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June 16, 2023



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For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come.

Hebrews 13:14


Mark it down

Mark it down: Even though President Biden might praise “trans influencers” for being the most “courageous” people he’s been around recently, that doesn’t extend to those who are “courageous” enough to bare their big fake breasts on the White House lawn.

Thank goodness we have the Democrats to restore “decency” to the White House.


Unreliable energy sources

Smoke from the Canadian wildfires is blocking out the sun so much that solar power generation in the Northeastern US has dropped by about 25 percent.

As that article notes, this is a known problem in the West where wildfires are more common, but it might be news to those in the Northeast, in which live many of our liberal politicians who are trying to force us to convert the entire power grid to unreliable sources like wind turbines and solar panels. You’d think, though, that they might have figured out this little problem when winter brought clouds and dumped six feet of snow on all those solar panels. I guess they were counting on “snow being a thing of the past.”  



America the Beautiful

God's creation is all around us.  We are blessed with his bounty.  Take a moment to enjoy it.

Putin will never call it off

Ukraine has launched a strong counter-offensive that has many commentators suggesting that it might force Vladimir Putin to end his war. But here’s an expert analysis from arguing that no matter how disastrous this war continues to be for Russia, Putin will never call it off because he’s not looking at rational costs/benefits concerns.

He’s only concerned with what might happen to him and his currently unchallenged power if he admitted he couldn’t win an unpopular, incredibly costly war that he started and quit with nothing to show for it. In short, he doesn’t care how long it takes or how costly or deadly it is, he’ll keep it going as long as he’s in power. And he can keep using the “wartime emergency” excuse to crack down on his opponents and stay in power. So we should probably accept that this is going to be a looooong war.


Climate change activists 1 Native Americans 0

Just as women have been thrown under the bus by the Biden Administration in pursuit of pandering to the LGBTQ bloc, Native Americans are learning that they are subservient to the climate change activists.


Jill Biden is “shocked” that some Republicans still support Trump after her husband’s Administration indicted him. Funny, I’m shocked that anybody still supports Joe Biden, and that includes his wife.


"Smart home"

A recent poll found that about a third of young Americans think it would be fine for the government to put surveillance devices in everyone’s homes – you know, to prevent domestic violence an’ stuff. Because that’s how they’d use it.

But considering how the feds are already pressuring social media to let them spy on and punish wrongthinkers, have you considered how many of us already have spy devices in our homes, from cell phones to Google and Amazon electronic assistants? This blog post details how a man got shut out of his Amazon account that controls his “smart home” for a week because a delivery driver falsely claimed that his electronic doorbell said racist words.

If you think that was bad, imagine having the government monitoring all your smart devices, listening for anything negative you might say about Joe Biden!

This is one of several reasons why I wouldn’t want a “smart home.” I’d rather have privacy and security and be forced to (gasp!) flip a light switch by hand, even if it means my appliances are as dumb as this Administration.


KJP keeps the laughs coming

Even in the most stressful times, we can always count on Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to provide us with some laughs. Like this week, when she was asked about the Special Counsel’s Office accusing her of violating the Hatch Act, which prohibits using your official position for political purposes. She claimed that the White House “didn’t know” that attacking Republican policies as “Mega MAGA” was political.

I don’t know which is funnier: the claim that she didn’t know that was political, or that this Administration thinks that “not knowing” you were breaking the law is an excuse. Well, I guess it is, but only for Democrats. For them, knowingly breaking the law is also an excuse.  

KJ-P provided more amusement with her transparent attempt to dodge a question about the safety hazards to young girls of forcing them to share restrooms and showers with much bigger biological males and compete with them in contact sports. Attempting to turn the tables, she replied, "What you're alluding to is basically saying that transgender kids are sounds like that's what you're saying."

No, I don't believe the word "kids" was ever mentioned. EWTN White House correspondent Owen Jensen replied, "I didn't say that. This is strictly a safety question." KJ-P responded with this epic barrage of defensive DC doubletalk:

"Well, you're saying that their safety is at risk. You're laying out a kind of broad example or explanation of what could be potentially happening. That is dangerous. That is a dangerous thing to say that essentially transgender kids are dangerous.” (Note: Apparently, to this White House, questions about their crazy policies are “dangerous,” but letting a bulked-up male spike a volleyball into a young girl’s face is not. She babbled on): "And so that’s something that I have to call out. That is irresponsible. I had just laid out how complicated this issue is. I had just laid out why it’s complicated, and so anything that you have, any additional questions, I refer you to the Department of Education. I’m gonna move on."

I believe we have a winner for this year’s “Nathan Thurm Award,” for the spokesperson who does the best job of incoherently dodging a legitimate question while defensively suggesting that it’s the questioner who’s really at fault. In case you don’t remember Nathan Thurm, here he is, as created and portrayed by Martin Short:



Not so easy

Far-left and LGBTQ+++ activist teachers who thought they could simply brainwash kids into accepting their radical dogma are learning that some kids aren’t so easy to manipulate. There was the tampon machine in the high school boys’ restroom that ended up in the toilet, the high school students I told you about yesterday who rebelled at being forced to watch a “Pride Month” propaganda video in math class (they actually preferred doing math!), and now this:

Maybe if some of these people actually deigned to talk to parents, they’d know that the surest way to get a teenager to do something is to tell them they have to do the opposite.  

Not that this will go anywhere with Democrats in charge of the Senate, but just FYI:

Joe Biden now has two sets of articles of impeachment against him in the House.

Head’s Up For Parents:

If you’ve stopped letting your kids watch Disney+, you might want to rethink switching over to the Cartoon Network instead.


Best wishes to Pat Sajak, who announced that he will be retiring as host of “Wheel of Fortune” after next season, and congratulations on an astounding run of more than 40 years.

Pat’s class and wit have done a lot to keep the show successful for so long, and I also appreciate his refusal to self-censor his conservative political views. I hope he’ll use his coming free time to do more political commentary.


Biden sinks to the occasion with media; source says then-VP “coerced” bribery payments

“Why’d you ask such a dumb question?”

This is the answer President Biden actually gave in response to a reporter’s question about why the FBI source in those “1023” notes referred to him as “The Big Guy.”  His answer is right up there with “Where’s the money?” and “It’s a bunch of malarkey” in terms of specificity.

Why should anyone believe him, anyway, even if he were to respond in a smoother way?  Still, is that the best he can come up with?  Miranda Devine has an excellent recap.

She notes that key members of Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss’s team, the ones TRYING to investigate Hunter’s finances, were unaware of the bribery allegation in the “1023” until they read about it in the media last week.  The report, from 2020, along with some earlier notes from 2017, were placed in a secure section of the FBI database when the case was transferred by then-Attorney General Bill Barr from Pittsburgh to Wilmington, ensuring that the new investigators wouldn’t see it.

As Devine points out, this withholding of evidence from investigators had to be done either by someone at the FBI/DOJ, or by David Weiss himself.  Barr even suggested that there might be an innocent explanation, but it’s hard to imagine what that might be.  From what two senior IRS whistleblowers have said, the interference came from “main Justice,” Washington DC.

Devine’s sources have told her the “1023” is a highly detailed document that refers to multiple meetings and phone calls Burisma founder Zlochevsky had with Joe and Hunter Biden, with other people also listening.  “It details a bribery scheme in which Zlochevsky said he had to pay Joe and Hunter Biden $5 million each to make sure there were ‘no problems’ for Burisma, including in a potential acquisition of an American oil and gas company.”

Burisma had had a similar issue in 2014 and, according to George Kent at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, paid a $7 million cash bribe to Ukrainian prosecutors to “fix” it.  The corruption there seems to know no bounds.

Devine made some other important points in a piece from a few days ago, saying that the special counsel looking into Biden’s mishandling of classified documents (I’m not going to bother saying “alleged” here), Robert Hur, should be looking at links between that and the allegations that he and Hunter took $5 million bribes in Ukraine.  And he should certainly want to know what’s in those 17 recordings of phone calls with Hunter and Joe that Zlochevsky allegedly made as “insurance.”

Recall the story about that one particularly sophisticated-looking email from Hunter to then-business partner Devon Archer, the one that didn’t look at all like anything written by Hunter.  It listed 22 points regarding Ukraine’s political situation and analyzed their upcoming election in detail, anticipating a Russian “destabilization campaign.”  It reads like an official briefing, possibly a classified one.

Perhaps you’ve seen the story about the artificial-intelligence analysis performed on this email that shows it to have been written by someone with a far higher IQ than the writer of a dozen comparative writing samples on Hunter’s laptop.  (President Biden has called Hunter the smartest man he knows, but that’s a bunch of malarkey.)

So the next question is whether or not the information in that email came out of the papers in Dad’s garage.

We’d also note that even though Joe Biden has bragged about releasing 22 years of tax returns, S-Corp filings are commonly not itemized as to the sources of funds.  Biden claimed $15 million that appeared in one of those S-Corps came from speaking fees and book sales, but we have only his word on that.  His word as a Biden.

As reported by the U.K. DAILY MAIL, Kentucky Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, says he’ll soon have bank records that show the Bidens accepted “upwards of $20 to $30 million” from foreign nationals.  (Comer has explained that this amount might be higher because they haven’t yet factored in money paid to Joe’s brother Jim.)

If that’s the case, it would explain why 20 shell companies were created for the Biden family, structured in a very complicated way.   They were started by Hunter and his business associates, with 15 of them being formed after Joe became VP.  Details here…

Comer brought up a good question on Thursday’s HANNITY show: “You look back --- why would Joe Biden volunteer during the end of the Obama administration to fly around and hand out foreign aid checks and to talk about foreign policy?”  They’ve tracked down the money, he said, in Romania, and know that “less than two weeks after Joe Biden left Romania on Air Force Two [after giving foreign aid], his family started getting wires through shell companies that were laundered back down to Biden’s…”

“Everything we found in Romania is consistent with what this FBI ‘1023’ form alleges...”

When asked if he’d had any contact with Zlochevsky about the recordings he allegedly made, Comer said, “Unfortunately, nobody’s had any contact with him for the last three years.”

“MSNBC makes fun of me when I said that there are a lot of people that were involved in the Biden shenanigans that are currently missing.  But, with respect to this oligarch, we think we know where he is.  He just hasn’t been seen in public for a long time…”  (Aside:  he’s probably hiding out in the secret underground lair he shares with his personal food taster and army of bodyguards.)  Comer’s committee continues to follow the money.

Individuals familiar with the investigation of the FBI’s handling of the “1023” tell Margot Cleveland at THE FEDERALIST that the Bidens allegedly “coerced” foreign nationals to pay them $10 million in bribes.  They also tell her the FBI continues to stonewall.

She says there’s other information in the “1023” providing context that supports what the CHS told the FBI.

According to the CHS --- a paid source whom the FBI (and likely CIA) considered “highly credible” --- Zlochevsky told him after Trump’s unexpected win in 2016 that he feared an investigation would reveal his payments to the Bidens, including $5 million to Hunter and $5 million to Joe.  It was during that conversation that Zlochevsky said the Bidens had “coerced” him into paying the bribes.

(Note:  this is consistent with information in our story from yesterday that came from other recordings leaked to OAN from another source in 2018.) 

When the CHS said he hoped Zlochevsky had taken precautions to protect himself, Zlochevsky allegedly described the steps he’d taken, saying he’d never paid “The Big Guy” directly and that it would take some ten years to unravel the various money trails.

And that was when Zlochevsky allegedly told the CHS about the 17 recordings he’d made of their phone conversations, as a kind of “insurance policy.”  Is it possible the FBI got hold of those recordings and destroyed them or hid them away?  Are they trying to do that now?  Who knows? 

Also, Cleveland confirmed through her sources that, contrary to what Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin has been saying, this information was unrelated to information Rudy Giuliani had provided to U.S. Attorney Scott Brady in Western Pennsylvania.  Recall that Raskin was also incorrect-or-lying-and-knowing-him-probably-lying when he said Brady had found nothing in the “1023” worth looking into and had closed the investigation.  Bill Barr has had to repeatedly correct this.

The FBI still refuses to provide any information on what steps, if any, they took to investigate these detailed claims.  I would guess NOTHING.  After all, they were much too busy helping to construct and disseminate the Trump/Russia Hoax and anything else they could frame Trump for to bother with this.


Former assistant U.S. attorney TAKES DOWN Trump indictment

Will Scharf, a former assistant U.S. attorney who has clerked for two federal appellate judges and worked on two Supreme Court confirmations, posted a long Twitter thread outlining six key points on why the case against Trump is so outrageous.

He clarifies the interplay between the Presidential Records Act and the Espionage Act, which the DOJ invoked to make a civil case into a criminal case.  He says that “by breathlessly bandying around classification levels and markings, the Special Counsel is trying to make this case much, much simpler than it is.”  They would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump believed his possession of these documents, which we know he thought of as his PERSONAL RECORDS, would cause injury to the United States or advantage to another nation --- that’s what would make them National Defense Information, or NDI.  They’d have to prove he knew he had NDI and willfully refused to turn it over to an official entitled to receive it.  Also, just because a document is/was classified certainly doesn’t make it NDI.  Overclassification is known to be a huge problem.

There’s much more here in this thread, including the shaky excuse the prosecutors used to violate attorney-client privilege and force Trump’s lawyers to testify about their private conversations – talks that were spun as a criminal conspiracy but could more easily be interpreted as a client simply asking his lawyer about possible ways to proceed. He said if Trump’s attorneys can get that tainted testimony stricken, it would “gut” most of their case.  It’s a must-read for when you have time. 

One thing this newsletter hasn’t covered in detail (but will) is the allegation made by Stanley Woodward, the attorney for Trump aide and co-defendant Walt Nauta, that the DOJ’s Jay Bratt “suggested Woodward’s [pending] judicial application...might be considered more favorably if he and his client cooperated against Trump.”  The writer, Scharf, knows of Woodward as a highly accomplished lawyer and “legal heavyweight” and can’t imagine him making up such a serious charge.  If Bratt did what Woodward says, this is wild prosecutorial misconduct.

We’ve certainly seen that when people are as deranged by Trump-hate as these folks are, it can do terrible things to them.  Instead of behaving professionally, they start acting like Bratts.  And if this weren’t enough, there’s also the shredding of attorney-client privilege, as well as Merrick Garland’s telling choice of the overzealous partisan Jack Smith to prosecute.

Congressional Republicans have a lot of questions they want Merrick Garland to answer, but as Sen. John Kennedy pointed out, in the quote of the day:

“Dog the Bounty Hunter couldn’t find the Attorney General right now.”




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    65 Project
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    Interesting. Need to indict the leading trio: Joe, Kamala, and Jill.
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