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February 18, 2021

Yesterday, we brought you the story of freshman Rep. Sara Jacobs of California, who is in favor of setting up a program similar to the "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" that was used in post-apartheid South Africa. She sees this as a way to promote "healing" as we transition out of the Trump Era and into Biden's new administration.

What it really would be is an Inquisition-like confessional in which anyone associated with President Trump would be required to assume guilt, apologize, "get woke," and do penance for deep-rooted sins they are assumed to have, such as racial bigotry and even white supremacist leanings. There would be "conversations" on how we can do better, and also to construct a shared "narrative" of America's shameful past, up to and including the January 6 Capitol Hill security breach.

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Rep. Jacobs is even looking ahead to more "accountability" --- presumably in the form of criminal charges --- for Trump and those in his administration now that they are out of office. In her TDS-riddled mind, impeachment was only the beginning.

It's one thing for us to say this is sick and twisted and would be extremely damaging to our country. But we heard from a reader who actually is from South Africa and knows what an actual white supremacist society looks like. He assures us that America is not it and has some choice words for Rep. Jacobs...

From Darron:

As a South African, I have one message for Rep. Jacobs. If the only perspective your Masters of International Affairs degree from Columbia affords you is so superficial that it warrants equating Trump supporters with the architects and enforcers of Apartheid, then I suggest you go back to this so-called vaunted institution and ask for a refund of your tuition costs because your education is far from complete.

The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission was justified on the basis of 40 years of brutal, factually documented racial oppression. A similar commission is not justified in the USA, a country in which the existence of white supremacy and systemic racism is contrived by people of questionable intellect and perpetuated by fake media narratives.

From the Gov:

Thanks so much, Darron, for writing. If anyone needs a little "re-education," it's someone who graduated from Columbia University with this kind of degree. The saddest part of this story is that there are people such as Rep. Jacobs --- working in our own government, no less --- who have been indoctrinated to see America in this harsh light. She has no problem at all equating America under President Trump with South Africa under apartheid.

Your voice is so important, Darron. Please don't hesitate to write us again on this issue or any other. And if you ever find yourself seated in front of some bogus "truth commission" to help us "heal" after four years of Trump, I hope you'll have the courage to defy "cancel culture" and tell them exactly what you've told us, and more. I have a feeling you will.


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Comments 1-5 of 5

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    02/22/2021 10:08 AM

    I stand with Darron....What an idiot she is!

  • Eleanor Early

    02/18/2021 10:20 PM

    What is wrong with these people from California?? I have never heard of such tripe they come out with! Must all be affected with the same kind of insanity! Unbelievable!

  • Don

    02/18/2021 12:53 PM

    time for ANY republicans in house or senate to come out of hiding and provide some resistance to this radical dimm, media, globalist effort to destroy the United States... If the world is still standing by the elections in 2022, we will get a message on where we christian, conservatives have a voice or not

  • Colleen Bitts

    02/18/2021 10:44 AM

    I don’t feel as though I need to reflect, apologize or rid myself of the 4 years that President Trump was in office. Were some of his ways “unique”, yes. However the country grew in strength, patriotism and respect. We were safer and given hope for the future. This “racism” that is being indoctrinated into every facet of our lives is a democratic weapon being used to achieve superiority and division.

  • William Goodbear

    02/18/2021 09:45 AM

    In this “Woke “ timeframe we are in the left can only see 1 dimension and that is theirs. America was built on mistakes like any other country but we built on those. I for one will not be woke but will strive to make this a better America by trusting in the values that I was taught