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May 24, 2024

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has just wrapped up an extensive publicity tour for FLYNN, the new documentary about his fight to defend himself from the Deep State and the legal system, starting about a decade ago.  His film could not be timelier, as its release coincides with President Trump’s confinement to a Manhattan courtroom as prosecutors appear to be conspiring with the judge to convict him on 34 felonies.

My HUCKABEE co-writer/spouse Pat Reeder and I were fortunate to be able to attend his next-to-last promotional screening of the film, here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and also to meet and speak with him briefly.  I’ll have more on our conversation later, but first, the film.

The film’s full title: “FLYNN --- Deliver the Truth.  No Matter the Cost.”  This truly is Flynn’s story, from his perspective, as he’s the executive producer and also the director.  If you’ve wondered what it’s like to endure the relentless onslaught of the government, with its unlimited resources, wonder no more.

The review at THE EPOCH TIMES does a great job (as does the film) of detailing Flynn’s background in military intelligence, in which he bucked the system by offering searing critiques and recommending sweeping changes.  As one might imagine, this earned him some serious detractors, including, eventually, President Obama.

Our newsletter has covered in detail Flynn’s legal nightmare over the past decade.  It kicked into high gear when Trump won in 2016 and named him the new National Security Adviser.  Political enemies saw him as one of those “red meat” MAGA conservatives --- he dared to speak at the 2016 GOP Convention --- even though for most of his life he’s been largely apolitical, describing himself and his family as “Kennedy Democrats.”  In the movie, Flynn tells the story of Obama warning Trump during the transition that there were two people he needed to be especially wary of:  Kim Jong-Un and Michael Flynn (!!!).

Flynn’s troubles had started building after Russia supposedly interfered in the 2016 election by hacking into the emails of the DNC and Hillary Clinton during that summer.  (Note:  there’s STILL no evidence that the Russians did this, but it was the start of the entire Russia Hoax.)  Flynn had a phone conversation with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak to try to head off any escalation of tensions.  But since this was technically before Trump was sworn in, Obama’s team wanted to get him on a Logan Act violation, though this was surely a misapplication of that law.

We then get to the part you know very well, about then-FBI Director Comey “sending a couple of guys over” (violating protocol, but what the heck) to “casually” question him and apparently try to catch him off-guard in a lie.  It later turned out that Flynn --- just as he’d told them --- had never mentioned sanctions to Kislyak, but this was the so-called “lie” that had led to perjury charges.

The movie details Flynn’s prosecution in the courtroom of Judge Emmet Sullivan, who wanted to pursue it (in the style of a rogue prosecutor, not a judge) even after the DOJ dropped the case.

The ET reviewer makes the point that this is definitely a one-sided story, from the point of view of Flynn and his family.  “It’s unfortunate,” he says, “that a more independent filmmaker --- and a more strident editor (the movie is about 20 or 30 minutes too long) --- has not taken up Mr. Flynn’s case to offer an unbiased narrative of his story.”  It’s kind of doubtful, though, that in Hollywood this would happen.

If you want to see Flynn’s story from the other side, FRONTLINE for PBS did a documentary on Flynn that’s a real hit piece.  It derides him as a Christian nationalist and a QAnon conspiracy theorist, a total wackjob.

Ironically, Flynn himself, in the movie, talks about how the left tries to tamp him down by using such terms.  It’s easy for them to label someone who is unabashedly Christian, as he is, and who puts America first, as he does, as a feared and dreaded “Christian nationalist.”  THE GUARDIAN calls Flynn “one of the scariest poster boys for the irrational, anti-logical hysteria that has gripped rightwing American during (and subsequent to) the presidency of Donald Trump...he’s now a full-on Christian nationalist who embraces election denial and QAnon conspiracies.”

Goodness, I just met the man, and I promise you, he didn’t have three heads.  I didn’t have time to ask about the “QAnon” allegations but will look into that.  Heck, regarding “election denial,” THE GUARDIAN wouldn’t like what I had to say about the 2020 election, either, so it’s hard for me to take them seriously about anything.  I think their real problem with Flynn is that he is 1) a Christian, 2) a strong patriot, and 3) signed on to work for Trump, with the goal of sweeping reform.  Triple threat!

Bestselling author, DILBERT creator and professional persuader Scott Adams says he normally doesn’t watch documentaries at all, as, they typically present one side.  But he did see this one and recommends it highly, as “REALLY eye-opening.”

He feels that the personal stuff about his family’s ordeal was necessary to the story.  “It was important for you to see that there was a real human being at the bottom of this madness,” he says in his video review.  The movie makes you think, “Really??  Did this really happen in America?”

As Scott points out, you can see in this documentary that the people who targeted Flynn “are the same people that went after Trump.”  He also relates that Flynn pleaded guilty because they were targeting his son, “probably over nothing,” (Note:  it would have been a FARA violation, for working with his dad) and “there really wasn’t any other choice.”  You might recall that his son had just become a father.

Flynn’s story, he says, was “exactly what you thought it was.”  And “Peter Navarro is still in prison.  A political prisoner.”

Scott’s eight-minute review of FLYNN is a must-see…

And I think I hit the Mother Lode, because after I watched Adams’ review, this came up:  Sebastian Gorka (another patriotic Christian Trump-supporter) speaking with Flynn about the Deep State.  This one’s longer, about 40 minutes, but also a must-see...

It was Gen. Flynn who told me about Scott Adams’ review, after I mentioned something else Scott had done, an on-camera experiment with ChatGPT to see what AI would say about election rigging.  Flynn himself has co-authored a book on AI, called HOW TO FIGHT ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI).

In Adams’ must-see experiment (video link below), he explores with ChatGPT the question of whether the 2020 election might have been rigged and if it would be possible to find this out.  He leads “her” through questions, and as they banter, she gives him the kind of government-approved answers you’d expect, concluding that, yes, you could say it’s a “fact” that the 2020 election was not stolen.

But then, Adams completely shifts gears, asking her to help him write a fictional story --- purely hypothetical --- about upper-echelon people with government-level tech skills trying to rig an election to keep someone they sincerely view as Hitler’s equal from becoming President.  Freed from the constraints of what she’s been programmed to say about real elections, ChatGPT launches into a lengthy essay worthy of Marc Elias on all the ways this steal might be accomplished, using technical backdoors that would not be detected!  Scott repeatedly asks if her suggestions for his “screenplay” would seem plausible to people who know all the technical aspects of real-life elections, and she says that, yes, they are absolutely plausible.

ChatGPT, having moved on from the original questioning, never sees the contradiction between what she said about the 2020 election and this fictional scenario.  This is absolutely stunning --- extremely funny, too --- and yet scary, as I hadn’t known AI was this sophisticated.  After hearing “her” talk about how a hypothetical election can be rigged, I have no doubt that many if not all of these tactics were used in 2020 and will be again in 2024, if we don’t stop them.

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