America. Our government was founded on a Constitution of INDIVIDUAL freedoms and rights. This is the form of government we have in America. I do not think those embracing this socialist fad are considering the fact they are espousing a different form of government. Overthrowing America with it's government of democratic liberty freedom replaceing it with a socialist government is to overthrow America. I fear this would end up in a horrific bloody civil war. Americans will not give up their democracy and will defend their government. This socialist fad is dangerous.

  • Steve Day

    09/15/2018 02:14 PM

    There is a Conservative/Neutral social-media platform free from the fascist-Left's censorship... It's called, but Apple & Google have joined together and Blocked the app from their both of their app stores to prevent it from gaining ground.

  • Elizabeth Linder

    09/14/2018 07:08 PM

    I think what he is doing is such a great thing! Today’s society is so crippled by all this nonsense. He has a voice, he has a stance, he has dream! America, land of the Free! Censorship does not belong.

  • Connie Evans

    09/14/2018 04:06 PM

    When I click on his Twitter link it tells me "no user found". Thank you Gov for your love and prayers for this great country. It is greatly appreciated. God bless you and your family. Prayers up for Sarah and her family as well. I pray that God puts up a shield around her as she stands in the face of evil and she sticks it out for the next go round. She's the best. You and your wife did a good job with that one.

  • Haydee

    09/14/2018 04:01 PM

    Mr. Huckaby
    Thank you for standing up for the Nation.
    I voted for you when you were running for president.
    God had a different person in mind for that job, and it is fine with me.
    God has now placed you where your gift is being utilized , a voice calling in the desert...
    You and your precious daughter have set the records right and sharing truth in this days is a paramount thing to do.
    Thank you for talking to this young man, thank you for sharing his thoughts and resolutions.
    I will definitely pray for him.
    Please keep up the great job and if there is something you can do about getting paper ballots in all swing states that would be awesome.
    I don't trust the old computers provided by Soros.
    Sincerely yours,
    Mrs. Wright
    God Bless you and your family.

  • Kathy Jo Rudnicki

    09/14/2018 03:28 PM

    I have a Facebook page Light Up Trump's Christmas Caboose with 125,000 to 130,000 following, I have been banned several times for posting the truth about nasty Democrats and muslims taking over America. I think it's terrible how they have become the new Communists in America and are full of so much hate. God Bless America and God Bless President Donald J Trump ????????????