June 14, 2018

I’m about to do something I don’t often do: I’m going to offer what I think is some good advice to the leadership of the Democratic Party.  The point I want to make may become clearer if we look at three stories in the news, side-by-side.


First, there is Cynthia Nixon, the “Sex And The City” star who is challenging Gov. Andrew Cuomo from the left (and you can imagine how far to the left you have to circle) in New York’s Democratic Primary.  She is a perfect representative of the type of people who are taking over the Party; if not the leadership, then at least the public image and state- and local-level offices.  These are the “progressives,” which I put in quotation marks because there’s nothing progressive about believing in ideas that have been tried for over a century and brought nothing but failure and misery every time. 


The far-left tail now seems to be wagging the dog, as the national party moves further left to accommodate the loudest, most activist part of its base, which refuses even to pretend to be moderate anymore.  Instead, they openly endorse policies such as socialism, open borders, amnesty and repeal of the Second Amendment that the national party has tried to paper over for years.  Ms Nixon represents that base well: she’s called for even higher taxes in New York to help fund her just-released education plan.  It includes barring Immigration enforcement agents from schools, easing disciplinary measures at schools with the highest suspension and arrest rates, and free college for all, including illegal immigrants.  

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Now, if you listen to certain media outlets, you would think that stuff like this is the wave of the future.  It’s what intellectuals tell us will happen first in California and sweep eastward across the nation.  Before the Democratic leadership swallows that, let’s look at two other stories in this week’s news.


California activists just garnered over 402,000 signatures on a petition that will put a measure on the November ballot to split California into three states.  They would be North California, South California, and California, which would be a skinny strip along the coast where all the “progressives” can live like wild chimps in a nature preserve: free to do whatever they like, but no longer able to fling their poop at those around them.  (Personally, I would’ve proposed splitting it into two states: “Left California,” for multiple reasons, and “Wanted to Leave California.”)


Meanwhile on the other coast, in deep blue New York, even among Democratic primary voters, the latest Siena poll shows Cynthia Nixon trailing Cuomo by 61-26%.  And the more she’s campaigned, the wider the gap has grown.


Put all this together and here’s what it means: even in the most liberal, coastal elitist states in America, far-left progressivism is a pitiful loser of a position with the vast majority of voters.  No, we are not “all socialists now.”  Believing your propaganda is how you end up losing about 1,000 elected offices over a decade.   


I offer this advice to the Democratic leadership for two reasons:  (1.) I sincerely hope you pull back from the cliff and move to the middle, for the sake of a healthy, two-party system.  And (2.) I have no illusions that you will actually listen to a word I try to tell you.

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  • Mackie Braden

    06/14/2018 02:45 PM

    Excellent opinion, as always Governor, but, I wish to go further. I’m not so concerned about the two-party system which seems to have exceeded its importance. Each party was used to define a candidate or lawmakers’ political leaning, however, the Democrats have weaponized their party to become a battering Ram, or AK-47 aimed at its Members to insure their voting in lock step.

    I wish that they would leave their party at the door and remember to represent their district, keeping in mind the Health of this Nation. I expect that is mentioned in the oath they take when sworn in; furthermore, each Member should be held to that Oath when they deviate. I don’t know how but I think about it all the time.

    I’m a life-long Constitutional conservative. I’m sick of being force-fed Progressive-ism. It is not rational to be able to hate and loathe President Trump. It’s completely artificial, but adolescents don’t about “political theatre”. They think it’s real. This is an extremely destructive behavior.