Hurricane Dorian

August 29, 2019 |

Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands were thankfully spared the worst from Hurricane Dorian, but the fact that it’s remained over the ocean so long means it will likely make landfall in the US with even more strength, possibly a Category 3.  It could be the strongest hurricane to hit Central Florida in 30 years.  More information and a map with projected timeline are here:

If you’re in Florida or anywhere along the Eastern Seaboard, since the storm’s trajectory still isn’t certain, please keep a close eye on the weather and prepare now to ride it out or evacuate, depending on local orders.  And wherever you are, please join me in praying for the storm to weaken and for the safety of those in its path. 

I should also mention that the “don’t let any crisis go to waste” crowd used the earlier threat to Puerto Rico to criticize President Trump for diverting some emergency funds to deal with overcrowding at illegal immigrant detention centers. Just a few points on that:  

1. If we were facing a serious emergency, Congress has the power to allocate more funds to deal with it.  

2. If Trump didn’t do anything about dealing with the overcrowding at the detention centers, the same critics would call him a heartless, racist monster who doesn’t care about the people in them.

3.  If Trump’s critics had helped him shore up border security instead of doing everything in their power to impede him, and if they’d changed our crazy laws to stop making it so easy and attractive to enter the US illegally, then the detention centers wouldn’t be overcrowded in the first place.

If there is a bad storm, I feel certain that the Trump Administration will deal with the aftermath.  Just as it is trying, against all odds and opposition, to deal with the perfect storm of illegal immigration crises created by the people criticizing him for how he’s dealing with it. 

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