October 8, 2020

Joe Biden is running on a platform that boils down mostly to “Just like Trump, only without Trump!” He’s going to bring back manufacturing jobs, put America first, and all the other things he never did in 47 years in Washington that Trump got elected by promising to do (and doing, to great success.) Joe calls this plagiarized platform “Build Back Better.”

So would you be really shocked to learn that even the phrase “Build Back Better” was apparently plagiarized from another conservative political leader who, like Trump, got elected by promising to do the exact opposite of what his processor did?

There has never in history been a better A-B comparison of Democrat to Republican ideas than the back-to-back records of Obama/Biden and Trump/Pence. We went from the weakest recovery since the Depression to the best economy and lowest unemployment in history…from ISIS growing across the Middle East, bringing murder, slavery and turmoil in its wake, to ISIS crushed and a string of peace deals between Israel and Arab States…from targeting the domestic fuel industry for extinction to America becoming an exporter of energy, undermining the power of Russia and OPEC…from suing impoverished nuns to force them to pay for contraceptives to defending religious freedom rights…and on and on.

A similar comparison can be drawn between blue states that people are fleeing from and the red states they’re fleeing to. In California, the “Golden State” that used to represent the American dream, the more power the leftwing Democrats get, the further back in time it regresses. San Francisco already regressed to the Middle Ages, with wealthy lords living in walled castles while the peasants huddle in whatever shelter they can find, surrounded by filth. Now, much of the state is back to caveman days, huddling in the dark, afraid to leave their dens for fear of dangerous marauders, disease and FIRE!! Fire bad!!

And they not only keep voting for more of this, they think the entire nation needs to be run like California. Are they clinically insane?

Trump could easily make the case that if you want America to be strong, free and prosperous, it's easy: just look at what Obama/Biden did and do the exact opposite.

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  • John

    10/09/2020 09:27 PM

    Biden is a racist incompetent now like was with incompetent racist obama. Now he's working with a chick who got her job on her back.

  • Diane Gaines

    10/09/2020 07:53 PM

    Nothing surprises me anymore. I’ve never seen such hatred for our country. The problem is that “the left” is lying and deceiving the American people because no one calls them out for their lies. It’s up to Christians to pray...and VOTE!!!