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March 3, 2021

Happy Birthday to the late, beloved children’s writer, Dr. Seuss! Actually, his birthday was Tuesday, March 2, which in 1998 was dubbed in his honor “Read Across America Day.”

So, you’d think this would have been a good day for the memory of Dr. Seuss, author of HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, THE CAT IN THE HAT, GREEN EGGS AND HAM, HORTON HEARS A WHO! and other classics. In stories like THE SNEETCHES, he directly addressed social issues such as racism and tolerance at a time when these concepts were largely ignored, emphasizing to children how, deep down, we as human beings transcend superficial differences.

However, he didn’t address racism in exactly the way “anti-racists” in 2021 say he should have. To leftists who are always moving the goal posts, Dr. Seuss wasn't "woke" enough and didn’t go far enough, offering only a general message of acceptance when he should have gone on to address “structural power imbalances.” And some of his drawings intended to suggest different ethnicities are interpreted as racist today, because of their exaggeration of some physical characteristics. This started with an accusation by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which condemned him for signs of “anti-Orientalism” and “anti-blackness.”

Dr. Seuss cannot defend himself, being, after all, dead. But anyone with half a brain –- this excludes most leftists, I realize –- who has read his books should know how he felt about race and see that this modern depiction of him is wrong. He wanted to show the absurdity of racism. Doesn’t matter –- Dr. Seuss was dis-honored and essentially canceled by President Biden on...yes, his birthday. His name was literally written out of the proclamation for this year’s “Read Across America Day.” And Dr. Seuss Business Enterprises, the business dedicated to preserving and protecting the author’s legacy, announced it would pull six of his books from publication due to “allegedly racist and insensitive imagery.” Details at the link.

Standards certainly do change; it was just six years ago that then-First Lady Michelle Obama participated in a Dr. Seuss reading with a roomful of kids in “Cat In The Hat” hats. Even President Obama, in a live appearance, cited the story THE SNEETCHES as one way to learn about racism and treating each other the same. Both Obamas have heaped praise on Dr. Seuss.

Ah, but now, in this age of “anti-racism,” we’re not supposed to treat each other the same.

If Dr. Seuss were still with us, he might agree that some of his artwork from decades ago seems stereotypical or unflattering today, and he might even want to revise them. Who knows? But he isn’t here. There has to be a way to treat classic books, such as these and others like Mark Twain’s masterpiece HUCKLEBERRY FINN, so that young people will see them in the context of their times and understand their intended messages AGAINST racism. But don’t expect public schools to do it.

If you want to see how twisted the racial messages to children have become, take a look at this story about a new Cartoon Network public service announcement.

Dr. Seuss never could have anticipated how leftists in the 2020s are trying to force change in our culture.

Never one to let a good parody opportunity go to waste, I decided to write one in honor of Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel), who would have been 117 on Tuesday, March 2.



by Laura Ainsworth

Every kid down in Kidville liked reading a LOT
But the Left, who controlled education, did NOT!
They wouldn’t say why, but we all know one reason:
To read the wrong book means you’re guilty of treason

They also just hated the folks on the Right
They said we’re oppressors –- at least, if we’re white
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that their brains were two sizes too small

Whatever the reason, their brains or their hate
They cancelled the books that they deemed out of date
They stared at the kids from their i-vory tower
While focusing all of their brainwashing power

“We can’t let them read Dr. Seuss!” they’d exclaim
We have to get started erasing his name
We’ll target six books with some troublesome art
While keeping in mind that it’s only the start

“Kids LOVE Dr. Seuss!” said the folks on the Right
They knew they were facing a censorship fight
“He taught children how to be loving and kind
And how they could grow up to be ‘color-blind’”

“Color-blind??!” screamed the left, their eyes practically bleeding
We MUST find a way to keep children from reading!
To think, the un-wokeness their minds could retain
They’re reading the Bible! They’re reading Mark Twain!

“And old Dr. Seuss, he’s the worst of the lot
If kids want to read him, we’ll say they must NOT!
We’ll say he’s a bigot and lacks credibility
And give all the children that book WHITE FRAGILITY

“We’ll find all the books that aren’t focused on race
And gather them up, and we’ll hide them someplace
We’ll substitute books that reflect our obsession
With transgender studies and racial oppression

The kids down in Kidville would all cry boo-hoo
When they found out what leftists decided to do
The fun books were gone, and they felt really sad
The white kids were taught they deserve to feel bad

But parents arose, they had had quite enough
They fought for their kids, and it got pretty rough
They went to the School Board, and all had their say
And their courage and heart grew three sizes that day!

They brought back the books that the left had rejected
And made sure that freedom of speech was protected
The books were all safe and were put to good use
And we, ourselves, honor the Seuss!

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Comments 1-25 of 28

  • Marie Poston

    09/18/2021 08:14 PM

    Very much appreciate your truthf writings. You are so right on..
    Best wishes for continued TRUTHFUL. information from a former resident. of Pecan Acres in Grand Prairie, TEXAS.

  • Jacqueline Ceccorulli

    04/12/2021 07:05 PM

    What a mess, and to think it happened in such a sort time ! Not just the equivalent of book burning but God help you if you have any opinion other than the extreme left. Welcome to Hitlerism and I am NOT kidding.
    Mike, you ask all of us to stand up to this horror but our voices will not be heard until the Republican Party stands up to it. How do you think the Democrats got to where they are? They argued every single point the Republicans brought up, and they did it as a whole. Mostly lies and exaggerated propaganda but they were united. I am sick and tired of the Republicans sitting by quietly and watching our rights taken away. They refuse to fight for what this country stands for. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kennedy and a few others cannot change things without the help of their Party. If they don't unite we'll be welcoming communism and anti religion in a very short time. Wake up Republicans before it's too late. Thank you Mike for going above and beyond and God Blees You !

  • Sally Gillies

    03/17/2021 11:46 AM

    Oh, this is SO perfect! Everyone I forwarded it to found it as hilarious as I do. Thanks for making my day!

  • Joseph R De Lellis

    03/14/2021 06:04 PM

    Very clever...well done. Enjoyed the sarcasam in a melody format not unlike the good Doctor, himself. Thanks for writing this parody

  • Cindy Barker

    03/13/2021 10:34 AM

    Loved the parody!
    You nailed it right on spot! Thank you Mike for your courage to continue to speak truth!

  • Jody Chun

    03/13/2021 12:02 AM

    I love that poem, it is so spot on!

    So the parents got Dr. Seuss back? Sorry, I missed that part of the news.

  • Emma Jo Hoy

    03/10/2021 11:42 PM

    Just love your show and your letters. Never stop. Please promote opposition to HR1. I fear if it doesn't fail, we are doomed to never see an honest election again.

  • Liz Rome

    03/09/2021 07:55 PM

    Maybe the insanity of banning Dr Seuss will be the start of a turning point on cancel culture- Learning from history-putting words+pictures in context is valuable; makes everyone smarter/better at EVALUATING what we see and hear. Love the parody! I am from Springfield MA-home of Dr Seuss. There is a Seuss Museum and Sculpture Garden there. Both are fabulous. See them before they are cancelled!

  • GARY

    03/09/2021 06:37 PM


  • Chris Ramsbottom

    03/09/2021 01:36 PM

    I saw Gov. Huckabee reading your parody of a Dr. Seuss book on his show. I would love to get a copy. Please let me know if this is possible.
    God Bless

  • Jacques Bakke

    03/09/2021 09:16 AM

    SCOTUS owes the 80 million American people, who voted a duly elected and beloved POTUS, Donald John Trump into a second term by re-instating, and inaugerating him now!

  • larry rippere

    03/08/2021 11:56 PM

    Oh, dear! Just think of all those Seuss characters who are WHITE - SNOW-white; why, as WHITE as the printed page! How ghastly! How terribly discriminatory and racist!

    I need to erase my eyes!

  • Lars Schroeder

    03/06/2021 12:58 PM

    To cancel these classics,
    Just makes us all choke,
    We don't have to prove,
    We're sufficiently "woke!"

    We all like your poem,
    We like it indeed,
    Our favorite Seuss books,
    We'll continue to read!

    So let's stage a comeback,
    Let's all start today,
    Buy and read Dr. Seuss books,
    Like we did Chick-fil-A !

  • Renee

    03/05/2021 11:19 AM

    The solution to all the "cancel culture" is if you do not like something, there is this thing called an OFF button! You don't like a TV program or music, turn the channel or the dial, or turn it off. You don't like a book or a movie, don't buy it or go see it. Let everyone decide for themselves. Erasing history is not the answer. History is there to learn from the past and hopefully not repeat things that were wrong. That's what makes us better, learning from the past to have a better future.

  • Carolyn Hoxton

    03/05/2021 10:16 AM

    Dr. Seuss books have always been a favorite with children and parents alike, shame on Biden.

  • John Stevens

    03/05/2021 09:29 AM

    When I first heard about WOKE people I thought of STUPID. It has proven to be true. My books of the good Dr will stay on the shelves and in the hands of kids.
    The parody is beautifully written. Thanks. Let us bring Dr Seuss alive again. Soon I won’t be able to wear any thing that is not white.

  • Patricia Owens

    03/04/2021 07:20 PM

    This is wonderful! Ive shared with my adult kids! Thank you so much for sharong your talent with us! Now here is another book & author that will have to be cancelled based on the coming math curriculum::
    Sep 28th, 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM.
    (Oops..lost part of this in my copy n paste attempt.)
    The Wright Stuff: The Mathematics of the Wright Brothers
    Robert N. McCullough Ferris State University
    [in 20 years not only will Brother Mike not be boarding, neither will approximately 75 million other folks.]

  • Virginia Lee Pohlenz

    03/04/2021 11:46 AM

    You don't like the books? Don't buy them! Book-banning is NOT the answer. We're stepping into insanity here. Dr. Seuss books are delightful and carry great lessons. Quite frankly, I find more moral integrity in them than I do in MOST politicians!!

  • Joan gianelli

    03/04/2021 11:27 AM

    This woke generation is a sick group. They are the racists. We must do something to stop this cancel culture idiocy. It is time to change this agenda. As a grandparent, I am heartbroken that Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn won’t be allowed. Parents must fight back. This is akin to nazi book burning. Shame on these idiots, but bigger shame on us if we sit by and let it happen.

  • George Murreyt

    03/04/2021 10:31 AM

    We need more people like you and Laura Ainswoth bring about such wonderful authors like Dr. Seuss. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Colleen Ryan

    03/04/2021 09:34 AM

    Great article and fantastic "Seuss" reply!

  • Pamela Wisecup

    03/04/2021 09:26 AM

    Excellent! I loved it.

  • Connie

    03/04/2021 01:04 AM

    That is fantastic! I am definitely sharing.

  • Linda Buckardt

    03/04/2021 12:53 AM

    As an ELL teacher in MN, at the time, my second language learners were delighted with the rhyme and flow of the sounds. They grabbed for my collection as soon as they came in the room. We also enjoyed the antics of Tom Sawyer. I taught at the Elementary level and taught children from communist countries, southeast Asians. Many classics were eliminated with Common Core.

  • Phil Mitchell

    03/03/2021 11:40 PM

    Well done, Laura!