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July 13, 2023

While some liberal media outlets like Rolling Stone are raising suspicions about their motives by attacking the indie film “Sound of Freedom” as a “QAnon conspiracy fantasy,” they’re only creating an angry backlash and helping sell even more tickets. And not every celebrity is going along with their hypocritical denial of the tragic reality of child sex trafficking (and coming from Hollywood yet!) singer-jewel-praises-sound- freedom-bashes-media- politicizing-film-see

For instance, Elon Musk suggested putting the film on Twitter, and singer Jewel urged all her fans to see it. She called it “the most inspiring film” and blasted critics that are trying to politicize it, tweeting, “This is not left or right. It’s about millions of kids being trafficked, and no matter what your faith or creed, we need to protect all the vulnerable kids rather than fight over philosophical differences."

Yet for some mysterious reason, powerful people in Hollywood seem almost as terrified about people learning the realities of the sexual exploitation of minors as they are about a low budget indie film outearning a bloated Indiana Jones sequel. I think the Babylon Bee might have hit on the reason for that… hollywood-confused-by-new- movie-that-depicts-child-sex- trafficking-as-bad

Star Jim Caviezel also pointed out the hostility to what should be a universal condemnation of child sex trafficking (although remember, some of these same critics praised Netflix’s pedo pageant “Cuties” and thought they could convince moviegoers to forget the creepy off-camera stories about “The Flash” star Ezra Miller – spoiler alert: they couldn’t.) Caviezel said he lost his lawyer and two agents who had been with him for 15 and 17  years over his insistence on doing this movie, and now he understands why so many actors were reluctant to do it.

He said, “Listen, you do ‘Schindler’s List,’ 50 years later you’re a hero. Try doing ‘Schindler’s List’ when the real Nazis are right there. Understand how that becomes more dangerous? I don’t understand why people are willing to let children be hurt, but in this time, Hollywood says, ‘No, no, let’s kick that down fifty years from now and then [see where we’re at]. That’s crap.”

https://www.hollywoodintoto. com/jim-caviezel-lost-agents- sound-of-freedom/

It’s definitely the movie that a lot of people in Hollywood and the media don’t want you to see. So here’s where you can go to find showtimes and tickets to see it: sound-of-freedom?zip=75051& date=2023-07-12

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  • Donna Morgan

    07/15/2023 08:27 PM

    When is the next show scheduled?

  • Donna Morgan

    07/15/2023 08:20 PM

    When is your next live show?


    07/14/2023 04:52 PM

    I believe that because people as a whole, especially in the USA have rejected Jesus, the Bible says because " my people have rejected me the nations will suffer. " That is what happening around the world these past 60 years." When will they ever learn", to coin part of Peter Paul and Mary protest sound during the Vietnam war years. Another great song that people in the US have not learned from "Eve of Destruction" by McQuire.