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March 16, 2023
- March 19, 2023

Those who were concerned that Tucker Carlson’s expose of the J6 videos had been cut short by a nervous FOX NEWS breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday, when he did a segment on another case of judicial overreach, similar to the one surrounding Jason Chansley, the so-called “QAnon Shaman.”

Tucker’s producers had zeroed in on security camera video of another protester, Daniel Goodwin, who walked through an open door into the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, at 3:32 PM, long after the entrance had been breached.  The video, which (this time) was supplied to the defendant’s legal team, shows without any doubt that Goodwin was inside for less than a minute.   He didn’t steal, vandalize, cause any damage or hurt anyone.  He was simply THERE.  (He was not dressed in a cape, face paint and animal horns, as if that should even make a difference.)  Goodwin was asked to leave, and guess what?  He DID.

Yet the ‘Justice’ Department is still trying to send Daniel Goodwin to prison.

Tucker had Goodwin and Goodwin’s attorney on his show Tuesday night.  When asked what federal prosecutors had done to him so far, Goodwin said he’d had to spend a month in pre-trial incarceration, followed by about a year cooling his heels in pre-trial home confinement.  He originally was facing twenty years in prison; now, he said, he’s facing one year.  He said he’d been a “political hostage,” adding that “even prisoners have rights, and they’ve taken many of our rights away, as ‘January 6-ers.’”

Goodwin’s attorney, Carol Stewart, told Tucker this has been a very common experience for those at the Capitol that day.  “The majority, she said, “and I’ve read through many cases, have done nothing violent, they’ve broken nothing, they were there where they believed they had a right to be.  No signs, nothing indicated they could not be there.  And they ARE being labeled as domestic terrorists.”

When asked what people can do, Goodwin said the first thing that has to happen is for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to publicly release all the security video from that day.  The public, he said, “can research through the footage that’s already out there.”  They also can go to and read about specific calls to action such as praying, fundraising, and writing letters of encouragement to people who are still incarcerated,  I know --- how about writing them to say you’re praying for them and raising money for their defense?

Goodwin also hopes people will watch the documentaries that have been made about what really happened that day.  Here’s a 37-minute one (warning:  moments of graphic violence and raw language) that was produced by  In Goodwin’s words:  “‘We’re not supposed to say this,’ they say, but in our opinion, it is clear from the footage that those behind this operation [and we don’t mean Trump supporters] were hoping for more bloodshed.”

But this mesmerizing video shows us thousands of patriotic people who obviously weren’t part of any “operation,” just excited to be in the center of the action at our nation’s Capitol, making history in a good way, as they believed they were at the time.  Just the glow on Ashli Babbitt’s face as she speaks to the camera about being there that day says it all.  (And, yes, the video of her being shot to death by Capitol Hill officer Michael Byrd is shown later.)

The documentary also shows a number of people in the crowd --- some at or near the barriers when they came down and the mayhem started --- who don’t quite fit in, some of them dressed in black, others who look like bodybuilders wearing Trump hats...backwards.  Really??  Are they FBI agents?  Antifa?  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  The J6 Kangaroo Kommittee certainly never looked into it.  Whoever they are, and whatever they were doing, they sure don’t seem to be Trump supporters.

When you see just how huge this crowd is and the descent into chaos on the Capitol steps, you’ll think, as we did, “Wow, this sure would’ve been a good time for those 20,000 National Guard troops to be there.”


RELATED:  As reported in WESTERN JOURNAL, there are “more questions than answers” now that litigation against more Proud Boys on charges stemming from January 6 has turned up emails between FBI agents casually discussing altering a document and destroying hundreds of pieces of evidence.  One of those asking questions is Nicholas Smith, attorney for Proud Boys member Ethan Nordean.

This disclosure has resulted in the trial of several Proud Boys being paused until next week.  Details of this amazing story are here.  It’s yet another one of those “shocking but not surprising” stories we keep getting about the corrupt FBI.

Also, Margot Cleveland wrote a week ago about a whistleblower who accused the FBI of targeting innocent attendees of the January 6 rally simply for being in Washington DC.  All they were doing was exercising their right to free speech, but the DC field office treated them like criminal suspects.

According to that whistleblower (George Hill, a recently retired FBI supervisory intelligence analyst), the DC office instructed the Boston office to open investigations into about 140 Americans who’d attended the rally, even though there was no evidence they’d committed any crime.  These are people who had dared to TAKE BUSES from Massachusetts to DC on January 6.  In addition to testifying as a whistleblower, Hill spoke with investigative reporter John Solomon last month.

The DC field office had evidence that two of the people had entered restricted areas of the Capitol.  For some reason, they thought that was justification for opening cases into all 140 people who happened to be on the buses.  The supervisory special agent (SSA) in Boston pushed back, asking for access to the 11,000 hours of security video they wanted to use to help determine if these individuals should be investigated.

The DC agents balked at this, saying the footage might reveal undercover agents or confidential human sources.  According to whistleblower Hill, the Boston SSA actually told the DC office that those 140 people “were going to a political rally, which is First Amendment protected activity.”  The special agent in charge of the Boston office, Joseph Bonavolonta, apparently withstood the pressure from the DC office as well.  So...there are a few decent FBI agents left, at least in Boston.

It appears that the DC office was acting like a rabid dog in its pursuit of January 6 “criminals.”  They might have been pressuring not just Boston but other field offices around the country as well, such as Philadelphia’s, because in January 2021, FBI agents showed up at the southern Philadelphia home of Jim Worthington, the individual who had organized buses for a couple hundred rally-goers.  That is ALL he had done --- there was no evidence of any suspicious activity on his part.

Worthington wasn’t home at the time, but later, during two hours of questioning, he told them he had organized the buses to take people there but “never went to the Capitol” himself.  So why did they target him?

Oh, incidentally, Worthington was chairman of the People4Trump PAC.  I think I may have answered my own question.

Hill had previously testified that the DC field office pressured other field offices to open investigations on people based on data provided to them by Bank of America.  (To their credit, the Boston office pushed back on this, too.)  Astoundingly, the Bank of America target list included all people who had used credit or debit cards in DC or the surrounding area in Maryland and Virginia on January 5, 6 or 7 of 2021.  That must’ve been quite a long list, but... people who had EVER up to that time used a credit or debit card to buy a gun were put at the top of it.

Bank of America officials seem to have just rolled over --- even to have done the data mining on their own initiative.  If only banks were as dedicated to staying ahead of the game when it came to their job:  finance!

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