August 17, 2018


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Today's Commentary --- While we wait for the Manafort verdict -- Reader comments -- California hate crime -- Trump-ist language -- Native Americans speak out, Antifa crowd confused -- MASA -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse


As of this writing, the jury is still out. I refer to the six men and six women tasked with making sense of the Paul Manafort trial and reaching a verdict on whether he deliberately violated tax and banking laws. Why Robert Mueller’s special counsel team would be spending its time and resources trying a case that has absolutely nothing to do with Russian attempts to influence our elections is a real puzzler –- unless one considers that Mueller’s main focus isn’t Russia but a big American fish; then it makes sense. Mueller is after the President and he thought a good way to get him...on SOMETHING...was to get Manafort to “flip.”

But Manafort didn’t flip, most likely because he just didn’t have any information to offer. He was Trump’s campaign manager for several months –- he even made an appearance at that Trump Tower meeting that is looking more and more like a set-up involving Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS –- so if Trump had been “colluding” with Russians, he might have been in a position to know something about it. But Trump was not colluding with Russians. (Heck, I was pretty close to his campaign myself during the later months, and I swear I didn’t see Trump talking with Boris and Natasha even once!) To his credit, Manafort hasn’t tried to spare himself by making stuff up. He has to know that the whole point of his trial was to get him to do that. Even the judge knows it.



Mike Huckabee

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Reader comments

By Mike Huckabee

From reader Omer Causey:  “My thought is that all security clearances should be granted with the included condition that they automatically terminate when the grantee leaves the position for which the clearance is being granted.  A new clearance could be granted if the agency deemed it necessary for good cause.”



From reader Keethlyn Fletcher:  “I recently retired from my job at Kaiser Permanente, and as I left on the last day, my security badge was taken and all access to the buildings and computer system was taken away.  Why should it be any different for ANY of the former high-level officials?”



From reader Suzanne Ryan:  “If Pete Strzok can raise over $425,000, the Colorado baker should be able to raise more!  I would donate.”



California hate crime

By Mike Huckabee

Attention, Jim Acosta of CNN:  This is what it actually looks like when someone is subjected to violent repression by an intolerant bully just for exercising his First Amendment right to express a dissenting political view at a public event.  Except the person viciously beaten was a Trump supporter, the alleged attacker was the lead singer of the well-known punk band Social Distortion, and his followers in the crowd whom he’d fired up with his violent political rhetoric bravely held down the person he was beating so he couldn’t defend himself.

Reaction of most authorities in California’s liberal capital, Sacramento: Too bad, you shouldn’t have been where someone was likely to give you a concussion over your political views.  Fortunately, the victim was finally able to find one police officer professional enough to file a report.  Considering the violent, fascistic attack was caught on video, it seems that the next step should be obvious.  But if local police and prosecutors refuse to do their jobs, then the feds have a term for this: “hate crime.” Law-abiding Republicans are watching, and waiting, but not patiently.


Trump-ist language

By Mike Huckabee

I’ve said many times that I wish President Trump would think twice before hitting the “Send” button on Twitter.  Even as someone who generally agrees with his policies, I often wince at the unpresidential language (I liken it to the culture shock from the language I encountered as an Arkansas-bred Baptist the first time I visited New York City.)  But if you’re going to criticize Trump’s tweets, at least do it honestly and criticize him for what he actually said.

Example: his recent blast at turncoat former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman in which he referred to her as a “dog.”  I certainly understand his anger, but if he thinks she’s a dog, he should remember that when you lower yourself to get into a dogfight, all you end up with is fleas.  So that was unfortunate enough without some in the media making the stretch that the term dog was racist and/or sexist.  As this link shows, Trump has previously used the word “dog” to describe a number of people he was feuding with, mostly white males, including Mitt Romney, Bill Maher, David Gregory, George Will, rapper Mac Miller, Michael Wolff, David Alexrod and the list goes on and on.  It’s obviously not racist or sexist, it’s just Trump-ist.

In fact, if anyone should be offended at being compared to politicians and media celebrities, it’s dogs.  Why slander dogs?  Harry Truman said if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog, and I assure you he meant a real dog. Dogs are selfless and noble creatures. Trump would have been much better off giving that White House job to an actual dog than to Omarosa.  The dog would have been hard-working, fiercely loyal for life and never bitten the hand that feeds it.  

It also probably would have done a better job.   



Native Americans speak out, Antifa crowd confused

By Mike Huckabee

Hey, Social Justice Warriors:  Doesn’t it absolutely fill you with OUTRAGE to hear that Native Americans are still being cruelly oppressed by the white man’s government?  As a representative of the Crow Tribal Council puts it, his people are being subjected to a “cruel nightmare,” in which they have a trillion dollars in wealth under their feet on the reservation, yet they are denied from accessing it while they suffer 70% unemployment and are rendered “starving and destitute.”

I know you’re ready to grab the protest signs and pull on the black Antifa hoods, so let me tell you who’s responsible for the suffering of the Native Americans I just described: the EPA and other liberal officials imposing anti-mining, anti-coal environmental policies.

Well, why are you just standing there looking confused?  Get to protesting the EPA, if you don’t want to have to go on Twitter and call yourselves racists.



By Mike Huckabee

Speaking of Native Americans, the great Democratic hope for 2020, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, has introduced the “Accountable Capitalism Act,” her proposed law for “improving” capitalism by injecting a ton of government control over every large company to insure that any profits that actually survive go to the people she thinks should receive them.  In other words: “socialism.” Details at the link.  Maybe her campaign slogan could be “MASA: Make America Stagnant Again!”


Evening Edition - August 16

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, 
and whose hope the Lord is. 
For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, 
and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, 
and shall not see when heat cometh, 
but her leaf shall be green; 
and shall not be careful in the year of drought, 
neither shall cease from yielding fruit."

-Jeremiah 17:7-8

NOTE:  We polled our readers yesterday about using KJV verses.  By 3 to 1 they prefer our continuing to use KJV.  Thank you for emailing us if you did!

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  • Denise A Wright

    08/22/2018 07:49 PM

    Governor Huckabee your comment,"Dogs are selfless and noble creatures. Trump would have been much better off giving that White House job to an actual dog than to Omarosa. The dog would have been hard-working, fiercely loyal for life and never bitten the hand that feeds it. It also probably would have done a better job.", was priceless!! Thank you for all that you do to keep people informed of the real news and help divide and disect the fake news! We look forward to your newsletters every day! God bless you! Denise A Wright

  • Dusty Hickey

    08/17/2018 01:23 PM

    Gov. if I was on the Manafort jury NOT GUILTY. His business was not that super on what he did and how he did it but he was picked out to make an example. If I could hide ways to not pay all the taxes as a widow I would find a way also. He is only one among how many who try to bypass our tax system. Getting a little tiring paying for millions of illegals here now. Pay in food stamps here in Georgia we pay in the use of our ER by illegals see all the time. While many suffer per no insurance that are citizens. Time Gov for a system used by the rest of the world for the sick. Not for Profit off the sick. Not right as you know being a minister. Pres Trump said Affordable and most it is no way affordable. I know as an RN. Obamacare was not right system only thing was the stopping the pre existing I went through and my husband WHY? Also agree on tweeting let it go Mr President let it go. Do not respond to the likes of a horrible person that she is Amarosa she was a user and no way were you going to ever get rid of her. Gen Kelly not you who said no more friends abusing you and the job? She was not a DOG but a RATTLESNAKE vicious and will continue to be . Now uses RACISM and she was suppose to be a religious person? SAD and he just should step away and not even acknowledge her ever again. Take care Gov , Ga Ole Lady