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January 11, 2022

President Biden is set to make a speech today in Georgia on voting rights, and apparently, his current approval levels are so toxic that even Stacey Abrams found something better to do than show up and stand next to him.

This is surprising, since claiming that laws that ensure elections are secure and trustworthy are evil is definitely her thing. And that’s the take that Biden is pushing: the idea that voter integrity laws are racist, fascist attempts at voter suppression, and never mind that polls show vast majorities of all ethnic groups support basic election integrity laws such as voter ID.

(Incidentally, if Biden cares so much about loosening voter laws, why is he in Georgia? It’s easier to vote in Georgia than in his home state of Delaware, so why not go there?)

Biden is pushing hard to get Congress to pass what I like to call the “Legalize Vote Fraud Act,” because that’s a much more honest title for it. It would unconstitutionally federalize election laws that are supposed to be set by the states, and allow the Democrats to permanently enshrine practices such as banning voter ID requirements and legalizing ballot harvesting that they think would cement them into power forever. They claim this is to protect “democracy,” which would be hilarious if it weren’t such a serious threat. They’re trying to take away the power of states to run their own elections, and circumvent the obvious shellacking they’re about to get at the polls, while claiming they’re doing it to “protect democracy.” It’s like a bank robber claiming he’s emptying the vault to keep thieves from taking your money.

Remember, this is the same party that’s opened the borders while pushing to let non-citizens vote, and yet claims this is not part of a plan to change the population so they get elected. It’s also the same party that claims that Joe Biden got an unprecedented 82 million votes for President legitimately, and then claims the Democrat vote is being suppressed. And now they’re trying to convince us that keeping elections honest is the equivalent of violent insurrection.

Fortunately, for all the hype and hot air this issue is getting, I can’t see Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema going along with this assault on election integrity laws, or with changing the filibuster rules, so this legislation is likely going nowhere.

The real function for which it’s obviously intended is distraction: to rile up the Party’s base over a phony issue and get them furious enough at the evil Republicans to turn off their brains, forget all the real problems we’re facing, and vote Democrat one more time, only afterwards to realize how they’ve been had again.

Will it work? They have to hope so because they have zero successes to run on otherwise. But I question whether even their most loyal voters are gullible enough to take yet another running kick at that football like Charlie Brown and end up on their backs one more time.

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