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February 7, 2021

Late Thursday night, after more than 15 hours of rancorous debates and votes on amendments, the Senate passed a budget resolution for a massive COVID-19 relief bill that (editorial comment coming) should not be done by budget resolution. It passed on a party line vote, 51-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie (thanks, Georgia!)

To be clear: I’m not against helping Americans who are genuinely hurting, but before we heap trillions more in debt onto future generations, we should ensure that any aid is carefully targeted and not just an excuse to shower money on Democrat constituencies.

Republicans did keep their word to force vote after vote, to make Democrats go on record as supporting or opposing various controversial issues. Those commenters here who claim there’s no difference between the parties and who are threatening to vote for Democrats “just to show” the Republicans should note that the votes were evenly split 50-50 along party lines on…

Whether to support a border security wall, opposing a federal carbon tax, banning oil and gas leasing on federal land, giving stimulus checks to prison inmates, and even supporting religious freedom (yes, all the Democrats voted for checks for criminals and against supporting religious freedom.) So now you know what you’ll be voting for. They did vote 100-0 against defunding police, but someone needs to pass that word along to Democrats on the local government level.

This is too long and complicated to recap here, so check out the Fox News account.

And those flirting with voting Democrat, please note this paragraph, too:

“A final Democratic amendment proposed by Schumer undid three GOP-proposed amendments that passed with bipartisan majorities on fracking, the Keystone XL Pipeline and opposing stimulus checks for illegal immigrants. Harris cast the tie-breaking vote on that too.”


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