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March 4, 2022

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  • Carmen L

    03/12/2022 04:52 PM

    Biden and demorats just obtanined what they want 1.5 Trillion dollars, that republicans give away without questioning, the excuse is Ukraine war, the documents for that are unreadable, 2,000 pages or so. Nobody has read those papers, blind eyed republicans give the dollars. Nobody has nothing to say about Burisma, the energy company that contracted Hunter Biden during Joe Biden vicepresidency. Nobody said nothing about November 10, and the state deparment signature of the U.S.-Ukraine Charter on Strategic Partnership. Probably during Trump, the state department would never sign this kind of document. America First. Biden trust Putin to destroy every document on Burisma. Nobody saw the NATO map on 1998 an on 2020, Rusia is being encircled by NATO an its military bases, is the reaction of a beast. But the legacy media who lie on covid, are telling the truth on Ukraine? Seriously?