April 29, 2021

Guess whose residence and office were raided by seven FBI agents early Wednesday morning as part of an investigation into, we’re told, possible violations of the FARA Act? (That’s the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which prohibits working on behalf of another country without registering as a foreign agent.)

No, it’s not John Kerry, even though former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says of him and his activities concerning Iran and Israel, “If you are out actively trying to undermine America’s foreign policy, you’ve committed the gravest of offenses.” As I told Martha MacCallum on FOX NEWS Wednesday afternoon, Kerry’s rogue talks could undermine our relationship with Israel and even endanger that country

But no, the target of this raid was Rudy Giuliani.

Most of the media have simply let the Kerry controversy go; the denials are enough for them. But just as Kerry deserves the presumption of innocence as Congress conducts a classified hearing with him –- will there even be one? –- so does the former New York mayor and current adviser to President Trump. This unnecessary raid on the always-cooperative Giuliani was designed to make him look guilty of...something. Giuliani’ attorney called it “legal thuggery.” (Recall that they took the same approach with Mike Flynn, and, in an especially disgusting display of power, with Roger Stone.) It was also a way to grab all his electronics and do a deep-dive fishing expedition.

What are they looking for?

One key might be that on the same day, they also compelled attorney Victoria Toensing to turn over her phone, though we’re told she isn’t a target. Toensing did have connections to Ukraine, but she and husband/partner Joe diGenova have also been working on Giuliani’s team to investigate the results of the 2020 election. We speculate that in addition to conversations on activities in Ukraine, the devices of both Giuliani and Toensing might be rich sources of information concerning the state of their investigation into election fraud.

Another possibility is that this has to do with Hunter Biden and his father, the President. According to an insightful commentary at, it likely involves allegations of lobbying for Ukrainian officials who were helping Giuliani look into questions regarding Joe, Hunter and Ukraine. Uh-oh, gotta put a stop to THAT. It appears that since Merrick Garland because attorney general, the weaponization of the “Justice” Department has gone back up to full speed.

Megan Fox at PJ MEDIA points out the “Justice” Department’s huge double standard. They can be lightning-fast and aggressive when coming after someone inconvenient like Giuliani, but will slow-walk investigations of their political friends till the end of time.

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