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May 11, 2023



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2 Corinthians 1:3-4 NIV


A couple of new video commentaries for you:

We’ve heard for years that “the walls are closing in” on Donald Trump. Well, some walls are closing in on a presidential family, but it’s not Trump’s.

And while the unbiased media openly celebrate the civil trial verdict against Trump, they might want to think about how that could backfire. Their own leader is facing a far more plausible accusation of sexual assault, and this case only highlights how they’ve tried so hard to ignore his alleged victim. But she’s tired of being ignored, and she has a dark message for anyone hoping she’ll just “go away.”

Today is the last day of Title 42

Today is the final day of Title 42 protection of our Southern border, and there are already thousands of people ready to rush in illegally. It expires tonight at midnight. If you’re not clear on what Title 42 is, this is a good primer:

Kat Timpf on Fox News made an excellent point about this: she believes that Title 42 should be allowed to expire because the pandemic “emergency” is long over and we shouldn’t allow the government to exercise any illegitimate power, even if we like the results. In this case, it’s been kept in place solely as a last resort because the President has actively worked to undermine immigration laws and reverse policies that were already in place to keep our borders secure.

In short, if we had a President who did his job, we wouldn’t need Title 42.

But maybe we won’t need it because Biden is trying a last-minute “Hail Mary” pass by resurrecting one of the Trump-era policies he reversed, one that bars applicants for asylum if they didn’t first apply in their home countries or one of the nations they crossed on the way here. What a racist xenophobe Biden must be.

As Mike Miller writes at the link, the effectiveness of this rule hinges on whether it’s actually enforced, and I wouldn’t bet the farm on that. But it’s always interesting to see the point at which Democrats become so desperate to stave off the consequences of the disasters their policies create that they finally cave in to reality and admit that they need the other Party’s policies to fix what they broke. However, it would be nice if they had the brains God gave a pigeon and could realize that, say, defunding the police, opening the border or letting males compete in women’s sports are all insane ideas on the face of them, so the rest of us wouldn't have to suffer through their long learning curve.

And speaking of people who never learn, DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas knows who’s responsible for millions of illegal border crossers under his watch: Congress!


Donald Trump walks into the lion's den

Last night, Donald Trump walked into the lion’s den on a CNN Townhall, but the results were probably not what CNN or many viewers expected. I admit that I was surprised to find that what CNN billed as a “Republican townhall” actually seemed to have an audience of genuine Republicans, and not Bernie Sanders fan club members who claim to have voted for a Republican once, back when disco was king. I expected the usual hostile mob of Trump haters, but you could almost sense the shock and horror from moderator Kaitlan Collins when the audience laughed at Trump’s “insensitive” jokes and applauded when he said things Republicans agree with that give your typical CNN anchor the vapors.

It was noted that this show was scheduled to run anywhere from 75 to 90 minutes, but CNN ended it after 70 minutes. I don’t think that’s because Trump was tired of talking. That was more likely CNN crying “Uncle” and running away.

At the beginning, I assumed it would go as feared: Collins immediately launched in on January 6th and how Trump incited insurrection. When he tried to answer her with records showing he tweeted messages discouraging violence and urging the protesters to leave peacefully, she just kept talking over him and hectoring him with CNN/DNC talking points until it started to feel like Norman Bates was back in a dress and stabbing my eardrums with an ice pick.

But she and her bosses had failed to reckon with the force of nature they were dealing with. They’re used to Republicans wilting before their barrage of bull, but Trump fights back. He immediately “went there,” responding to her description of January 6th as a “deadly” day by pointing out that the only person killed was Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed patriotic American shot at point blank range by a Capitol cop, described by Trump as a “thug” who later bragged about it on TV. Collins tried to argue with that, and her media colleagues later tried to paint the term “thug” as racist because the cop happens to be black, which I seriously doubt that Trump or any of Babbitt’s next-of-kin care about in the slightest. But they’re playing the race card because it’s all they’re got. We all know that if a cop had shot an unarmed BLM protester to death, he’d be doing hard prison time by now.

From that point on, all of Collins’ attempts to destroy Trump were like the Army men firing tiny pistols at Godzilla. Liberal commentators were melting down afterwards, not only over Trump’s comments, such as saying that he would pardon most of the J6 convicts because they were persecuted while violent Antifa and BLM rioters were released (that probably was news to regular CNN viewers) and quickly end the Russia-Ukraine war, which never would have happened if he’d been President (true that); but also over the fact that the audience applauded Trump’s statements and laughed at his jokes about E. Jean Carroll.

“What’s WRONG with you people?! You’re supposed to be filled with visceral hatred at the very sight of Donald Trump for unexplained reasons, like us!!”  

They’re furious at CNN for airing a “Trump infomercial,” which I can’t imagine is how CNN anticipated this going.

The media coverage is also filled with accusations that Trump told so many “lies,” if you use the current “inclusive” definition of “lie” as being anything a Democrat disagrees with, doesn’t want to hear, doesn’t want YOU to hear, or can’t answer. As for specifics, they were few and far between. They just want you to believe it was all “lies, I tell you, LIES!” and shut down his right to speak so they don’t have to tell you why what he’s saying isn’t true. It’s especially rich hearing this demand for honesty coming from people who spent years telling us that Trump-Russian collusion was real but Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.

 If CNN was hoping for a ratings boost, they likely got that. But if they thought they were going to obliterate Trump’s 2024 president ambitions, that backfired worse than Alvin Bragg and his paper mâché indictments. All they did was expose their bubble-dwelling audience to the Trump they never see: not the fake racist nutjob image they created but the funny, blunt, energetic, take-no-garbage leader who draws huge crowds to political rallies. 

Trump being Trump, there were some impolitic and off-putting moments (I don’t think it was necessary to call Collins a “nasty woman” to her face), but at least with Trump, you know exactly what he thinks because he always tells you. Many viewers might find that refreshing, especially after two+ years of being subjected to real lies, like that Biden’s policies are a smashing success that saved the economy and reduced illegal immigration by 90%. They might also be amazed at seeing a President who can speak coherently without a prompter, even though it’s after 4 p.m.  

Here are some good links for more. Paula Bolyard at PJ Media offers nine key moments from the broadcast…

Nick Arama at points out that CNN’s post-show focus group didn’t go the way they expected either. The first question for them was a leading one, asking if they wished Trump would stop talking about the 2020 election and concentrate on 2024. One of the focus group members pointed out to the CNN reporter that the very first question they asked Trump was about the 2020 election.

As long as so many media outlets are “fact-checking” Trump’s “lies,” let’s try that with CNN’s moderator…

Trump wasn’t the only Republican who helped himself last night. Rep. Byron Donalds also deserves a standing O for how he dealt with the fuming CNN panel

I’ll give the final word to our current President. After the Trump CNN townhall, President Biden (or whoever actually writes his Twitter tweets) tweeted, “Do you want four more years of that?” Choose your response:

1. YES!!!

2. That’s exactly the same thing I think every time Joe Biden appears in public.

25 Years

Wednesday in Austin, US Army Sgt. Daniel Perry was sentenced to 25 years in prison for shooting and killing BLM protester Garrett Foster. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has branded the prosecution as a leftist DA ignoring Texas’ “Stand Your Ground” laws on self-defense. While he doesn’t have the power to vacate the sentence, he’s working on getting a recommendation of a pardon from the Board of Pardons and Paroles and says he’ll sign it as soon as it reaches his desk. There’s more at the link.

Feinstein returns to work 

89-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein finally returned to the job after a long hospital stay, where she was battling both shingles and shark-like colleagues who want her to retire so they can plug in a younger replacement.

As you can see from that link, she’s not fully back to health and has to work a light schedule. But as long as she and John Fetterman are present, breathing and strong enough to lift a rubber stamp, the Dems are back to a full majority and can start installing Biden’s leftwing judge nominees to lifetime terms so that they can keep destroying America well into their 90s, too.


Join Me: The Israel Experience


Rep. Tlaib moves her anti-Israel event to the Senate

UPDATE: Having had her Israel-bashing pro-Palestinian event kicked out of the House by Speaker McCarthy, “Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib moved it to a Senate meeting room, because…well, you know who controls the Senate.

Beans spilled

Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll went on “CBS Mornings” Wednesday, where she inadvertently spilled the beans about how biased and anti-Trump host Gayle King is off camera.

If it’s any consolation to Ms. King, it’s not as if we all didn’t already know it

Say, remember that crazy, paranoid, rightwing conspiracy theory about Democrats wanting to take away your gas stoves? Well, eleven blue state Attorneys General are demanding federal action on taking away your gas stoves.


This rings true

If you’re a conservative or Christian parent in Virginia, and you suspect that powerful Democrats are secretly plotting against you and want to physically harm or even kill you…you might just have something there.

ICYMI: Tucker makes an announcement

While we still don’t know the details of why Tucker Carlson is no longer at Fox or whether his contract allows him to go elsewhere, his attorneys are taking the position that it does. And so on Tuesday, Carlson announced that, despite staggering offers from other broadcast outlets, he plans to go independent and start doing his show on Twitter. That led leftists to claim that Elon Musk must’ve made a deal with him and Twitter is now a “rightwing platform.”

Musk issued a statement denying any deals with Carlson, and saying that anyone, left or right, is free to use Twitter and that everyone may “interact, critique and refute whatever is said.”

So…a rightwing platform, then?

I was on Eric Bolling’s show on Newsmax yesterday, and we talked a lot more about this. I called it a “seminal moment in media history.” You can see that video here:


Comer’s presser; FBI refuses to comply with subpoena for “the document”

The FBI refused to comply with a subpoena issued by the House Oversight and Accountability Committee and turn over the document that the committee is “100 percent sure” they have, detailing a witness’s account of President Biden’s financial benefit from his family’s pay-to-play scheme with foreign countries such as China and Ukraine.  This is called “bribery.”

Committee Chairman James Comer of Kentucky had given the FBI until noon Wednesday to turn it over.  They’d hoped to have it for their press conference Wednesday morning, but instead of the “1023” form they’d demanded, they received a six-page letter from the FBI’s acting Assistant Director for Congressional Affairs, Christopher Dunham, voicing various objections.  Here it is…

The first paragraph of the letter sounds accommodating enough, expressing the desire to work together.  But that desire proves insincere.  Though the document is not classified, they use the fact that this information came from a confidential human source (CHS) as a reason for their non-compliance.  “We...hope this helps you understand that keeping this kind of source information free from the perception or reality of improper influence --- and preventing the redirection of this information for non-law enforcement or non-intelligence uses --- is necessary for the FBI’s effective execution of our law enforcement and national security responsibilities,” they say.

 From this response, Comer concludes with certainty that the document does indeed exist.  They just don’t want to hand it over.  As reported by the NEW YORK POST, Comer didn’t immediately announce the specific steps he’ll take to acquire it.

“We’ve asked the FBI to not only provide this record, but to also inform us what it did to investigate these allegations,” Comer said.  “The FBI has failed to do both.  The FBI’s position is ‘trust, but you aren’t allowed to verify.’  That is unacceptable.  We plan to follow up with the FBI and expect compliance with the subpoena.”

We do know this “1023” (CHS report) was “created or modified” in June 2020, during Biden’s run for the presidency.  But there’s no indication the FBI did anything to investigate.  One would think that if they’d acted on it as they should have, they’d want to clear that up with congressional investigators instead of stonewalling.

Remember, there’s also an IRS whistleblower, a supervisory agent who was handling the Hunter Biden investigation, who has told Congress he wants to share information about a cover-up in the case.  He’s already spoken with inspectors general for the Treasury and Justice Departments.  We still don’t know this whistleblower’s name, but his attorney Mark Lytle said he can contradict Attorney General Merrick Garland’s testimony before Congress about the independence of the investigation and reveal “examples of preferential treatment and politics improperly infecting decisions.”

When the Oversight Committee gave their press conference Wednesday, their presentation was based on financial records, as the banks have reportedly been very cooperative with subpoenas.  They also had over 150 Suspicious Activity Reports from these banks that flagged possibly criminal activity by what is now the First Family and their associates, to the tune of over $10 million.

The committee made it clear that their concern was JOE Biden, not Hunter Biden.  As we’ve all seen, the President has repeatedly lied about knowing nothing of his son’s foreign business dealings.  Evidence abounds about his interactions with Hunter’s international business associates from China, Ukraine, Russia and Mexico.  And many of the infusions of cash to members of the Biden family took place while Joe was Vice President.  The committee staff released a 36-page interim report, which makes great reading if you have the time…

“After (Joe Biden) assuming the vice presidency in 2009,” the report says, “records reveal Hunter Biden and his business associates formed at least 15 companies.”  These are various LLCs, laid out on a chart.  The committee is focusing on certain ones that received money from foreign companies, noting that any services provided for funds paid out of them would have “corresponding invoices...contracts, agreements and other communications setting forth the terms of the engagement and expectations of the parties.”  As part of the oversight investigation, “the Committee intends to obtain those materials---to the extent they exist.”

They’re focusing on transactions from China and Romania “that raise serious questions about financial disclosures and risks to national security.”  For China, they’re looking especially at payments made by Ye Jianming of the corrupt energy company CEFC, to examine “what was from 2015 to 2018 a growing interest by people closely tied to the CCP in cultivating a relationship with the Biden family.”

The Romanian connection is one we hadn’t known much about until now.  Bank records indicate “the Biden family’s receipt of money from a foreign company reportedly controlled by Gabriel Popoviciu, the subject of a criminal probe and prosecution for corruption in Romania.”  Popoviciu has already been convicted of “a bribery-related offense” and has faced litigation in the U.K.  Page 12 of the report mentions an eyebrow-raising transaction from Bladon Enterprises, Popviciu’s company.  The chart at the bottom of page 16 through page 17 shows more involving Romania.

There’s detail on payments from China as well, with some handy charts to show how these were cleverly disguised.

As the Oversight Committee says in their conclusion, they will seek out more bank records, continue to follow the money trail, send more letters to those with knowledge of financial transactions, and “continue to engage in the accommodations process with those who have not cooperated with our investigation.”  They know they must be over the target.

AMERICAN GREATNESS has an excellent summary, with a link to the entire presser.

NATIONAL REVIEW details the flow of money to specific family members, including an account for an “unknown Biden.”

White House spokesman Ian Sams unleashed a typically hyperbolic statement --- before Comer’s presentation had even started.  Sams called the claims “absurd” and “baseless,” adding that Comer “has been promising --- then failing to deliver --- this press conference for weeks, raising questions about his shoot-first, figure-it-out-later approach to what is clearly an evidence-free, politically motivated ‘investigation.’”

Au contraire.  Comer delivered.  The information contained in the report is compelling and documented, and this is just the “interim” version.  If these same findings had been reported about President Trump and HIS family, Samms and all the other White House shills would no doubt be saying that Trump should be in jail for bribery and treason.  And if that were the case, they’d be right.

Keep in mind, too, that the very media people who say there’s “no evidence” linking Joe to this are the ones who connected nonexistent dots to link Trump to Vladimir Putin and screamed about that fake “Russia Russia Russia!” story for years.  They’re a joke.

And if a piece of conclusive evidence is still lacking, such as notes from devastating CHS testimony (or perhaps hidden-camera video of President Xi in a parking garage handing Joe a bag with dollar signs on it, ha), it’s because the FBI is withholding it.



Sean Hannity had some good coverage on his show last night.  He contrasted the treatment in the media of GOP freshman Rep. George Santos’ alleged corruption with that of the Bidens.  Santos is a convenient diversion.

The DOJ even “coincidentally” arrested Santos at the same time the Oversight Committee was giving its press conference on the Bidens.  (Ironic that one of the crimes Santos has been charged with is money laundering.)  Which story do you think the media reported?

Also, does anyone else find it remarkable that the DOJ sped from allegations to investigations to indictments for Santos in just a few months, but their years-long hokey-pokey “investigation” of Hunter Biden is still dragging on past the Statute of Limitations finish line?

Finally, Nick Arama at has an excellent analysis of the FBI’s refusal to comply with the subpoena for the “1023.”





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    05/11/2023 10:57 PM

    Mike, please have someone watching your back at all times. You know the dems. history of doing away with those who do anything to bring their evil wicked ways out into the open. So many people have died while trying to get this information to all people even as they are on their way to court. We have all seen this happen so many times, and no one is ever held responsible for the murders. It seems as tho if you are in politics strange things always happen to the good guys. We don't want anything happening to you or yours. God Bless you and yours today and always. Thank you for all you do for us.

  • JC Holland

    05/11/2023 03:29 PM

    Why doesn't Comer just bring Wray back in to question, then have the Sergeant at Arms arrest him for refusing to turn over the documentation

  • Paul Kern

    05/11/2023 01:27 PM

    Having been a mental health and addictions counselor for a few decades I learned to follow the paper trail and a lot about body language. All the indicators are the President is slowly dying from a dementia induced psychosis. The other is the left exhibiting mass delusion psychosis. Jim Jones type who committed suicide