December 12, 2019

House Democrats have told us for weeks that President Trump was guilty of an ever-changing parade of felonious acts: bribery, extortion, blackmail, demanding a “quid pro quo” from another nation in exchange for foreign aid, etc. Yet when the time came to put up or shut up and actually draft the inevitable “Articles of Impeachment,” they labored mightily and brought forth the vague and squishy charges of “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress.”  The first was fuzzier than a bunny rabbit and the second is laughable (Trump allegedly “obstructed Congress” by asserting his valid Constitutional right to refuse to allow his officials to testify without a court order.)  

So how did all those strong buzzwords melt into such weak sauce?  Believe it or not, there could actually be a solid reason (not legitimate, but at least understandable from their point of view.)

Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal theorizes that because of the way the Democrats had redefined such terms as “bribery” and “extortion,” twisting their meanings to make them apply to Trump, if they’d made that official, they also would have applied even more clearly to Joe Biden.




Truth Bomb Blows Away False Media Narrative: For those looking for “collusion” that influenced the 2016 election, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley lays out, step by step, to IG Michael Horowitz all the connections that point to an inescapable conclusion:

"I think the collusion here was between the DNC and the FBI." 

And all the people who were responsible still have their jobs in the government – except, of course, for those who got lucrative deals as CNN and MSNBC commentators.




I told you that while the Democrats were playing impeachment, the Senate was quietly confirming President Trump’s nominee to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, Patrick Bumatay.  (Incidentally, he’s a gay Filipino-American, so I guess we can assume the solid Democrat opposition to him was born out of racism and homophobia.)

But here’s more good news: just one day later, the Senate confirmed Trump nominee Lawrence VanDyke to the 9th Circuit Court.  That marks Trump’s 50th appellate court appointment (he’s appointed 120 to federal district courts), and his 10th to the 9th Circuit Court alone. VanDyke had to endure a nasty and unfair attack by the allegedly nonpartisan American Bar Association, that hinted “without evidence” (to use a favorite liberal media cliché) that he was arrogant, dishonest and wouldn’t be fair to LGBTQ litigants (although they couldn’t point to him actually doing anything homophobic, like voting against confirming an openly gay judge.)

Before Trump, the 9th Circuit Court was so far to the left and so reliably loony in its rulings that it was infamous as the most overturned appeals court in America.  As recently as last year, only six of the Court’s 30 active judges were appointed by Republicans.  Now, there are 14 (10 of them Trump appointees) and 10 of the Court’s 19 semi-retired “senior status” judges are Republican appointees.  That’s a shift of such seismic proportions, it might set off another San Francisco earthquake.

This shift has Democrats panicking, since they count on activist liberal judges to impose their policies that hardly any American would actually vote for, and to stymie policies that Americans did vote for.  Joe Biden is so agitated over the infusion of sense into the 9th Circuit Court, he told a group in Las Vegas:

“Look at how the federal court system is changing. Four more years of the same kind of appointments, you’re going to see a court system that is fundamentally, for two generations, locked in a way that’s a death grip that does not make any sense. It’s as if Robert Bork would be the chief justice, God rest his soul.”

I’ll overlook the irony of describing the lack of judges who protect unfettered abortion as a “death grip” (Pro-lifers have a "death grip?" I think you’re thinking of the other side.)  Instead, I’ll just thank Joe for offering the absolute best reminder and incentive that I’ve heard so far for why Republicans need to go to the polls in 2020 and vote to reelect Trump. 




Some hopeful news, and a good lesson for all Americans: even if the voters of your state are crazy enough to place all the power in the hands of liberals, you don’t have to submit to their insane ideas if enough people stand up, say “NO,” and better yet, use their own tactics against them. 

Case in point: Virginia, where the solidly Democratic state government's plans to confiscate people’s guns just bit the dust after a majority of the state’s counties voted to declare themselves “Second Amendment sanctuary counties.”




Holiday Feel-Good Story: St. John Properties, a commercial real estate company in Maryland, wanted to reward its workers for their hard work and dedication.  So in a surprise announcement captured on video, they told all their 198 employees that they would receive $10 million in Christmas bonuses.  The huge holiday bonus will be divvied up according to length of service, with the average bonus being about $50,000.

Congratulations to the workers, and thumbs-up to the company bosses.  Now, only one mystery remains:  Why do all of my staffers keep forwarding this story to me?


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  • Floyd A Unger

    12/13/2019 02:59 PM

    Really like and appreciate the bonus paid out to employees by that nasty rich corporate bad guy.

  • Patty Helms

    12/13/2019 09:16 AM

    St. John's Company was able to hand out that huge bonus because, I think, of Pres Trump and his policies!

  • Dolores

    12/13/2019 09:06 AM

    I couldn’t watch the impeachment circus. I can’t deal with the arrogance and hatred that vibrates from the Democrats. They lie, sneer, and lie some more. However, I side with Senator Lindsey Graham. Just squash this disgusting bug. Leave these people to God’s Justice. It is perfect and the offenders always bring it upon themselves.

  • Lisa Cook

    12/13/2019 08:01 AM

    Hi! I enjoy reading your newsletters so much. I also record and enjoy your TBN show very much. One day I hope to sit in your audience. Thank you for being you! I love your sense of humor and you’re a great man I admire. Wishing you and your lovely family a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
    Many blessings, Lisa

  • Dale E Ipema

    12/13/2019 05:47 AM

    I propose that all Members of the House that are attorneys and vote for impeachment be disbarred for not following rule of law regarding evidence and for acceptance of fabricated evidence as fact.

  • William Schlumpf

    12/13/2019 01:05 AM

    Collusion between the FBI, DNC and the yapping idiots on msnbc/cnn. Congress should impeach itself for abuse of power and attempting to subvert the executive branch in clear violation of the Constitution. And as for 'ole Schiffty, I think any credence he may have had with even the looney left has run its course. Very good days lie ahead for this nation and for President Trump, but nothing but gloom for the left, comey, clapper, brennan,

  • Jerry

    12/12/2019 11:03 PM

    Our president is insuring our grandkids future with putting conservatives on the bench it gives them a chance to continue the freedoms we have today and hopefully expand on more freedoms as time marches on.

  • Gary Stilwell

    12/12/2019 09:41 PM

    On the Court appointments---
    It is apparent from your statements that you think it is ok for court appointees to be "partisan"---or at least you confirm the "liberal" judges" as being such because of prior appointments by "liberal" administrations. Now you applaud the appointments by the current administration as a supposed counter to the prev. liberals---

    I would offer here that this position is absolutely counter to our US Constitution---judges, be they local, circuit, or any other-including the supreme court have a mandate that they are NOT partisan---They are required to interpret our Const and Laws as they stand---NO BIAS--and you can argue all day long that that is not the "flavor" of the day-that there does exist some partisan bent to our judicial system, and we must work to counter this bias---

    Your argument holds NO water in this respect judges are bound by law to be impartial--and yet pelosi can buy off the court to "get" her opponent--Local county attorneys and commissions can "buy off" the court to get a favorable ruling in a land use case, just so a State Governor can do the same(witness Senator Scott)-----
    Tar and feathers are long overdue

  • Amelia Little

    12/12/2019 09:05 PM

    Good news about the confirmation of judges. Really, you'd think that the left would be (condescendingly, of course) pleased about a gay, Filipino-American appointee. Maybe Filipino-American isn't minority enough? Poor joe and fellow democrats--I guess they got too comfortable about the leftist judges of especially the 9th circuit--how many decades of leftist socialism did WE have to endure until recently? Hopefully, things will get back on track--mainly--stop the numerous number of frivolous lawsuits that back legislation down so far as to handcuff Congress.

  • Paul Kern

    12/12/2019 09:01 PM

    We must continue in fervent prayer that the RINO's are fully exposed and removed.

    Also the President gets and receives good counsel as the Marxist are spending hundreds of millions to pay their front people to expound hatred of him and any of us who believe

  • Samuel S. Sayger

    12/12/2019 08:43 PM

    The reason they fwdd the news about the huge bonuses to you is because they knew you would publish it for Americans to read!! After all, we know that the news you pring is the news that we care to read.
    Thank you sir for all you do and from the heart of Mississippi we wish you a wonderful Christmas Season and a wonderful New Year!
    Please, stay healthy and let us hope for another even more prosperous New Year and a year of prosperity for the liberals - if they will accept it - even tho it may come from the Hands of God - thru President Donald J. Trump - bless his name!!

  • Bradley David Harte

    12/12/2019 08:21 PM

    Hi Mike, if you're ever in the San Diego area it would be great to meet for coffee and talk shop. God bless you.

  • Joyce Birch

    12/12/2019 07:37 PM

    Very happy to all the judge appointees. Thank God for President Trump. I was in awe for all those employees who received bonus. I wonder if Bloomberg gives bonuses to his employees since he's been a billonaire for decades??? Good for Virginia. On another note, I've been watching the Impeachment hearings. If my mind serves me, it seems I've heard this saga for the last couple of months. Same story, same responses, & same votes. He'll be impeached just before Christmas because the dems can't fold now! Oh, now their beating up on Attorney Barr. Even Eric Holder chimed in. The dems are waiting & boom, here comes Hillary. This won't be a surprise to me. They don't have a viable candidate running now. If I were a democrat, I'd sit this one out! No socialism & no tax increases!!

  • Stephen Russell

    12/12/2019 07:35 PM

    why cant other companies follow St John Properties, A-Z.
    Id be awesome, adapt, adopt to that Company needs
    do so Nationwide.
    Even media IE FNC FBN NewsMax, OAN, etc.