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August 29, 2022

A little good news


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Proverbs 3:7 KJV

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Political podcaster arrested

I hesitate to talk about this story because nobody seems to know for certain what happened or why. But political podcaster and Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes appeared to have been arrested by off-camera federal authorities in the middle of his live show on Thursday.

McInnes was reportedly opposed to Proud Boys going to Washington on January 6th and told members they were out of the group if they went to Charlottesville, and he also reportedly told the FBI he would willingly give testimony. Despite all that, it appears that he was arrested under the most public circumstances possible (shades of Peter Navarro, who lives next door to the FBI and had offered full cooperation, but who was hauled out of an airport in handcuffs and leg shackles while he was on the way to appear on my TBN show.)

Word from those close to the production is that this was not a “bit,” and McInnes is in jail somewhere. If it’s true, then do we need to add “’disappearing’ people” to the list of banana republic practices that are now SOP for the FBI? I’ll reserve judgement until this story is confirmed, but if it is, I will be passing some pretty harsh judgement.

Mar-A-Lago raid update, three weeks later

When once a Republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil.”

– Thomas Jefferson


Question: If the affidavit used to get a warrant has a major, fundamental error in it, does that make the material gathered in the search (raid) inadmissible? Investigative reporter Paul Sperry is wondering about that after seeing that the affiant who swore to it affirmed, “I do not believe that any spaces within these PREMISES have been authorized for the storage of classified material.” This is not correct; White House records confirm that a “SCIF,” a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, had indeed been set up at Mar-A-Lago. Also, according to records, a nearly $600,000 contract had been awarded for physical security upgrades to Mar-A-Lago for Trump’s post-presidency transition.

Sperry notes other oddities as well, saying that the raid and the case the DOJ is trying to build “reeks of sloppiness and desperation.” Is this an actual case or a means to accomplish something darker?

It looks as though there will be a neutral party, a “special master,” appointed to look through and assess the relevance of documents seized at Mar-A-Lago after all. Federal Judge Aileen Mercedes Cannon, a Trump appointee –- and a real Article III judge, not a magistrate –- has announced her intent to assign one and has set a hearing date for September 1. Pardon my skepticism, but isn’t this like locking the barn door after the horse got out, or in this case, was stolen? The FBI has the documents, and will have had them for over three weeks by the time of the hearing. I picture them hurriedly fishing through those boxes for anything they can possibly use against Trump.
Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime, as someone once said.  (We're pretty sure it was the head of Stalin's secret police, but maybe it was Adam Schiff.)

By the way, remember that story that broke in the WASHINGTON POST on the heels of the Mar-A-Lago raid about agents searching for –- and presumably expecting to find –- highly classified documents containing America’s “nuclear secrets”? I ask because not long after that story appeared, it just...went away, as the left’s narrative on the raid continued to evolve.

I told you at the outset that this story had every appearance of one more FBI leak, and that’s what it turned out to be. As Victoria Taft at PJ MEDIA reports, the four “journalists” who were bylined on that story --- Devlin Barrett, Josh Dawsey, Perry Stein and Shane Harris --- were punked, as in, given a fake story. VANITY FAIR, of course, ran with it, pushing the narrative that Trump must have possessed dangerous nuclear secrets and even the nuclear codes! Never mind that the nuclear codes probably get changed every now and then, particularly when the Oval Office changes hands, and that Bill Clinton once left the nuclear codes in his pants pocket. That’s not surprising, considering Bill did have a hard time keeping track of where he’d left his pants.

Yes, there’s more dubious information in the VANITY FAIR article (where to start?), but we learn from it that one source for the “nuclear codes” story was none other than David Laufman, billed in VF only as the former chief of the DOJ’s counterintelligence section but also one of the key attorneys involved in the Hillary email "investigation" (he and Peter Strzok interviewed her) and the so-called Russian hack into the DNC computers.

VANITY FAIR even tried to say that since Trump protested so much about the “nuclear secrets” story --- even suggesting evidence might have been planted --- he probably thought they were going to find something. Why, his protest was tantamount to an admission of guilt!

As Taft points out, and we have as well, Attorney General Merrick Garland took weeks to deliberate whether or not to conduct the raid, so he must not have been too terrified of any nuclear threat posed by information kept at Mar-A-Lago. FBI agents had already been there to scope out the situation and look at what was there; they could have taken it then if it was so dangerous.

Also, the inventory list of documents seized during the raid, released the day of the WASHINGTON POST story, contained nothing with a “Q” classification. “Q” means classified nuclear materials from the Department of Energy. The affidavit that was just released has nothing classified “Q,” either. There are two “Q” classifications, both of which require the presence of armed guards. No, this story was probably made up after the raid, when it looked as though such a grotesque overstep might backfire.

Anyone who thinks about this for five minutes without being blinded by Trump-hate can see how ridiculous the “nuclear codes” story was. Taft’s story is a highly enjoyable must-read.

It should be mentioned that right-leaning news outlets sometimes get details wrong, too, and when they do, the left will find an opening to try to discredit the whole story. For example, even some FOX NEWS reporters have said the FBI went to Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook to tell him the Hunter Biden laptop story was “Russian disinformation.” To be accurate, Zuckerberg, speaking in a strangely blasé fashion, said he couldn’t recall for sure if they specifically mentioned the laptop. So now the FBI is able to criticize the reporting as inaccurate and say the warning they gave Facebook was of “a general nature.”

To that, we’d say it's a distinction with very little difference. The FBI went to Zuckerberg when Miranda Devine’s laptop story was about to break in the NEW YORK POST --- and don’t think they didn’t know about that; if they didn’t, they’d say so --- and told him of an imminent dump of Russian propaganda. Right away, there’s Devine’s laptop story. What are the “content moderators” (censors) at Facebook supposed to think? As Zuckerberg said, “It basically fit the pattern.”

As then-Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said at the time, there was no evidence that Hunter’s laptop was Russian propaganda. That didn’t matter at Facebook, though. Who needs evidence when the FBI has primed you to believe?

The FBI says this kind of reaching out is “just routine.” Ah, I feel so much better.

Of course, we’ve also learned that leading up to the 2020 election, the “7th Floor” at the FBI actually ordered agents not to investigate Hunter’s laptop and the influence peddling schemes suggested there, some involving Joe Biden when he was Obama’s VP. As for Zuckerberg, he’s also the deep pockets behind the Center for Tech and Civic Life and their “Zuckerbucks,” which in 2020 funded illegal drop-boxes for mail-in ballots in mostly Democrat strongholds.

Jonathan Turley has a good column about the FBI’s contact with Zuckerberg. “It is not clear why the FBI considered this type of media outreach was part of its responsibility as a law enforcement agency,” he writes. Before an election, this move “actively discouraged a major platform to allow discussion of major allegations of corruption,” he said, referring to the Biden “family business.”

Facebook was all too ready to limit discussion on this political issue right before an election. Looks to us as though the FBI was doing a little “colluding” of its own to commit “election interference.”

Finally, we’ve spoken recently about Mary McCord, one of the Obama insiders who furthered the Russia Hoax in 2016 and helped pave the way for Impeachment #1 of Trump, working as chief legal adviser to Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler. She also played a role in targeting Michael Flynn when he was named Trump’s national security adviser. More recently, she has joined forces with the January 6 committee to help obtain Trump’s White House records. McCord came out from under a rock this weekend to speak with ABC NEWS’ George Stefanopoulos, prompting Sundance at THE CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE to run through her history.

We’ve postulated that former Obama powerhouse attorney Lisa Monaco, second-in-command to AG Merrick Garland, is most likely the power behind the throne at DOJ. Just under her is John Carlin, former chief of staff to Robert Mueller at the FBI. He’s been busy since January 6, “keeping us safe,” as he says, “from the threat of violent extremism,” as in, Trump supporters.

Now comes Obama powerhouse Mary McCord, deeply involved in the fight to get Trump’s presidential documents. These are the people heading up the massive lawfare targeting Trump. Does anyone still think this raid had anything to do with documents for the National Archives?

For when you have time, this article offers much more detail and connects the dots.


Good commentary on the FBI raid

Instapundit rounded up some good commentary on the FBI raid on President Trump’s home, including a hilarious meme that Trump himself sent out mocking all their redactions.

Just a quick observation drawn from life experience: when someone claims to be on the side of truth, justice and transparency and then refuses to let you see what they’re doing or why they’re doing it, or even their reasons for not letting you see why they’re doing it, then you are most likely dealing with lying gasbags.

NASA Discovery

NASA’s James Webb telescope has captured the first evidence of carbon dioxide in an exoplanet, a hot gas giant planet outside of our solar system.

Speaking of giant balls of hot gas, I’m waiting for John Kerry to declare that the CO2 found on that planet was created by your SUVs.

Baseball team cancels "Family Night" over protests

The Colorado Springs, Colorado, pioneer league baseball team The Rocky Mountain Vibes canceled a planned “Family Night” over protests of the sponsors, one of which was a pro-life organization called “Save the Storks.” Their terrifying and offensive mission statement: “to create a story of hope and empowerment for every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy.” Can’t have that!

The team has been struggling this season to draw 1500 fans to games, and Family Night would have brought in up to 3,000, but as Robert Spencer at PJ Media observes, those must be the “wrong kind of people.” You know: pro-family. He also reminds us that baseball's entire Major League spent June promoting “Pride Month,” with the Milwaukee Brewers even hosting a “Drag Queen Night.”

Spencer also notes that the mascot of the Vibes is a marshmallow man, which seems extremely appropriate.

A little good news

Washington, DC, has delayed plans to block unvaccinated children from attending school or even getting remote online learning classes.

Parents who don’t trust the vaccine and don’t see the point of giving it to children who are at the lowest risk from COVID of any group were up in arms over basically being told that their kids would be denied an education unless they knuckled under. But what really forced their hand was the revelation that black kids make up the largest group of unvaccinated students (40% of them are unjabbed), so black Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser would be barring black children from attending school.

I guess it’s “woke” for the Democrats to bring back segregation and judging people by their skin color, but bringing back their old practice of barring black kids from attending public schools was going a little too far even for them.


In case you missed it

People with money in the game aren’t buying the White House’s double talk about inflation being zero and recession having a whole new definition. Instead, they’re selling off stocks, with the Dow dropping over 1,000 points on Friday. Here are more of the details behind the dumpster fire that was ignited by a speech by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.



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Comments 1-8 of 8

  • Patrick Canan

    08/30/2022 10:58 AM

    It would have been well for President Trump to have used his SCIF for an orderly storage of our nation’s secrets. So we cannot know to whose eyes this sensitive information has been exposed. Any foreign asset that has shared critical information with us now knows that his cover, and therefore his life, may be at risk. There is nothing that can reverse this squandering of our national security. The question persists… for what purpose did the former President gather these into his private possession?

  • Mike Spears

    08/29/2022 07:58 PM

    Gov Huckabee: The "SCIF" at Mar a Lago had to have been built before Trump left office, so he could immediately secure the documents upon arrival there. Although it is not being openly admitted, former Presidents are allowed to possess and store classified documents. Even if the President declassifies them, their sensitivity does not immediately go away, so they must still be treated as classified. What is interesting is that: VERY FEW PEOPLE ARE AWARE OF THIS FACT. Almost EVERYONE assumes that NO ONE retains classified documents after they leave their jobs, which involve securing classified documents. Former Presidents are the only exception to this rule.
    What this does for the FBI/DOJ: 1) It makes it easy for them to smear Trump with highly negative PR and 2) It sets them up to gain access and review Trump's Executive Privilege and Attorney-Client Privilege documents, looking for material they could use against him with the January 6 Committee.
    ANOTHER important fact relating to this Raid of Trump's Home is that Biden (or his handlers) had earlier this year "waived" his executive privilege, which was probably the first step in this ugly process. This STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN. The extreme generality of the search warrant, the comment in your article about the FBI "believing that no secure storage facility existed at Mar a Lago, and the failure to create a highly detailed inventory of items seized in the raid may very well hurt the Govt's case tremendously.

  • Diane Pelz

    08/29/2022 06:44 PM

    Are we doomed if we don’t get a Republican Congress in November?

  • R Reedy

    08/29/2022 05:07 PM

    Unfortunately, Mar-a-Lago is taking up lots of time and energy that could be used to help promote new Congressional candidates who might be able to help fix lots of problems, including this one. New York contest for Senate is getting little to no attention.

  • Robin Rebhan

    08/29/2022 03:54 PM

    RE: "Mar-A-Lago raid update, three weeks later". Has it dawned on anyone that every single person now who has seen, read or had access or knowledge of these documents from Mara-A-Lago is now a grave security risk to America?

  • Chelsea Martin

    08/29/2022 01:47 PM

    "I’ll reserve judgement until this story is confirmed, but if it is, I will be passing some pretty harsh judgement."

    Unless you get "disappeared" as well before you get the chance. That's how banana republics operate, after all.

    Also, the guys doing the "disappearing" don't really care about anyone's "harsh judgement." Or about anyone's sternly worded letters. Or about the rule of law. They ARE the "law." And the only language that they speak is power.

  • JC Holland

    08/29/2022 11:57 AM

    So... Where is Durham? I told you before he is useless and in on the fix.

  • Stephen Russell

    08/29/2022 10:43 AM

    Mara Lago & past raids:
    Cant past raids be linked to Mara Lago: Stone, Manafort,Flynn & MTG
    Is there a connection aside Trump allies or GOP?