March 13, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Republicans close House Intel Committee investigation -- NRA challenges Florida law -- Obama adviser warns President -- Floyd Carter Sr. dies -- SNL turns the page? -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have announced they’re officially shutting down their investigation into Trump/Russia collusion after concluding that no evidence has been found to link Russia with the Trump campaign. The timing of this announcement makes sense, as it roughly corresponds with more unified calls by Republican leaders for a second special counsel. This new special counsel would investigate partisanship and conflicts of interest within the FBI that affected its role in quashing the Hillary email investigation and also in obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign associates to explore alleged ties to Russia.

Democrats on the Intel Committee –- and everywhere else, for that matter –- are screaming, saying a thorough investigation was not done. (This after the committee examined over 300,000 documents; interviewed 73 witnesses; held 9 hearings and briefings; and heard a mind-numbing 230 hours of testimony.) Ranking member Adam Schiff of California is particularly rankled, even though in recent months he’s had to back off claims of having evidence. He has no evidence of collusion, because there’s no collusion to have evidence OF. He claims the decision to close down is a cover-up; how Republicans are covering up while calling for another special counsel to look into related activities is a mystery. What, is he afraid this special counsel will be stacked with partisan Republicans the way the Mueller team is full of partisan Democrats?


Mike Huckabee

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NRA challenges Florida law

By Mike Huckabee

Last week, I predicted that if Florida passed a law raising the age to buy certain guns from 18 to 21, it would be challenged in court because it places an age restriction on legal adults’ Constitutional rights. Well, Florida passed it, and the ink wasn’t even dry on the Governor’s signature before the first lawsuit was filed.



Obama adviser warns the President

By Mike Huckabee

Former Obama top foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes is warning that President Trump is “not equipped” to deal with North Korea and getting it to give up its nukes. Duly noted.

Just FYI: Ben Rhodes is the Obama “foreign policy adviser” whose master’s degree was in creative writing, and who is most famous for boasting that he sold Obama’s Iran nuclear deal by setting up an “echo chamber” in which uninformed young reporters repeated the talking points he fed them to each other and the public.

Perhaps he could share with President Trump some of his wisdom for dealing with aggressive foreign powers seeking nuclear weapons, like how to send them boatloads of cash in exchange for nothing. On the other hand, considering he and Obama were in charge during the recent eight-year period when North Korea kept ramping up its nuclear program and escalating its threats and they were never able to do a darn thing to stop it, maybe he could just order a big, heaping helping of “Shut Up Your Face.”


Floyd Carter Sr. dies

By Mike Huckabee

Let’s all offer a final heartfelt salute to a genuine American hero: Floyd Carter Sr. has died at 95. A Congressional Gold Medal recipient, Carter was one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen, the legendary group of African-American pilots who helped break the military color barrier in World War II.

That alone would have cemented his place in history, but it was only one part of his amazing life of heroism and public service. Click the link to read his obituary, which covers his rise to Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force, leading the first squadron of supply planes into Berlin during the 1948-49 air lift, flying missions in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars (including the Tet Offensive), and his 27 years with the New York Police Department, during which he survived shootouts with armed criminals and won half a dozen citations for outstanding police work. Most of us could never rack up so many accomplishments if we lived to 195.



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SNL turns the page?

By Mike Huckabee

Could “Saturday Night Live” be the first late night comedy show that’s finally starting to come out of its long, debilitating battle with Trump Derangement Syndrome? The show enjoyed a ratings resurgence when it switched from its kid gloves treatment of Obama to a weekly savaging of Donald Trump, but last week’s opening sketch is being taken as a possible signal to viewers that maybe it’s time to…you know…start getting over it?

At the link is the cold open, which riffs off “The Bachelor” finale, except instead of being dumped by a bachelor who’s led her on, a heartbroken liberal who has been living for Trump to be impeached for collusion has the news broken to her by Robert Mueller that collsion’s not happening and Trump is likely to be in office for two…or likely, six…more years.

If you’re still clinging to your TDS security blanket, don’t worry, the ground isn’t shifting under your feet all at once. SNL did still include a ridiculous sketch about how the people who work at the White House are all miserable and conflicted (they’re not – trust me, I know), but you can’t expect people to give up all their cherished fantasies at once. I guess they'll have to keep handing them roses for a while longer to keep them from breaking down in tears.



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