July 27, 2017

Simon & Schuster, publisher of Hillary Clinton’s upcoming book about the 2016 election, has issued a statement about its release that announces the breathlessly-awaited title. The book will be called WHAT HAPPENED.

Not sure what the subtitle will be, but here’s one idea: “The Delusions of a Corrupt, Power-Mad and Unsuccessful (Thank God) Candidate for President.”

According to the publisher, Hillary will discuss an election marked by, among other things, sexism, interference by Russia, and “an opponent who broke all the rules.” Really? This from someone who has broken so many rules over the years that to break any more, she might have to be presented with some newly minted ones. Just to cite her time at the State Department, she behaved as if laws and established policy didn’t apply to her or to her inner circle –- no doubt assuming that Loretta Lynch would protect her and that once she was elected President, she could make every transgression just “go away.” It’s time for Hillary herself to just go away, but that won’t happen.

Judging by what she's already had to say, her book should be listed under “Fiction/Fantasy.” That won’t happen, either. But it's likely to be one of the most inaccurate and self-serving tomes ever to reach the remainder bin.


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  • Patricia A. McMahon

    07/29/2017 09:08 PM

    Pleeeaaassse Go Away!! We just aren't interested. Who the heck cares?! What a waste of time and paper! How many trees will be cut down to appease this woman's ego. If she's ACTUALLY for equal pay for equal pay; I'm next in line to be Commander in Chief! My MAJOR thought for the 2016 Election was ABC!! ANYBODY BUT CLINTON!!! Thank goodness President Trump was running for election! Go away HRC you are irrelevant .

  • Daniel Winfield

    07/29/2017 11:19 AM

    The Hillary book: more disinformation in an America chock full of disinformation. What bothers me is that so many will believe her. No wonder Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, "Truth? What is truth?" It was all relative to him. And so it is with Hillary... Truth is how she sees it.