June 16, 2018

Inspector General Michael Horowitz may have declined to confirm the cause-and-effect relationship between stunning anti-Trump bias at the FBI and the outcome of Hillary’s email case, but all the evidence of vicious partisanship is there in his report.  He’s included what we already knew or suspected, but there’s much more.  The FBI in 2016 was infected with bias.  We can connect the incredibly obvious dots ourselves and come to our own conclusions about the motivation behind the FBI’s investigation of Trump and even the special counsel probe..


Of course, most major media will focus on the report’s mystifying conclusion without delving much deeper into its 568 pages.  That’s because the deeper one goes, the more horrifyingly biased the culture of the FBI is shown to be.


If you thought the Strzok-Page texts provided evidence of bias, wait until you see the texts between another pair of FBI agents who were romantically involved (they’re now married).  They’re identified in the report only as “Agent 1” and “Agent 5,” but we know they were directly involved in the Hillary investigation.  Anyone looking at their texts and not concluding that “the fix was in” for Hillary is just refusing to accept the obvious.


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“Agent 1” was one of just four agents assigned to the Hillary email case, and he, for one, did not want to interview her at all, thinking it was a “continued waste of resources and time and focus..”  “I’m actually starting to have embarrassment sprinkled on my disappointment,” he instant-messaged to “Agent 5.”  “Ever been forced to do something you adamantly opposed.”


Like Lisa Page, “Agent 1” believed that Hillary’s election was a foregone conclusion.  After completing the interview with Clinton, “Agent 1” messaged “Agent 5” that he was “done interviewing the President.”


He also made it clear to “Agent 5” that he was “with her.”  As in, “I’m With Her.”


When “Agent 5” complained to “Agent 1” about the “MYE” (Mid-Year Exam, the Hillary case) work she was having to do, “Agent 1” wrote back in a way that confirms what the political environment was like at the FBI.  He referred to the Hillary investigation as “a case that doesn’t matter and is predestined.”  He went on to say, “The DOJ comes in every once in a while and takes a wishy-washy, political, cowardice stance. “


“This is the environment love,” he tells her.  “Can’t sugar coat it.”  He advised her to just do the best she could.


When asked later by investigators about the case being “predestined,” he said he had no information about that.


“Agent 1” also interviewed Hillary’s personal IT assistant.  You’ll want to read the whole exchange, but when another FBI employee asked him how the interview went, “Agent 1” said, “Awesome.  Lied his a-- off.”  


The employee replied that “it would be funny if he was the only guy charged in this deal.”


And in a testament to the way anti-Trumpers view Trump supporters, “Agent 5” texted “Agent 1” to say the ones in Ohio were “retarded.”  She also wrote to him that if Hillary should lose, “I’m gonna be walking around with both of my guns...and likely quitting on the spot.”


In his report, Michael Horowitz admonished the FBI employees who had shown bias, saying that their conduct “had cast a cloud over the entire FBI investigation and sowed doubt about the FBI’s work on, and its handling of, the Midyear investigation.  The damage caused by these employees’ actions extends far beyond the scope of the Midyear investigation and goes to the heart of the FBI’s reputation for neutral factfinding and political independence.”


In other words, where do they go to get their reputation back?  But the damage goes far beyond the FBI’s reputation.  We know that the Hillary investigation was deliberately botched.  This goes to the nature of the whole American system of justice –- the old-fashioned idea that Lady Justice is wearing a blindfold, not an “I’m With Her” button.





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  • Edith Peters

    06/16/2018 12:34 PM

    Thank you for your informative article. What Horowitz found saddens me so much - for my country, my family, and myself. But, praise God - He is always in control and we can put our trust in Him.

  • William Marshall

    06/16/2018 11:35 AM

    Okay, let's cut to the chase, Mike (and, please, address this in a future column. Because no one else is.) WHEN is somebody - ANYBODY - going to be charged, and brought to trial? (besides the Mueller victims).

  • M. Zane Walker

    06/16/2018 09:37 AM

    Well, you know, 2+2=6..or 5..or maybe 4. Depends on your interpretation. Just don’t try to build a bridge that way.

  • Glenn McCormick

    06/16/2018 08:42 AM

    Mike I love what you do, Please talk to someone about this idiot Jeff Sessions there is no reason a special council should not be form, I like to see either Judge Jennie Pirro or Joe DiGenova head this council