May 5, 2020


Continuing in its grand tradition of handing out journalism prizes to the New York Times for whitewashing the horrors of communism in the 1930s and to the Times and the Washington Post for their in-depth coverage of the “Russian collusion” scandal that turned out to be a combination hoax/attempted coup, the Pulitzer Prize Committee has once again disgraced itself. The Pulitzer Prize for an Essay was given to the author of a New York Times piece that falsely claimed that the main impetus for the American Revolution and the birth of America was preserving slavery, which helped birth the Times’ repugnant “1619 Project” to replace history with anti-American propaganda in schools.

It was a lie so slanderous to the Founders that it sparked the creation of “1776,” a project to refute it founded by prominent African-Americans historians, scholars and writers.

No offense to some of the other Pulitzer winners, whom I’m sure did good work, but when it comes to anything political, it’s obvious that the prize is, to steal a line from former Vice President John Nance Garner, “not worth a bucket of warm spit” (and that’s more actual American history than you’ll learn from the 1619 Project.)

In fact, if you’d like to win a Pulitzer Prize of your own, I have a suggestion for where you can probably find one.


If you can’t get out to the gym, here’s something to get your blood pumping and your heart rate up. A federal judge in California, acting on the verdict of a California jury, has ordered the Center for Medical Progress to pay $1.2 million in damages to Planned Parenthood for exposing their reprehensible baby part-selling practices on undercover video.

This blatant assault on freedom of the press has been largely ignored by the mainstream media (or if it’s covered at all, negatively toward the defendants), even though it’s an unconstitutional move to criminalize the same kind of hidden camera exposes that all of them do. They’d just never think of doing it to America’s leading abortion mill.

As we’ve recently learned from all the MeToo activists dropping everything they said a year ago to defend Joe Biden, the left’s much-vaunted “principles” are all secondary to their #1 principle: empowering the left at all costs. So you probably won’t see even “60 Minutes” defending hidden camera reporting if it might damage a leftist icon like Planned Parenthood.

Fortunately, this is not the end of this story. The outrageous, politically-motivated charges never should have been brought, and it’s now been dragging through the California Kangaroo Court system for too long. It will be appealed, and unless it’s slapped down before then, it should eventually arrive at the Supreme Court. One hopes that the SCOTUS will be more concerned with protecting the First Amendment than protecting the right to secretly profit off of slaughtering children in the womb.


True to his word to police any violations of constitutional rights in the name of coronavirus policy, Attorney General Bill Barr and the Department of Justice are siding with Kevin Wilson, pastor of Lighthouse Fellowship Church on Chincoteague Island, Virginia.

On April 5, police entered the church and informed the pastor that they were violating Gov. Ralph “Blackface” Northam’s ban on gatherings of more than 10 people. Pastor Wilson is being threatened with jail time or a fine of up to $2500. But the DOJ issued a legal filing defending the church, arguing that the church is likely to win its case, that its rights have been violated and that Virginia discriminated against churches in its lockdown order. It points out that the church was following social distancing guidelines (it holds 293 people, and there were only 16 present) and that Virginia cannot ban church services while allowing exceptions for secular organizations, such as non-retail businesses.

There are full details of the case at that link, along with the important point by the DOJ that this case has national significance because “the United States has a substantial interest in the preservation of its citizens’ fundamental right to the free exercise of religion, expressly protected by the First Amendment.” It explained that states may have the power to ban gatherings during a health emergency, but they don’t have the power to impose a higher standard on churches than they do on other organizations.

The legal filing also includes the admonition that “there is no pandemic exception to the Constitution and its Bill of Rights.” Please let me know if anyone starts a GoFundMe to have that put on plaques and delivered to Democratic Governors and Mayors around the country, and I’ll happily kick in a few bucks.


Hold on! So you mean there’s a downside to being a government snitch? Who knew?!

After ordering “non-essential” businesses to shut down, St. Louis County created an online form that encouraged people to rat on any businesses they saw that dared to open. More than 900 people filed complaints, but the county didn’t publicize the fact that the form was an official county record, which means it’s public information.

A man named Jared Totsch got a copy and posted it on Facebook, exposing the names of all the snitches, who are now worried about retaliation. To which he replied, "I'd call it poetic justice, instant Karma, a dose of their own medicine. What goes around, comes around. They are now experiencing the same pain that they themselves helped to inflict on those they filed complaints against."

One of the people was interviewed by a local TV station, and she complained that she and two other people in her home have auto-immune issues and were frustrated by seeing lines outside stores that should have been closed. Understandable, but if you’re in a high-risk category, you would have to take more precautions anyway, like not standing in those lines. And the people who ran the businesses, as well as the people who obviously needed their services enough to stand in those lines, were probably more than frustrated by being told to just shut up and go bankrupt.

At this point, nobody should be taking unnecessary risks, but that doesn’t mean that every business must shut down indefinitely while we all hide inside plastic bubbles like the young John Travolta. As Issac Newton pointed out long ago, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If the government doesn’t want radical, aggressive, irresponsible reactions to its policies, then it needs to stop imposing radical, aggressive, irresponsible policies.


I know that conservative media outlets often carry stories about actors, shock jocks, late night comedians and cable TV “news” anchors who make nasty, provocative comments about the President, his family, his supporters, etc. Stories like…well, this.

We don’t cover those very often here, unless they somehow break through to make real news in some way, and I just thought I’d take a moment to explain why. First of all, these people are commentators. As a commentator myself, I can respect that they have to find something to comment on every day. My staff and I try to find important or at least interesting topics and comment on them in informative, entertaining ways. Other people just throw mudballs. Their choice, but like two-year-olds having a perpetual tantrum, they’re just trying to get attention, and I don’t have to give it to them. If you give them the attention they crave, they’ll never learn to be adults.

Secondly, when I see these types of stories about leftists going on insulting, foul-mouthed rants about Republicans, I always think of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” In that classic sitcom, boneheaded TV anchorman Ted Baxter once asked his boss Lou Grant, “Why is it that you always expect me to say something stupid?” Lou responds, “I don’t know, why is that when I see a duck, I expect it to quack?”

And that’s it in a nutshell. We usually don’t cover these stories because “Duck quacks” doesn’t strike us as news.


From The “Irony of Ironies” Desk: California is begging President Trump for help because so many illegal aliens with COVID-19 are pouring into the “sanctuary state” from Mexico and overwhelming Chula Vista, California’s medical system. Wait, I thought California’s politicians wanted illegal immigrants to swarm across the border and take advantage of free health care, and that the Trump was a xenophobic racist for having a problem with that?

This is yet another sad example of how the chickens are coming home to roost, due to California’s suicidally stupid leftist policies. Another that wags on the Internet are pointing out is that Gov. Gavin Newsom (whose Party has declared war on immigration laws, opened borders and declared first cities and then the entire state to be “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens) is now stunned to learn that Californians are ignoring his “Stay where you are” orders.

Gee, I wonder where Californians could have learned to have no respect for laws that tell them to stay where they are and not go places where they’re not supposed to be?


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  • Kathryn Green

    05/17/2020 11:15 AM

    I clicked, it caught me off guard, I laughed really hard. That was a good one.

  • Rev. Jeff Janca

    05/07/2020 12:06 PM

    Appreciate your honesty and integrity.

  • Joyce Birch

    05/06/2020 07:14 PM

    Thank you again & thank you to your staff for all you do with the daily news & conservative views. Including your sense of humor, which we all need.
    Our "freedom" is at stake & we need to re-elect Trump. I'm really concerned how the voting will take place this Nov. We've always had fraud at the polls, but I believe it's going to be a tough road to vote. I'm definitely against mail in voting. There was only one time my husband was hospitalized & voting was coming up, I went to our town hall & got him an absentee ballot for him & returned it in person for him. I'm all for ID's, which my state has (license or other legal ID). I don't see any infringement with voter ID's as long as their done by proper agencies. We all know there are illegal ID's, but there has to be a way to identify them. Yes, Newsom is Pelosi's nephew, now you know why CA is the way it is. Is Pelosi still having botox, or facelifting (78 or 80)? Feinstein (84) has it done too. Very uplifted & shiny faces!!!

  • LeeMar Zarr

    05/06/2020 02:59 PM

    When the "Worthless Health Ostriches" buried their heads in areas where your wallet goes said " You can Not get Covid virus from human to human contact," logic would tell you/anyone with any brains that is a bunch of Bat Ghuna...IF that were true how did all these people get infected by bats! Wake up people and smell how much the Chinese Bat Ghuna virus stories and the WHO ( and I am talking about Horton smells either ), STINKS!

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/06/2020 02:02 PM

    Thank you. I read your stuff everyday.

  • Nancy Noyes

    05/06/2020 11:03 AM

    I was wondering if you had seen The PLANDEMIC Documentary : The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid:19 that has been circulating on You Tube and wondering what you thought of it.

  • Pauline Cribbs

    05/06/2020 10:29 AM

    Thank you, mike. I enjoyed your commentary. You always tell it like it is and I always feel better after reading your e-mails. My husband and I voted for you and we felt like you would have made an excellent President. Thanks again.

  • Ruth Ogle

    05/06/2020 10:07 AM

    Love your descriptive way of explaining the news! The honest and conservative view is not heard in many places! Thank you

  • Anthony Leone

    05/06/2020 09:59 AM

    Thank God for your column. You and your incredible staff keep us informed of the truth and
    provide the facts that make it so.

  • Jerry

    05/06/2020 09:12 AM

    Men in my age group see people like Schumer Nadler Schiff Leahy Blumenthal Durban Booker Flake Romney DeBlasio Cuomo's as mutations of the male species they disgrace men around the world if dropped off in countries around the world without protection of the United States they are so vile they probably would be destroyed within a week it is hard for older men to see these feeble people in a position that is suppose to honorable and respected. Disgraceful and Shameful As Cuomo has indicated this country is not for older people look at what he did to residence that old people live in thats just one of the horrible things these type of people do.

  • Randy Pittman

    05/06/2020 08:50 AM

    Interesting how California is now begging for help now that they are being overwhelmed by all the illegals with the Wuhan virus coming into the state for free health care. They totally defied the federal gov't orders about illegals, fight against every regulation or attempt to reduce the number of illegals coming in, provided sanctuary cities, then exasperated the problem by making the entire state a sanctuary! No, thank you! California totally created this entire problem all on their own, kept making it worse with additional defiant policies. Now they want the rest of America to bail them out! NO!! They did it, they should fix it at their expense, not ours.

  • Geoffrey max mordecai Spiro

    05/06/2020 01:37 AM

    I almost chocked laughing at the duck quack joke, about bonehead, toooo funny!!

  • Bob Janovick

    05/06/2020 12:43 AM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    Please write an article that will inform us as to why we can be prosecuted if we violate our oath to tell the truth in court.
    Further, why does it appear that it does not apply to leaders in the Justice Department (or why they think so).
    And why government officials can't be prosecuted when violating their oath to defend and protect the U S Constitution regarding the 1 st or 2 nd Amendment (Did Ray Nagin ever pay a $1 fine for seizure of arms in the aftermath of hurricane Katina?).

  • Jan StAnne

    05/05/2020 11:19 PM

    I read that Gavin Newsom, Gov of California, is Nancy Pelosi's nephew. If that is true it would explain a lot of his behaviors.

  • Cheryl Barkley

    05/05/2020 10:59 PM

    Not all Californians agree with this Socialist CA Government. In fact, we did not vote for him. He stole the election with stealing absentee votes in the mail and ballot harvesting. We need the Federal Gov to come in and take over our finances because this Liberal Gov has run a once beautiful, thriving state into ruin. No bail outs. Just get rid of this communist, immoral regime that has taken over.

  • John H

    05/05/2020 10:57 PM

    Different topic...… I would like to buy the state of the union speech that Pelosi tore up. Know where it is?

  • Robin Rebhan

    05/05/2020 10:35 PM

    I was just thinking of that " 1619 project " when I saw it mentioned here. I've seen it around online it is a progressive/socialist teaching. To get this teaching to be accepted you have to discredit or ignore our founding fathers and Great Men in history, such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
    On our calendars are holidays. Two are now missing. Washington's Birthday and Lincolns Birthday. Now substituted by " Presidents Day ". Washington and Lincoln both of noble character and defenders of the U.S. Constitution. Erased from the history on our calendars at home, work and school. That's how socialism works! Here a little there a little. Remove a paragraph or two in history books and ignorance takes over, where if you don't believe in something, you'll believe in anything.
    Next socialism uses imagination, once you gain a persons imagination you've got them! Unverifiable information takes over your imagination. Reason, logic, truth and facts no longer abound. I am always amazed at human nature, just how willing we are to believe a lie.
    Here a little there a little 233 years of the U.S. Constitution is being chipped away.
    The good news is we can do something about it! Project 1776. Also Hillsdale college free online Constitutional courses ( my favorite ). And of course Mike Huckabee keeping us informed!
    OH! And you can sign up for a email with news direct from the White House.

  • Jerry

    05/05/2020 10:00 PM

    A poll was taken would u have your temp and a nose swap before going into a restaurant I would not mind or object beats going to the clinic I would want a healthcare trained administrator I am ready to move about I need items

  • Carl Smith

    05/05/2020 09:59 PM

    I have been reviewing The Federalist Papers DVD published by Hillsdale /college and something struck me today and that Hamilton in Federalist 70 commented that HONOR was expected in our elected representatives but recognized that they were after all not perfect. If they were able to view how their product has been bastardized they might have added Term Limits. OR at least added penalties like hanging for lying to the voters who entrusted them with the High HONOR of being able to Serve the nation NOT themselves.

  • Helen Collette Ellenberger

    05/05/2020 09:47 PM

    Another SUPERB commentary. I honestly don't know what this country would do without your Morning and Evening Editions. You truly hit the 'nail RIGHT ON THE HEAD'!

    C. Ellenberger

  • Emma Reed Elliott

    05/05/2020 09:42 PM

    I love your comments on California. What did they expect and now they want us, the taxpayers to help them with their illegals. Really?

    What ever happened to your trip to the Holy land in March? Has it been cancelled or postponed? My husband and I are very interested in going on a trip to the Holy Land with you and your team.

  • Dewayne Ekrut

    05/05/2020 09:24 PM

    I heard that Nancy Pelosi was in Wuhan, China six days after the impeachment hearings were complete in Washington D.C.. Is there any way to check on this as she is paid by the taxpayers and if the trip was made who paid for it and who did she see and what was discussed?

  • Jerry korba

    05/05/2020 09:21 PM

    Hollywood the msm cnn Fauci all seem to be connected to CCP Hollywood allowing China to sensor the movie’s to the specs of CCP the msm writes and televises what the CCP wants and Fauci makes sure the Wuhan labs get millions of taxpayers money to operate so why would Fauci go against Pompeo Thrump and others in the Congress to defend China and the Wuhan virus time to check Fauci and his assets domestic and foreign

  • Keith Alan Brown

    05/05/2020 09:12 PM

    It is fulfilling to see that there is some semblance of Patriotism and American value left in this Country, all we need is to have it be read and distributed by actual and true American journalists!!

  • Paul Kern

    05/05/2020 08:03 PM

    A couple things. I see a link you had opened up to a cereal ad!
    Also it help to be really informed. The MSM is definitely evil and demonic. I have seen goo information that seems to she the number of deaths is really about a half. Last Friday real CDC numbers were only a little over 37,000 while MDM and even the President stated over 60,000. I think the real numbers are somewheres in the middle. Continue to keep exposing the left wing plots and corrupt, power hungry governor's like in my star of Washington.
    We in the Church need to keep in fervent prayer.