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October 7, 2022



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When you pass through the waters,

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they will not sweep over you.

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you will not be burned;

the flames will not set you ablaze.

Isaiah 43:2

Schlichter comments

The inimitable Kurt Schlichter comments on how morality-despising leftists are trying to hoodwink Republicans into losing a Senate seat by calling them "moral hypocrites" for backing Hershel Walker. Kurt offers a better response.

Hunter story: Are the DOJ and media partners setting up Trump?

When both THE NEW YORK TIMES and the WASHINGTON POST feature big stories from anonymous intel sources, you can bet the ‘Justice’ Department has an agenda and is working overtime to get its preferred narrative out, via calculated leaks. As we get closer to the midterm elections, we should assume that there’s a method to whatever madness we see. And this week, the DOJ once again turned to its trusty media scribes, the ones who have put their names on so much fake anti-Trump news (and won Pulitzers for doing so). Let’s take these reports with a grain of salt but look closely at the possible motivation for sparking them.

As former Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard said on Jesse Watters’ FOX NEWS show Thursday night, “...I think that leaks coming from law enforcement agencies are not good. We often see them happening in the lead-up to elections, regardless of which party they’re seeking to influence. Our law enforcement entities need to be apolitical so that we can have faith in the rule of law.”

Well, it’s too late for that. WAPO broke the story that federal agents –- FBI and IRS –- believe they have enough evidence to indict Hunter Biden for tax crimes and also for lying on his gun application. Because of the policy of not charging political figures close to an election, it’s not expected that he’ll be charged before the midterms, sources said.. Attorney General Merrick Garland would need to give the go-ahead for prosecutors to move forward. The grand jury apparently has wrapped up (without ever speaking with Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski, I would add), and Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge David Weiss in Delaware has the case.

Watters’ own sources tell him Hunter was offered “a pretty good plea deal”: about $2 million in fines and no prison time. Hunter reportedly “told them to take a hike,” which I guess you can do when your father is the President of the United States and can grant you a full pardon (even if he’s your partner in crime, so to speak). According to Watters, prosecutors withdrew their original offer, and the new deal on the table would require Hunter to plead guilty to “multiple felony charges.”

So if Hunter is indicted, expect to see a trial in Delaware. It could get really interesting, as many whistleblowers are coming forward with firsthand accounts about how the Hunter Biden case has been handled. Likewise, former Biden business associates have some quite unflattering stories to tell about dealings with China. Reportedly these are not just about Hunter, if you know what I mean. Goodness, how could that be, when President Biden has said he hasn’t taken “a single penny from any country whatsoever”? (Well, not a SINGLE penny, but maybe...billions of pennies?)

Another reason this could get interesting: as reported by the NEW YORK POST (where they aren’t Biden scribes), we see that the Secret Service, after checking one more time, “can’t find” any records of visitors to President Biden’s two Delaware homes. Kentucky Rep. James Comer, likely chairman of the House Oversight Committee next year if Republicans retake the House, is skeptical: “The claim that there are no visitor logs for President Biden’s Delaware residence is a bunch of malarkey,” he said.

The White House apparently has similar records from the Delaware residences but refuses to release them, saying this would be “an unnecessary intrusion into the President’s private life.” Oh, really? What if members of the Biden family are being investigated for their foreign business affairs? Is it going to take a special counsel to find out whether Biden, while away from the White House, was playing “chairman” for a bunch of corrupt Chinese energy executives?

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said, “If there aren’t any records, this scandal is much bigger than just lack of transparency.”

Those logs are really important –- one might even say a part of history –- and could have massive national security implications. So I assume the FBI is getting ready to conduct a couple of massive pre-dawn raids on Biden's homes. And if they don’t find what they’re looking for the first time, they might have to raid his homes again.

What, no?

Which brings me to the second story breaking this week courtesy of Biden administration scribes. THE NEW YORK TIMES reported Thursday night that Jay Bratt, the DOJ’s top counterintelligence official in the national security division –- also a DNC donor and close colleague of Robert Mueller’s “pit bull” Andrew Weissmann –- told President Trump’s attorneys “that the department believed he had not returned all the documents he took when he left the White House.” Bratt is coordinating the Mar-A-Lago investigation with Alan Kohler, head of counterintelligence for the FBI.

The wording of the NYT story appears to lay the groundwork for raiding Mar-A-Lago AGAIN. I am not kidding. “It is not clear what steps the ‘Justice’ Department might take to retrieve any material it thinks Mr. Trump still holds,” the story reads. (Gosh, the feds just KNOW Trump is hiding classified documents about dangerous nuclear secrets SOMEWHERE and is no doubt planning to sell them to Vladimir Putin himself! Just because investigators didn’t find them the first time around doesn’t mean they aren’t there.)

Kyle Becker’s piece contains an itemized list of specific documents taken in the (first) Mar-A-Lago raid, accidentally (?) leaked from the docket and available for a short time on Wednesday. BLOOMBERG NEWS characterizes them as “a mix of government, business and personal affairs, including analysis about who should get a pardon, call notes marked with a presidential seal, retainer agreements for lawyers and accountants, and legal bills.”

What is Biden’s DOJ doing in possession of all these things? By the way, one thing that’s NOT on the list: anything to do with nuclear secrets. So heck, they’ve gotta suit up, go back in, and get them this time, right? Take 2...cue the helicopters...action!

But back to the motivation for these obviously planned leaks by the DOJ. Mark Levin thinks he’s got it figured out, and warns that this news about the impending indictment of Hunter –- who is “small potatoes” –- is really part of a trick, a set-up to get Trump.

He said on his radio show Thursday that they could’ve charged Hunter a long time ago. (And, of course, to protect the President, they won’t be getting into the laptop evidence.) “The question is, why would they put it out now?” He pointed out that WAPO mentions Trump twice in their story, which is supposed to be about Hunter. “I think what they’re trying to do,” he said, “is lay a predicate, not a legal predicate but a foundation for the American people...So then we can have people say, ‘Okay, fine. And then we’ll have Merrick Garland say. ‘I believe in equality under the law so we did XYZ to Hunter Biden and now we’ll do XYZ to Donald Trump.’ I think this is a complete set-up.”

What, is Levin saying that our Justice Department might actually be trying to set up President Trump? Whoa, Nelly, that sounds like one of those crazy conspiracy theories. Something that outrageous would never happen...

Hurricane Ian update

President Biden was in Florida Thursday, where he made a joint appearance with Gov. Ron DeSantis, the two putting aside political sniping to discuss efforts to rescue and aid victims of Hurricane Ian. Each actually praised the others’ efforts, which was a welcome break in the hyperpartisan midterm election rhetoric.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Biden live appearance if there weren’t a hot mic gaffe and a little politicizing of the situation, with Biden praising DeSantis for allegedly recognizing that “this thing called global warming” is to blame for hurricanes, which I’m sure must be news to lifelong Floridians. Jimmy Buffett wrote a song called “Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season” that came out in 1974. Also, “global warming” is called “climate change” now, Joe, so that both warming and cooling can be attributed to it.

On the other side, many Republicans were delighted (and I’m sure the White House staff are kicking themselves) over news footage showing DeSantis speaking at the podium behind the Presidential seal while Biden stands over to the side. Could that be a preview of January 2025?

Here’s the list of organizations helping the Hurricane Ian relief effort that need your support, including my personal favorite, Samaritan’s Purse.

And here’s a story about what Samaritan’s Purse is doing. They already have 550 volunteers on the scene with another 2500 on the way. The group’s leader, the Rev. Franklin Graham, will arrive today to personally survey the damage, thank the volunteers and comfort the victims.

Thailand massacre

There was a terrible story yesterday out of Thailand, where a man killed his wife and child, then staged a mass shooting and knife attack at a daycare center. He killed over 30 people, 23 of them children, before killing himself. I hope you’ll join me in praying for the victims and their families.

This is the worst mass shooting in Thailand since 2020, when a disgruntled soldier killed 29 people.

I don’t believe in politicizing tragedies, so I won’t comment on this other than to note that it’s one of many tragic examples that shatter the narrative that mass shootings happen only in America. Sadly, evil is everywhere.

DACA: Illegally created

Wednesday, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was illegally created. It’s the program that gave protection from deportation to illegal immigrants who had been brought to the US as children and raised here. However, the court stopped short of dismantling DACA, allowing protections to continue for those currently covered by it.

In response, President Biden called the decision “unlawful” and urged Congress to act to protect DACA enrollees. Okay, let’s unpack that. Even Obama admitted that it was his creation of DACA that was unlawful. He repeatedly stated that Presidents have no Constitutional authority to create new immigration laws – before he did it anyway. The ruling proved only that these judges have actually read the Constitution. If Obama wanted DACA, he should have worked with Congress to get them to pass it in the first place.

Republicans have tried to work with Democrats on a compromise, but it was the Democrats who failed to act. So of course, like your crazy old uncle who blames all the world’s problems on the Jews, Biden blamed this court loss on (you guessed it) the “extreme agenda” of “MAGA Republicans,” who apparently hide under his bed to torment him every night.

Look, I can see the case for DACA. As a Governor, I argued that it made no sense to spend so much tax money educating thoroughly Americanized children, then just as they’re about to start working and paying taxes, deport them back to countries they don’t even remember where they can’t even speak the language. It really is a problem. But the power to deal with it rests in Congress, not in the President’s magic executive order pen. If everyone in Washington just acted responsibly and respected the Constitutional separation of powers, this would’ve been dealt with long ago. Then again, if pigs had wings, we could all enjoy bacon flavored hot wings.

“Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo”

Here’s another reason why a Rasmussen survey found that 53% of likely voters think the FBI is acting as “Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo.”

We already told you about the reported guns-drawn arrest raid of pro-life activist Mark Houck, who is potentially facing more than a decade in prison on a federal charge over a minor shoving incident that was dismissed by a local court. Well, the FBI did it again on Wednesday, signaling that its latest target to paint as dangerous extremists (after concerned parents and Trump voters) is people who are trying to save the lives of pre-born babies.

Wednesday, FBI agents reportedly entered the Tennessee home of pro-life activist Chet Gallagher with guns drawn, but he was out of state at the time. It was reportedly over a “rescue” action where pro-life activists outside an abortion clinic attempted to talk to women who were going in to try to convince them not to abort their babies. The FBI also reportedly called others from the protest and warned them to turn themselves in to be charged.

Like Houck, the feds are trying to charge them all with violations of the FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic) Act and conspiracy, punishable by over 10 years in federal prison. The FACE Act is supposed to prevent people from blocking or assaulting someone who's trying to enter an abortion clinic. Local authorities had treated it as misdemeanor trespassing.

Fellow pro-life activist AJ Hurley, who is facing similar charges, said this isn’t coming from the FBI but the Biden DOJ, which is using local FBI offices as its strong arm force as it abuses its power and the FACE Act to arrest pro-life activists and bully others into giving up their First Amendment rights to free speech and peaceful protest. Hurley said, “This is a new tactic the DOJ has been (throwing) at pro-lifers to see if the charges stick.” (FBI whistleblowers have complained of how they're being ordered to stage intimidating guns-drawn raids over misdemeanor charges against non-violent citizens -- you know, like real fascists do.)

If the judges who are presented with these charges have any respect for the Constitution, then they should throw these cases out just as fast as I hope the incoming Republican government throws Merrick Garland and his entire coterie of corrupt rogue leftist bureaucrats out of office. Talk about people who genuinely deserve to spend a decade or so in federal prison!

A unanimous SCOTUS ruling

In a victory for Second Amendment defenders, in the case of Morin v. Lyver, the Supreme Court vacated the Massachusetts State Supreme Court ruling upholding that state’s strict gun law. The law includes a requirement for a license to purchase or possess a gun and a lifetime ban on purchasing handguns on anyone convicted of a nonviolent misdemeanor involving the possession or use of guns. The SCOTUS remanded the case to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals for reconsideration in light of the recent SCOTUS ruling striking down New York’s draconian gun law. More details here.

Especially interesting point: this SCOTUS ruling was unanimous.

Free speech might be returning to Twitter

Liberals in the news media (and of course on Twitter – both users and employees) are in hysterics over Elon Musk deciding to proceed with buying Twitter and the terrifying thought that he will allow conservatives to have free speech rights. They screech about how it will allow the spread of “hate speech” and “misinformation,” both terms being defined by them, of course. NBC’s Ben Collins let the donkey out of the bag by fretting, “It could actually affect midterms." Meaning, "harm Democrats' electoral chances."

Yes, free speech does have a way of affecting elections. That’s only a bad thing if you’re trying to affect the elections in one direction only, like censoring all conservative speech and real news like the Hunter Biden laptop story. This is why the Founders gave us a free marketplace of ideas, where all Americans could speak their minds, falsehoods winnowed out, and the best ideas discovered and improved upon through rigorous open debate. I always assume that if people are terrified of open debate, then they must know their ideas can’t withstand scrutiny.

The leftist snowflakes inside Twitter are having their own meltdown at the thought of letting users speak freely again. In a leaked post, one called Musk a “moron,” which tells you a lot about the arrogance of these people that they actually think they’re leagues smarter than the self-made richest man in the world. It’s a good thing they’re so brilliant because hopefully, they’ll be looking for new jobs very soon.

If you missed it, check out Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on this subject from last night’s “Gutfeld!”

It’s not only funny, as usual, but it makes some great serious points about what Twitter really is (“a black hole where truth goes to die to be replaced by propaganda” and “a controlling mechanism against dissent”), how few people are actually on it, and why these liberal hacks are so terrified of losing control over it. It also includes one of my favorite one-liners of the day:

“Unless you're Kamala Harris, isn't more speech a good thing?”


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  • Paul Kern

    10/07/2022 07:46 PM

    I saw this coming long ago. With the failure of the left to impeach Trump, wasting millions of our money while playing theatrics like a b movie I am not surprised. The Lord showed me early the election would go south. Now the door is wide open for the fake monarch to appease his leftist handlers. It will be real mess. Now with Soros and others putting their hands in it again to open the door wider for Marxists to rule and waddle in the destruction they look for. It is time for the Right to get a backbone and plea to God for help!

  • Jerry

    10/07/2022 05:37 PM

    This moronic president Biden is wanting to let the Marijuana users out of jail while this country is being poisoned by Fentanyl just another time for biden to turn his back on the border invasion and all the problems the invasion is causing

  • Jeo

    10/07/2022 05:18 PM

    Putin answers to powers in Russia our mental midget Biden has controls as to when nuclear weapons are to be used the powers in Russia are not going to let their people destroyed and our powers I am not so sure I fear this congress more than Russia. As our congress and president is destroying our national way of life I have no trust in this government. By the way are any countries around the world demanding the United States produce more oil and natural gas if not why? other countries should be pressuring biden on the national stage to produce more oil along with the our entire country population needs to March on DC

  • Joyce Nease

    10/07/2022 01:57 PM

    The suggestion of charges against Hunter, at whatever level, and the possibility of a link between Hunter and Joe gives the Democrats an obvious and acceptable reason to dump Joe for 2024 and maybe before. It's a convenient excuse, and I think that might be all it is. I doubt if he'll ever actually be charged. Hillary never was. But Democrats are experienced at the power of suggestion, how it can destroy or build up