In a wide-ranging interview with FOX NEWS’ Bret Baier, Attorney General Bill Barr offered an update on the criminal investigation into allegations of FISA fraud and other abuses of power on the part of the FBI. I joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Sean Hannity’s TV show Tuesday night to discuss it, as well as the escalating anti-police rhetoric that dominated Tuesday’s news.

The portion of Barr’s interview dealing with the Durham investigation is in this segment.

Incidentally, the Barr interview comes on the heels of a huge uptick in Senate inquiries on the subject of FBI misconduct, by both the Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees, as I reported in this previous commentary, in case you didn’t see it. Sen. Lindsay Graham and Sen. Ron Johnson, who chair these two committees, will finally be using subpoena power; Johnson has a long list of documents to examine and witnesses he intends to call. As I reported, Graham has been hitting some resistance from the FBI to his request to interview “Case Agent 1,” identified as Stephen Somma. Somma played a pivotal role in the set-up to spy on Trump campaign associate Carter Page.

Anyway, in his interview with Baier, AG Barr made it clear –- in his calm, understated manner –- that he sees the investigation into the Trump campaign as “very aggressive” considering the “very thin, slender reed” that was the basis for undertaking it.

"It seemed that the Bureau was sort of spring-loaded at the end of July to drive in there and investigate a campaign,” he said, “and there really wasn’t much there to do that on. And that became more and more evident as they went by but they seem to have ignored all the exculpatory evidence that was building up and continue pell-mell to push it forward.”

I would add that “Case Agent 1” appears to be the lower-level person who was making that happen in the beginning by choosing the information that would --- or wouldn't --- go into the FISA warrant application against Page. Was he taking this initiative on his own, or was he given direction from higher-ups on the “7th Floor”?

Barr was also concerned that after the election, they went “right back at it,” even though the Steele dossier, the main evidence being used, “was falling apart.” They were even making it public that they were investigating Trump when it was “painfully obvious” that “there was nothing there.” He said in the interview that he was “very troubled” by what had been called to his attention, though he wouldn’t characterize it further than that. Getting into specifics would obviously be premature. But in general, he was blunt.

"Here’s the thing," he told Baier. "For the first time in American history, police organizations and the national security organizations were used to spy on a campaign, and there was no basis for it. The media largely drove that, and there were all kinds of sensational claims...being made about the President that could have affected the election. Later on, in his administration, there were actions taken that really appear to be efforts to sabotage...” He said if people wanted to accuse of him of being politicized for looking at this, then “so be it,” because “that’s the job of the attorney general.”

Judge Jeanine highlighted one particular comment made by Barr that might not get the attention it deserves, given all the necessary focus right now on our suffering cities and the attacks on police departments. But it should offer at least some reassurance to my more pessimistic readers who don’t expect anything to ever come of all this investigating in terms of criminal referrals. Barr said (paraphrasing) that the wheels of justice have been described as turning very slowly, and they do, but don’t think that means people are going to get away with it.

"This isn’t being driven by producing a report,” Barr said in the interview. “We’re trying to get to a point where we can hold accountable anyone who crossed the line and committed a criminal violation.” He said there will also be some form of report, though, to provide “public disclosure” of what happened. If certain people were involved whose prosecution might be seen as too political for him to touch --- you know who I mean --- I would hope the report will tell the world the COMPLETE narrative, citing every last bit of evidence against every last person implicated.

In my own comment to Sean, I went back to something said in a previous segment of his show to make a point about the FBI. The implication had been made that a person in poverty is more likely to be engaged in crime. As someone who grew up poor, I have to take exception with that. I made the point that all these officials at the FBI that Barr is looking at now are NOT poor and NOT poorly educated. It’s not a “money problem”; it’s a moral problem. Poor people are not predisposed towards crime just because they’re poor. I saw that comment as a slam on poor people, many of whom are scrupulously honest. I will add here that I’d put such people up against the likes of Comey, Rosenstein and McCabe any day.

Moving on...Most of the media failed to cover the "FBI" portion of Barr’s interview, choosing instead to focus on, say, discrepancies between his account of what happened in clearing Lafayette Square and what some reporters have said took place. (I’d link to some of these, but your head might explode.) That way, they didn’t have to cover what he said about the FBI at all.

Is it any wonder that MSNBC hired Lisa Page as an on-camera legal analyst?

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  • Giles Purvis

    07/14/2020 12:18 PM


  • Marcella Ballenger

    06/15/2020 11:29 PM

    I just wanted to say how thankful I am that you are now adding bible verses to your daily newsletters- especially that it is the KJV!!! I'm so tired of seeing so many different "versions" of the bible represented- especially with the Baptist( Of which I am) a mission magazine I get from the womens mission union every month has at least 3 different versions in it and one month I counted over 5!! I can't understand them!! as my husbands says If you can't understand the KJV try getting in touch with the author!!! no, I can't understand it all and don't think we were meant to but I do believe it is the most accurate version of the bible and I also believe that most versions are rewritten to accomadate a persons lifestyle!! again thank you for the bible verses and God Bless you for doing so!!

  • Dusty

    06/13/2020 10:03 AM

    SAD time now for all. No doubt that the majority of our FBI are what we expect and did many know what some at the top were even up to? They are our protectors not our judges on who to elect for no doubt their own positions mostly? Lou Dobbs on Fox has no faith now that anything will ever be done per this JD and the State Dept that mainly gave to Hillary? WHY? I as a woman never vote for her.
    Gov. the info on Chicago why is this ignored by CNN, MSNBC, ABC on The View attacks this Pres daily disgusting? Yes, Whoopi did these lives not matter to some family? We had 3 funerals for this one man a total display. We all agree no one is to be killed per our police ever again like this. But not to now ignore who were these blacks live now dead? Nobody? Something that stinks in our apple barrel. Like this total shut down and the dictators in Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado , New York, New Jersey and on and on. Cannot fish in Michigan all that water WHY? WALMART I shopped at in Ga is open no one wipes a belt? Look up the stats on for the world majority who die over 65? One place said 80%. Others unhealthy obese, diabetes etc? So the rest could not at least work OPEN UP. I am an old lady staying home just the store and spray everything alcohol and my mask . So far we are not bad our area Ga. See on Fox restaurant owners sad and not sure they will ever survive in NY and NJ? WHY?

  • Stephanie Staker

    06/10/2020 10:17 PM

    @Linda Wolfe: you are absolutely correct! Jesus is the answer!!

  • Elaine Liming

    06/10/2020 08:09 PM

    I don't comment everyday but Barr is one official I pray for each day. Yes the law moves slowly and I would remind my fellow Americans who think that it should move faster that we live in a Democracy. We want the right men and women brought to Justice. The real truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The law isn't like a McDonald's drive in.
    Thanks Mike for keeping us informed and telling it as it is.

  • Suzanne Utts

    06/10/2020 07:04 PM

    I think instead of defunding and dismantling the police departments here in the US, the media needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up with reporters who have INTEGRITY and KNOW HOW TO REPORT THE FACTS W/O INSERTING THEIR OPINIONS. (Use The Epoch Times as a model!)

    And I still say that I won't be happy until I see Hillary being led into GITMO dressed in an orange jump suit accessorized by leg irons and chains. :-) A "report" that few will be able to read because most of the media won't report it, just won't do!

  • Rodney Salisbury

    06/10/2020 05:47 PM

    Call me impatient, but I am damn tired of seeing these criminal (Democrat operatives)activist walking around scott free while the Victomized (Trump Associates) are continuing to be denied vindication and justice. I suggest swift trials for the perpetrators of the Treasonous Overthrow of our President and a swifter public execution. Transparency to restore order and send a strong message to any fool that would entertain the thoughts of attempting to interfere in the Electoral process again.


    06/10/2020 05:27 PM

    Re the Gallup Poll of 6/10/2020, who do they poll? I've never been asked a question re my thoughts about our President, and neither has anyone else I know anywhere in the nation. So, who are these people that are telling us how President Trump measures up? They must be Democrats, because otherwise I cannot see how they come to the conclusion that Trump is doing so badly, when I see him as the greatest President in my adult life.

  • Judith Aiello

    06/10/2020 04:53 PM

    These “people” MUST be held accountable! It doesn’t matter their stature...Obama; Biden, etc. WAY too much time has transpired, when many of us have suspected all along, their wrongdoing. Justice MUST prevail!!!

  • Deborah Hawkins

    06/10/2020 04:38 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I appreciate your analysis of all the events that transpire in the good ol' USA!! You keep me sane and staying the course. Thank you for all your service to our great country. God, please forgive us and have favor on our leaders. Direct our paths in the way we should go! In Jesus' name, Amen.

  • Barry

    06/10/2020 03:56 PM

    I'm still going with the opinion that nothing is going to happen to any of the democrat lovers in the FBI or JD. The republicans don't play dirty like democrats. They all know if they get deep into it the democrats have all the dirty underhanded illegal schemes they have been part of. There are very few honest politicians in our government.

  • Roger Daniel Fox

    06/10/2020 02:56 PM

    Some of the things I am hearing during the Durham probe are good. The problem is that this needs to hold people accountable at the highest levels. To eliminate the President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden from accountability, is to say that some people are above the law. The DNC has no problem to inflicting all forms of investigation to try and unseat a sitting President. If that is OK with the Democrats in power right now, they should have no problem investigating the former President and his second. From the transcripts I have seen, Mr Obama was responsible for starting the Russia probe and was complicit in the fisa abuse and unmasking abuse. They must be held accountable. A slap on the wrist only tell future Presidents that they can get away with this type of abuse in the future. They must be punished to the fullest extent to deter future Presidents from doing the same kind of things. If other people are put in federal prisons for their part, then everyone involved must have the same punishment. Let's make sure this never happens again.

  • Edward Peterson

    06/10/2020 02:52 PM

    So blow my mind. If you have video that confirms that the mainstream media is wrong that would be great. I have family members I need to educate about how wrong the press gets things.

  • Diana Ingram

    06/10/2020 02:06 PM

    So basically, Barr is saying that Obama and Hillary wont be prosecuted because of the politics involved which is infuriating. Seems that he should break it down very clearly to this: Did they break the law? Did they abuse their authority? Did they attempt to undermine an election process? Did they commit sedition by undermining a duly elected president? Did they commit treason by misinforming the public about a political candidate? These are all high crimes against our nation and I dont care what politics is involved in prosecuting them, they MUST be prosecuted. They are trying to overthrow our Constitutional Republic and they must be held accountable!!!

  • Joy Bonde

    06/10/2020 01:53 PM

    Dear Governor,
    Thank you as always for your careful and honest assessments of these important topics. I know I'm not alone when I feel frustration about how AG Barr may not be able to not only NOT prosecute, but essentially give a pass to "certain people ...whose prosecution might be seen as too political for him to touch --- you know who I mean". There has been non-stop screeching about how "No one is above the law!!" when they're talking about Trump, but EVERYONE else is Teflon, from Obama to Clinton, Pelosi to Holder, and all the way down to Adam Schiff (and that's really sinking low). I'm sure there are many factors in the law of which I'm not aware, as well as many layers of deception and cover-up employed to make it virtually impossible to find rock hard, indisputable evidence to prove that these people at the highest levels were guilty of an attempted coup and treason, among many other crimes. Still, it's maddening that certain people who have caused such immense damage are untouchable.
    I have great respect for AG Barr. I hope he's able to at least shine the light on it so that history is not corrupted as well.

  • Rosalie Gilliland

    06/10/2020 01:50 PM

    All the rioting, destruction and statue demolishing has nothing to do with history or a cause. Some global elitists want to deconstruct the United States, and have hired angry malcontents with no moral compass to lash out at everything and everyone. The rioters are mostly young people floating aimlessly through life, many addicted to violent video games. But there are also more than a few older individuals participating, who feel that life has shortchanged them. The danger of living in a free, affluent society is one could easily become dissolute, when not primarily occupied with daily survival against hostile forces. Gratitude is not high on the list of such jaded people, nor is compassion.

  • Diana Ingram

    06/10/2020 01:48 PM

    So basically, Barr is saying that Obama and Hillary wont be prosecuted because of the politics involved which is infuriating. Seems that he should break it down very clearly to this: Did they break the law? Did they abuse their authority? Did they attempt to undermine an election process? Did they commit sedition by undermining a duly elected president? Did they commit treason by misinforming the public about a political candidate? These are all high crimes against our nation and I dont care what politics is involved in prosecuting them, they MUST be prosecuted. They are trying to overthrow our Constitutional Republic and they must be held accountable!!!

  • Keith McDonald

    06/10/2020 01:17 PM

    Hi Mike, I'm an avid reader of both the morning and evening newsletter. The local ABC station in the DFW area often runs a segment called "VERIFY". My wife says they claim that the Lincoln Memorial wasn't vandalized. Is this true? Keep up the good work and let's pray for a conservative victory this November.

  • Dennis P. Sheridan

    06/10/2020 01:17 PM

    If AG Barr had such concerns he would be all over them with both feet, but then that's assuming he has the testicular fortitude for the job. The first thing he should do is tell, not suggest, the President to ask for Director Wray's resignation effective immediately. Next he should tell Mr. Durham that time is ticking and he wants some indictments on his desk in 24 hrs. He should retract any and all statements to the effect that certain people will not be prosecuted.

  • Anne Amato

    06/10/2020 01:15 PM

    "Minneapolis is the gateway to the land of 10,000 lakes"????? No....they are NOT the "gateway"! The northern and western halves of MN are the HOME of the majority of the estimates 11,200 fresh water lakes...including the beginning of the Mississippi River and the port city of Duluth. We are "OUTSTATE" Minnesota....the place that provides the FRESH WATER, the NATURAL RESOURCES, the FARM PRODUCTS.....and we are virtually ignored
    ..... unless the metro area needs something we have!
    Perhaps the gateways should be on the north and west of the metro area....and we in the "outstate" areas should incoming control access to THOSE gates!

  • Ruth Ferraro

    06/10/2020 01:08 PM

    I saw a quote on Facebook yesterday from Ravi Zacharis - "The reason we have 17,000 pages on our law books is because we cannot follow 10 lines on a tablet made of stone". Each time I listen to the hatred of people, a famous song comes to mind from many years ago "What the world needs now is love, sweet love, not just for some buy for everyone." Thank you for all your informative & honest posts as well as your daily scriptures.

  • David Laman

    06/10/2020 12:50 PM

    I must agree with you that poor people are not more likely to be criminals. I do feel that many poor children are lacking the support of a strong, moral individual in their life that helps lead them in the right direction.These young people need someone to introduce them to the life stories of black men and women who have come from poor beginnings to succeed and prosper. There are many of them and as a white man, I find it interesting and uplifting to hear these stories. Perhaps some of these great football, basketball and baseball players should and could spend some of their off season time talking about the success stories and the poor kids that grew up and learned to weld or build homes and became a success.

  • Anne Turner

    06/10/2020 12:39 PM

    I wish I could say differently but I have little hope for this country’s recovery.
    If the DNC prevails on November there is no hope at all.

    The progressives would say that the burning and looting was bad but that it is perfectly understandable given the racism in the country. Apparently the life of one man is far more important than the lives taken by the rioters. I am terribly appalled at the actions of the the three cops in the Floyd case and so very sorry for his family. However, Mr. Floyd had served time in prison for a felony, apparently resisted the officers arresting him for try to pass a fake bill and was apparently not the model citizen the media would have one believe. It does not seem the lives of those killed in the riots ever do become honored or nationally mourned. My liberal friends believe everything that is reported by CNN, MSNBC, and PBS. If I point out a proven fact that does not support their narrative they say, oh I’ve never heard that. Or another favorite is that Barr is just a political hack for Trump. Progressives have too much invested to ever change. ,

  • Michael T Youngblood

    06/10/2020 12:38 PM

    Bill, Is Barr going to actually do anything or is he just lip service ??

  • Pat J Green

    06/10/2020 12:27 PM

    I just heard a little peice not enough but in passing is there anything to it that the British spie agency was involved in some of this and not necessarily the Russians?