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March 20, 2023

Life In A Blue City, Part 1: A CNN crew was shooting a report about street crime in San Francisco, and even though they’d hired security to watch their cars, someone still smashed their car window and stole their property out of it in less than four seconds. I can’t wait to see how CNN will give this a positive spin.

Life in a Blue City, Part 2: San Francisco District Supervisor Hillary Ronen, who pushed “strongly” in 2020 for significantly “defunding the police and reducing the number of police officers,” is now “begging” the city for more police officers in her district because crime is out of control.

Gee, who could have predicted this? Bad news is that Ronen is also pushing for insanely lavish slavery reparations payouts, and if she gets that, San Francisco won’t be able to afford police for a hundred years or so. Did I mention that this person actually holds a position of responsibility in city government? She must be the representative for the half of the population that has a below-average IQ.

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