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June 14, 2022

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley, at the conclusion of Monday’s hearing, said the committee appeared to be trying to “lay the foundation” for what they’ve claimed was an attempted coup. But what this really seems to be is a sort of “persona non grata” trial, he said, intended to show that Trump is “a horrible person.”

Turley laughed at something that happened at the end on Monday that he said “sort of put a pin on it” regarding the outrageously one-sided nature of these hearings. “The most telling moment,” he said, was when the chairman said he was going to “introduce this video, unless there is an objection.” Of course, everyone knew there would not be an objection! Who could imagine Liz Cheney suddenly rising to her feet and saying, “Wait, this seems unfair! Maybe we need to look at other evidence to be introduced as well!” That will not be happening.

“..This sort of emphasized,” he said, “there ISN’T anyone to object.”

He’s right --- we won’t be seeing any Perry Mason-like moment when someone in the room lets conscience prevail and tearfully sputters, “I confess! We’re all guilty! This hearing is a sham! We just couldn’t help ourselves!” These people don’t have consciences.

Turley observed that this one-sidedness is a “signature move,” a “fairly common practice” by Speaker Pelosi. She “muscles through, to get the conclusion she wants.” In the first Trump impeachment, for example, she “decided to forego investigation in the Judiciary Committee and the calling of essential witnesses.” In the second impeachment, “she did one better: she had a ‘snap impeachment,’ with no hearings at all.” I would add that she had to move lightning-fast because at that point, Trump was practically out the door. She had to get in just one more impeachment before he left!

But Turley isn’t so sure she’ll get the conclusion she wants. Other than hard-core anti-Trumpers, people will see that there’s no other side presented, the ‘other side’ being not that violent protest was a good thing but that key issues such as the deliberately lax security at the Capitol are not being examined at all.

He also made the point that through all the chaos, the system actually “did actually work to some extent.” Well, it worked in that power was indeed transferred; that’s about all that can be said for it.

We would add that to support their desired conclusion, Liz Cheney had to lie, saying, for example, “Donald Trump did not condemn the attack,” when he did –- unequivocally –- in a heartfelt Oval Office address. Read what he said at the link, here. He also condemned the violence on Twitter; Twitter blocked him. Cheney is a bald-faced liar, but, by design, there was no one at the hearing to point out her lies.

(By the way, as of this writing, President Biden has yet to condemn the unlawful protests at Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home or even the aborted attempt to kill him, which most of the media have ignored as well. Kayleigh McEnany and I spoke about this, and the double standard of justice in general, on last night’’s HANNITY.)

Legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy said Monday’s hearing was a “much tighter production” than Thursday because it had one theme: Trump must have KNOWN the election was not stolen because those around him were “telling him it was nonsense.” That’s a compelling story to tell, but they’ve set it up in a way that's "not a fair process that’s aimed at getting to the truth and giving whatever contra-arguments there are their day in court.”

So, it’s “more like messaging than it is like a real investigation," he said. No kidding. “I could have been very impressive in court if there were no defense lawyers, you know?” he laughed. “You let the government put on its own case, own witnesses, own exhibits, and then no cross-examination and no defense arguments; I’d have been 1,000-and-0.”

He later said he did not think they’re doing this to stop Trump from running again –- he thinks they might even prefer that he run –- but to set up the case against Trump in case he does. They also want to deliver what they hope would be “the predicates” for criminal prosecution against him. McCarthy is concerned that Biden’s DOJ has been giving in to “the loudest voices on the progressive left” and that a Trump prosecution is what they want, no matter how it divides the country.

Monday evening, Brit Hume echoed what McCarthy had observed, saying that the Democrats might find out “they’ve done the Republican Party a great service” if they stain Trump too much for him to run again. “Because I think many Republicans think they can’t win with Trump at the head of the ticket again. They’re afraid of his supporters --- don’t want to come out against him directly, but they’d like him to go away. If the effect of this committee is to make his possible candidacy go away, I think a great many Republicans would privately be very glad.”

That thought is consistent with our new poll, which, in breaking news, has just concluded and shows a very strong preference for DeSantis over Trump, 56.6 percent to 42.2 percent. (For “someone else,” 2.1 percent.)

Even so, I’d like to think that if Hume had had time to elaborate, he would also have said that, to any conservative, the Democrats’ flagrant abuse of the system to achieve that goal is far too great a price to pay.

But maybe the Democrat’s main goal is something else entirely. According to top Democrat strategist Murshed Zaheed, the primary purpose is “fundraising for a lot of the Democratic Party institutions and establishments.” What the heck, they spent $8 million of YOUR MONEY on this extravaganza, and they’re expecting a big payoff on that investment! Zaheed’s tweets will give you a good “inside” view.

Oh, and here's a bit of good news:  Last week, my writers said they would much rather have been watching the re-run of “Young Sheldon” that normally would have run on CBS Thursday night. The ratings are in, and, according to the WASHINGTON FREE BEACON, the January 6 hearing actually did worse in the ratings than the “Young Sheldon” re-run that had aired the previous week. Of course, my writers still wish they could have watched “Young Sheldon," along with just about anything else that would have been on afterwards. That was 2-1/2 hours of their lives they’ll never get back.

Former Texas Rep. Ron Paul elaborates:


One last thing, about Bill Barr. You already know that Democrats have been exploiting clips of him expressing doubt early on about 2020 election fraud. (NOTE:  We could cherry-pick other quotes that give the opposite impression of his view on fraud.)  Barr laughed heartily at the mention of Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2,000 MULES, saying he was not impressed. D’Souza shot back at him in a series of insulting tweets, calling Barr ignorant about geotracking –- which, ironically, was used to find the precise location of January 6 protesters –- and saying, “I’d be happy to appear before the committee and debunk all the debunkers. Let’s settle the issue of who’s perpetrating the ‘big lie’ through open debate...With Bill Barr and Liz Cheney ranting today about the documentary, it’s the perfect occasion to watch 2,000 MULES and see for yourself what the brouhaha is about.”

That we’d love to see. But we never will.

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  • Steve Johnson

    06/20/2022 01:53 PM

    I’m sure you’ve seen todays LATimes op-ed but just in case you haven’t:

    What a load of garbage. It scares me to think that seemingly intelligent people are so warped in their thinking.

  • louis zachman

    06/20/2022 01:51 PM

    of course they do! it's the primary purpose of the whole kangaroo court operation. It's as offensive as the two impeachments while Donald was in office.


    06/20/2022 04:10 AM

    Let's consider Dinesh GEO Tracking the Jan 6 INSURRECTION. Of course, if the Sheep caught a DEM in bed with another... they would conclude he/she was just changing the sheets.

    Congress' main job is to legislate and certainly not conduct Salem witch hunts... not to mention no cross examination.

  • Richard Whitehurst

    06/19/2022 04:59 PM

    I am an ardent supporter of Trump's policies, but not Trump the person. The Democrats' approach seems to be the elimination of Trump and by extension his policies. They should take care what they wish for.
    Conservatives who want to win in 2024 would welcome fresh blood that can talk the talk and walk the walk without the public perception of narcissism and nastiness that comes with Trump.

  • Charlotte L Mitchell

    06/19/2022 03:55 PM

    I love you so much, Mr. Huckabee, and absolutely detest the media. So much so, I wrote MTP & FTN, however I know it will fall on deaf ears. Feel free to publish it, As I know other readers feel the same.:
    Do you realize, people have actually realized people have stopped listening to you because they now realize you are nothing more than a one-sided liberal propaganda pushing machine. You have continued to have lied about the Corona virus. “Can’t get it if you take the take the shot” We American soon found out that was a lie” - then you covered it up by saying “well you need another shot” Another lie. Then you said. “you need a booster” People kept getting the virus and dying from covid with and without the shot. Now, it’s getting close to election and Biden has done his best to hurt the Red States. In Florida and for Ron DeSantis Biden did is best to kill them off, took away access to monoclonal antibodies (only from red states). He’s thinks if he can kill off all the voters’ of red states, he’ll win the presidency again.

    But the voters haven’t forgotten his promises. How he’s going to work for the middle class when he’s never worked a day in his life, other than the 40 plus years in congress off of the American taxpayer.
    1) He’s raised taxes
    2) He’s given Ukraine over $40 Billion dollars. Now how much could $40 billion could have gone toward our schools system? Homeless? Vetererans'?
    3) Afghanistan failure leaving thousands of Americans left to die with our Military bases and millions of dollars of military equipment intact.
    4) The baby formula fiasco – in all my life we have never run out of baby formula, but Mexico has plenty. How does that happen? Does that seem right.
    5) Crisis at the border. And you are paying the $450,000 each and this can accumulate to over $1,000,000 per household. While you let our American people suffer needlessly.
    6) Women cannot get tampons? WHAT IN THE WORLD. I can’t even begin to comment on this
    7) And Gas prices ranging anywhere from $5-7.00 per gallon at the pump.
    8) And you can’t speak without a teleprompter. Why?
    9) And why won’t you go for a physical, Mr. president? Why are people covering for your cognitive issues, sir? Are you unfit for your position?
    10) Why do you get so defensive when you are approached when people disagree with you? People ALWAYS, I MEAN ALWAYS disagreed with Trump. Just ask Nancy. It was on her agenda from day 1 to have him impeached. No one liked him because he told the truth. He wasn’t a politician. He exposed democrats for what they really are: Corrupt liars, who only took money from those that greased their slimy hands.
    11) And what’s is on Hunter’s Laptop? It’s as secret as Hillary’s. And let’s not forget Debby Wasserman-Schultz
    Why aren’t you asking him these questions? Why did he shut the pipelines down? Why is he starving our babies, why the is the inflation so high and it certainly not because of Donald J. Trump. This didn’t happen under his watch. We were self sufficient under his watch. We had Tampons, We had baby formula and we were utilizing our own gas and could still do so, but for some odd reason you want to hurt the middle class, starve us out. But we won’t have it. And we won’t have you and we certainly don’t believe what you are telling the liberal media what you tell them to lie to us about. And cover for your mistakes and deflect, defer and try and place blame and everyone and anyone you can but your own stupidity.

    Actually, these are the questions you need to be asking. Because we are all on to you, you are only fooling yourselves. We got your number and many numbers we have and they are growing. Even the blacks and Hispanics are now angry about your lies. The media can’t cover that up for you. Come November. The Dominion machines you cheated with will be gone, and because you created the supply chain crisis, there’s no paper ballots to mail in for harvesting. WE THE PEOPLE WILL STAND STRONG FOR WHAT YOU HAVE BROKEN. And for you, the lying media who help push this agenda, SHAME ON YOU.

  • Dale Baker

    06/19/2022 01:56 PM

    I truly believe that Nancy Pelosi and her Democronies will try anything to prevent Donald Trump from running again. Even if he did and won, they would continue to fight him and attempt to throw marbles under his feet. At this point, I think DeSantis would have less opposition.

  • kathy novikoff

    06/19/2022 11:49 AM

    Everything the Socialist liberal democrats' have done for the past 10 years is to eliminate the republican party and anyone that stands up the them. Donald Trump is their greatest foe and will definitely be their downfall.
    What is the world is wrong with the 15% of citizens that think Biden Administration is doing a good job.... Good job at tearing the US down.

  • stephen russell

    06/19/2022 10:38 AM

    The J6 Comm main mission: Keep Trump from NOT returning to White House
    & side mission: win midterms
    Thats it

  • Janet Fletcher

    06/16/2022 10:20 PM

    The Socialist Democrats are working hard to stop freedom in America. They want America to be a socialist government and the only people who can stop them is Donald Trump and his supporters. We all know, that is anyone with any sense at all, that this election was stolen and a demented basement man was declared the winner. Jan 6 should have had the security President Trump requested; but old Nancy wanted and planned for this event to happen. Everything went exactly as dear old Nancy planned. Now, when are the Republicans going to fight like the Democrats. Stop being a wimpy group of representatives and fight for America as the Democrats fight for socialism!

  • Bob Sullivan

    06/16/2022 01:42 PM

    Keep up the good work!