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October 26, 2022

Before I get into the details of last night’s shocking Pennsylvania Senate debate between John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz, I want to say something that needs to be said and repeated far and wide:

What we saw last night was not merely a sad display of someone struggling to do something he was clearly not capable of, it was also a live televised expose of a major conspiracy to commit election fraud on the voters of Pennsylvania.

I don’t blame Fetterman himself. It’s possible that he’s not even aware of how impaired he really is. Maybe in his mind, what he’s saying seems perfectly lucid. But the people around him, his wife and campaign team, obviously knew better. This is why they tried to lower expectations the day before the debate. It’s also why they tried to avoid a debate at all until they were pressured into it by even the liberal media outlets.

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Even then, they delayed it as long as possible in hopes of racking up the maximum number of early votes before the public discovered the truth (this is another reason why I don’t like early voting and urge people to wait until they know everything that’s going to come out.)

As one commentator pointed out, that was Fetterman at his absolute best. That was him after months of therapy and recuperation, with weeks of debate prep, the questions written out for him on a 70-inch monitor, and the chance to rehearse with the monitor. Even with every possible advantage, that was the best he could do. Imagine what he must be like when it isn’t all teed up for him and he hasn’t had weeks of rehearsal.

And the people closest to him KNEW that. They knew this man was incapable of doing the job, but they tried to hide that fact from voters. If you voted early for Fetterman based on their false assurances that he was completely fine except for a tiny auditory processing problem, wouldn’t you be furious at being hoodwinked? Maybe you’d like your ballot back so you could change it. Tough luck, sucker! It’s too late now.

I never again want to hear some Democrat pushing the ridiculous notion that there’s no such thing as election fraud (or that it exists only when a Democrat loses an election.) The next time someone says that to me, I’ll dare them to go to YouTube and watch this entire debate all over again. I can’t think of better evidence of naked election fraud, or a more painful punishment to have to endure.


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