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May 15, 2022

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Mike Huckabee


If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

Romans 12:18

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This is actually real

This sounds like something the Babylon Bee would come up with, but it actually appears to be real. The toy company Fisher Price apparently thinks it can help small children learn good grooming by offering a RuPaul’s Drag Queen Doll Set.

Parent company Mattel announced, “The figure pack honors RuPaul’s efforts to inspire people young and old to be true to themselves…Fisher Price came to slay.”

I have a feeling that the only thing that’s going to get slain is Fisher Price’s sales numbers. Kim Hirsch at the Victory Girls blog helps the “Get woke, go broke” process along by not only covering this story and showing the Fisher Price toys, but also suggesting some competitors’ alternatives that don’t push alternative lifestyles onto small children.

Weekend Reading

Here's that link to that excellent article about the illegal funding of partisan election activities (those unsupervised drop boxes and much more). We forgot to include it in Friday's edition. Technically, it's still the weekend, and this is a must-read, so, enjoy...

Forced to resign

The former professor who was forced to resign from Old Dominion University after arguing for destigmatizing pedophiles by calling them “minor-attracted persons” has found a new job…at a Johns Hopkins University child sexual abuse center.

I have to assume he wasn’t completely honest in describing how he left his last position during the job interview.

$120,000 A Month

As you and your family are struggling to afford gas and food (if you can find it), rest easy knowing that the Democrats in Washington are taking action to make life easier for some people. There are plans to provide free Peloton exercise app All-Access memberships to 10,000 House staffers and 2300 Capitol Police. If they all take them up on it, that will cost taxpayers approximately $120,000 a month.

To put a positive spin on that, maybe all the empty store shelves are just their way of helping the rest of us lose weight, too.

Her Final Day

Friday marked Jen Psaki’s final day as President Biden’s press secretary. She will move on to MSNBC, of course, where making excuses for Democrat failures is the only job experience required. In the interests of basic professional integrity, she should have quit as soon as she signed that deal weeks ago, but professionalism and integrity aren’t exactly priorities of the current Administration.

I thought that the perfect send-off for Ms Psaki’s tenure was the moment this week when she declared the Washington Examiner’s confirmation (complete with photos) of the government providing free crack pipes to addicts to be “not accurate” and “a conspiracy theory.” But as often happens, the stars aligned for an even better send-off on her very last day.

As she was saying her emotional farewell, Simon Ateba, a black correspondent for Today’s News Africa who had spent the entire Biden term being ignored, shouted out from the back of the room where non-major news outlet reporters are relegated, shouted out, “Why don’t you take questions from across the room? Because that’s not what you’ve been able to do for the past 15 months.” As is her habit, Psaki ignored him until he shouted again, “Jen, can I ask you a question from the back? Jen, can I ask you a question from the back?”

The NPR reporter (in front, naturally) and Psaki both urged him to pipe down, with Psaki condescendingly lecturing him, “Simon, if you can respect your colleagues and other media and reporters in here, that would be greatly appreciated.” Wow, I’m really impressed that she actually knew his name!

And so, her tenure came to a close with the revealing sight of a privileged white liberal dodging questions about Joe Biden and white-splaining to a black man that he needs to show respect and keep his mouth shut. Yep, she’ll fit into MSNBC just fine.


As you are reading this, I am in Israel leading a group of Christian pilgrims to see the land of the Bible. It’s the first time I’ve been able to bring a group since February of 2020 just before the Pandemic hit us and caused numerous planned trips to be canceled. So before we left for Israel, we taped this show so you’d have a brand new and original episode of the Huckabee show.

I first went to Israel in the summer of 1973…49 years ago when I wasn’t quite 18. It was a life-changing experience. Starting in 1981, I started bringing groups to Israel and now have brought thousands of people to this amazing country that is about the size of New Jersey and can be driven top to bottom in the better part of a day. Some years I come 6 or 7 times in a single year. Not all are excursions with groups. Sometimes it’s a speaking event or meetings with political or business leaders. Or just for the personal enrichment to my spiritual life. I’m asked often, “Why do you keep going back? Do you ever get tired of it?” My answer is always the same: “I keep going back because I learn new things every time, even at places I’ve been to probably a hundred times. And no, I don’t get tired of it. I get invigorated by it. Every time.

And I love seeing Israel through the eyes of those who come with me for the first time. I watch with great emotion as I see people have deep and profound moments of personal encounters with God at places they have heard about and read about. For some who have lost a loved one or who are going through periods of doubt and fear, I see them find closure or clarity. I could never get tired of being witness to that.

In the nearly half century of experiencing Israel, I’ve seen miraculous changes. The literal fulfilment of Bible prophecy that told us that the dry bones would live again and the dry and desolate desert would bloom. I’ve seen both. Areas of the land that were once dusty wasteland are now rich with vegetation and lush lands of milk and honey. There are forests where once was nothing but dry and brittle bushes. And the sleepy little land where once a struggling economy was kept afloat mostly by people living on kibbutzim and trying to farm some Jaffa oranges and driving old, beat up Russian reject cars. No more. Israel is a thriving nation that boasts more Nobel Prize winners in science and technology than anyone in the world. It’s medical care is among the most advance on earth. It’s the home to technology that gave us the cell phone, GPS, advances in nuclear medicine and robotic surgery, and agricultural achievements like the seedless watermelon and tiny tomatoes.

And Israel is a democracy. There’s free speech, actual elections for its leaders and a legal system that gives everyone equal standing before the law. Israel is a modern day miracle which was revived after 2000 years of being dispersed all over the globe and almost ahnilated by the Holocaust.

All of this matters because for those of use who believe God and the Bible, the very existence of modern Israel is a validation of scripture. And archeology continues to discover treasures and truths from thousands of years ago like in the incredible discoveries in the City of David. And after these years, never has an archeological discovery controverted a single verse of scripture. God has kept His promises, and validated that His Word is trustworthy when very few things on this earth are. So yes, it’s still a place I want to go over and over. In fact, I’ll go back next February and take a group. Maybe you’d like to go with me. It’s not too early to plan for it. I have the details at And one reason I’ll go again is because the crazier this culture becomes, the more refreshing it is to know that God spoke truth that stands the test of time and space. And we can visit that space and see it for ourselves.

This is long overdue

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel recently announced that the GOP would not be participating in the Presidential debates conducted by the Commission on Presidential Debates in 2024. I was thrilled to hear that because it’s long overdue in having a chairman who refuses to sell-out the party to an increasingly biased and partisan panel of political hacks who have allowed the debates to become disgusting forums for talking heads from newsrooms to pretend they were more important than the people who actually had the guts to run for office and endure the grueling process of a campaign. This move will prevent the preening prima-donnas of the media from actually engaging in the debate as when former (thank goodness—FORMER) Fox News employee Chris Wallace decided to go beyond asking questions and sought to debate President Trump himself, apparently because he didn’t think Joe Biden was doing it very well. But I suggest that Chairman McDaniel take it a step further and take control of the entire process of debates in the primaries as well. Let me elaborate.

The primaries are not actually a process for the public. They are solely a party function, so that the party, be it Democrat or Republican, select their nominee to be in the general election, which is for the general public. But since the primaries should be about giving the people aligned with a specific party the opportunity to see their candidates in the best light, here’s my suggestions and it comes from being on dozens of debate stages as a Presidential candidate in 2 election cycles and having skin in the game and scars on my back.

The party should set the date, times, rules, venue, and access. They should allow news organizations to broadcast it, but not control it. There is no need for so-called “moderators” or news goons to ask questions they come up with which often are not about the issues Republican voters even care about. And even worse, the arrogant anchors often spend 2 minutes asking a very detailed question and then tell the candidate, “You have 30 seconds to answer” and then ring a bell or buzzer like it’s a dang game show!

Don’t have tiered debates with top-polling candidates on one stage with lesser polling candidates on a secondary stage. That level of preferential treatment becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that those on the lesser stage will never be given a fair hearing. Put names of all candidates in hat and draw them out randomly just before the debate. Candidates will each be given the exact same amount of time at the beginning. Order of participation randomly drawn. Candidates will determine how much time they use for each of their opportunities. When they use up their time, they are finished and their microphone is turned off. The purpose of the moderator is to serve as time-keeper and facilitator of the order. Instead of questions asked by someone from the media, the candidates ask each other questions or they make statements. If directly attacked by another candidate the candidate who is attacked is given an additional 30 seconds to respond and the 30 seconds is deducted from the attacker. At the end of the regulation time, each candidate has a set time for summation, either 1 min, 90 seconds, or 2 minutes. A candidate is allowed to use his or her time to ask a question of another candidate, but candidates are still limited to the overall time limit.

The result is a real debate from the candidates and not the media people who aren’t on the ballot and whose opinions no one really wants to hear.

So there you go, RNC and DNC….I fixed it for you! And we’ll have real candidate debates instead of rigged game shows designed for ratings and revenues for the TV people.

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Comments 1-9 of 9

  • jack macdonald

    05/18/2022 05:27 PM

    First, Contributor Jerry hit the nail on the head.

    I am a IBM retiree. I mention that because if I had squandered 79-85 billion company dollars and allowed 13 people to die under my management, there is a high likelihood that I would have been fired. That is O'Biden"s Afghanistan performance. That doesn't even touch the other instances of incompetence that would get any person in any other private industry job terminated.

  • Gary Stilwell

    05/16/2022 10:20 PM

    RE: "Israel"--and "this is long overdue"--
    The Israel piece was great!!--stuff in it I did not know, and stuff I DID know-most I did know was supported by the teachings of Mr. Andy Stanley, who has re-enforced my beliefs I grew up with.-I would love to make the journey you have the opportunities to experience, but I must settle for your narrative(s) of your journeys in the Holy Land(I think it would be great if you would spend more time expounding on the trips----

    As for the "long overdue" piece--you have the solution here--I concur completely with your assessment and recommendations--


  • Karen Clancy

    05/16/2022 12:37 PM

    I would be interested to know if you think the current baby formula shortage is political. Possible linked to Roe vs Wade. Maybe these formula companies are democratic supporters?

  • stephen russell

    05/16/2022 11:37 AM

    College Debt:
    Said colleges & Univs should pay debt since students Pay theyre rates to enter college
    Force price wars for tuition nationwide
    Or nothing gets done

  • stephen russell

    05/16/2022 11:34 AM

    To Honor Bud McFarland:
    High school
    Events Center
    Trade Center
    College Bldg, wing?
    Hwy, street, Blvd, Ave

  • Jerry

    05/16/2022 07:47 AM

    To be able to commit cold murder a Human Being, it takes a mind that is distorted, filled with anger and hate. The presence of evil has been around for ever to combat it people need weapons one does need help everyday as evil looks for opportunities every day 24/7 evil never takes a day off as societies fail the government will put up barriers to churches, places of spiritual healing to keep the armor of peace and decency weakened leaving people exposed to the deadly forces of evil. People are not perfect, countries are not perfect however governments that open the door for evil forces by food shortages, inflation, lawlessness, one-sided justice , divisions of all people, all are templates of evil all designed to destroy people and country if one looks today at our current environment this country is in that process the evil destruction is under way. All people need to protect each other from evil as evil has no label on people. The Government puts labels on people to divide them my God does not have a labeling system they are His people and people have forgotten where their armor is, Jesus is Armor against evil put the armor on bring back Jesus as the Headliner He is the main event. Not this Government.

  • Joseph Orsini

    05/15/2022 08:18 PM

    OVERCONFIDENCE seems to be widespread among Republicans regarding this year's election. I say that because Mail-In Ballot elections, and millions of Illegal Immigrants make me think that there is a Democrat plan to steal the election.

  • Maurice Tucker

    05/15/2022 08:03 PM

    Wasn't it Biden that sent baby formula to illegals (a bribe) ?!? Who was that queen that said "let them eat cake" that's what Biden figures when parents are asking for formula for their babies !?!?

  • James Drury Jr.

    05/15/2022 07:28 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!