April 12, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Lots of breaking news on Mueller overreach -- Today's "must-read" op-ed -- London moves to ban prayer near abortion clinics  -- 9th Circuit Court sides with Trump supporters -- Antifa has a new target -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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On Wednesday, a day of significant breaking news about what looks to be blatant overreach on the part of Mueller’s team, I appeared on Shannon Bream’s late-night show on FOX News –- having knocked back a couple of Red Bulls first –- to talk about some of it. I made the point that nothing about the special counsel’s tactics is surprising, given what we already knew.

In America, we don’t go breaking down doors, raiding someone’s home and taking personal papers and computers, as was done to the reportedly cooperative Trump attorney Michael Cohen, just to learn more about a questionable campaign contribution. This was clearly an enormous stretch of the law, an intrusion on attorney-client privilege committed for the purpose of intimidating the President and his attorney. Here, a law professor and former chairman of the Federal Election Commission explains why…


Mike Huckabee

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Today's "must-read" op-ed

By Mike Huckabee

Believe it or not, today’s “must-read” op-ed is by Sally Kohn, a liberal activist and CNN commentator. But she’s written something pretty remarkable and quite laudable, and that is likely to get her ostracized and cursed by many of her liberal friends. I apologize in advance if my defense of her makes that worse.

Ms Kohn did something that very few of the current partisan poison-spitters do: she spent several years getting to know people on the other side, as a regular guest on Fox News. I suspect most liberals who foam at the mouth over “Faux News” (they think repeating that for the 400 millionth time is witty) have never even spent several minutes watching it. Her Fox News gig forced her to do something that precious few people on either extreme side of the partisan gulch ever do: meet, talk with and actually get to know people who think differently from her.

What she discovered is that it is actually possible for someone to hold an opposing opinion on policy issues yet not be a hateful, angry, sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic deplorable (if Hillary Clinton reads one op-ed by a liberal writer today, please, Lord, let it be this one.) Maybe they’re perfectly nice, intelligent people who just see things differently from you. Kohn cites as an example her Aunt Lucy, a conservative Republican who lives in “flyover country” and watches Fox News, and who is also an intelligent, informed, curious, decent, kind person who loves her family and is completely accepting of Ms Kohn’s same-sex partner.



London moves to ban prayer near abortion clinics

By Mike Huckabee

So far this year, London has averaged more than three killings a week, surpassing New York City’s murder rate. The New York Times reports that just in the past couple of weeks, two London teenagers were killed on the same day when one was shot in the face and another caught in drive-by crossfire, despite strict British gun control laws that have disarmed law-abiding citizens. On one recent Thursday, five teenagers, including a boy of 13, were stabbed within 90 minutes of each other (which prompted far-left Major Sadiq Kahn to demonstrate Einstein’s definition of insanity by calling for strict, no-tolerance knife control laws, just like the gun control laws.) Meanwhile, another man was beaten to death in a brawl outside a betting shop, which will no doubt inspire Khan to call for strict knuckle control laws and ban people from making a fist.

So with all that on their plates, what did the Ealing Council of West London think required action? They voted unanimously to ban praying outside abortion clinics. They don’t call it that, of course; they call it a “buffer zone” barring protests outside abortion clinics. They say it doesn’t ban prayer in general, only any prayer that “amounts to an act of approval/disapproval of issues relating to abortion services.” So you can pray; just don’t mention abortion or God help you.

Remember when what you prayed about used to be between you and God? Now, it’s between you, God and the Ealing Council.

Pro-choice groups celebrated the ruling, vowing that it’s “only the beginning.” Judging from the way the UK government has been going lately, I don’t doubt that. What’s next, telling people that they’re not allowed to pray to save the unborn in their own homes? How about banning people from praying that God protect them from all the well-armed criminals with His terrible swift sword, since self-defense with a sword surely is prohibited under the new knife ban?

Or here’s a better idea: how about if London’s mayor and other city officials all get together and pray to God for some common sense? I’m sure many Londoners who care about life – both the lives of the unborn and their own lives – would be more than willing to join in that prayer, even if it does amount to asking for a miracle.


9th Circuit Court sides with Trump supporters

By Mike Huckabee

The San Jose, California, Police Department’s deliberate herding of Trump supporters into a group of violent anti-Trump protesters who physically assaulted them was so egregious that even a panel of the notoriously liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals seemed sympathetic to the Trump voters and inclined to let them sue. This may replace the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill as the most unlikely thing anyone’s spotted in San Francisco in the past 30 years.



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Antifa has a new target

By Mike Huckabee

The deliberately deceptively-named group “Antifa” (for anti-fascist: they fight “fascism” by putting on black clothes and hoods and violently attacking people for exercising free speech they disagree with – you know, like people who are opposed to fascism do) has a new target. They plan to protest upcoming appearances on California college campuses by Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins.

They call the advocate for the sanctity of life a “Christian-fascist” who spews “anti-women poison” as part of the Trump/Pence anti-choice agenda that’s “preparing for the ground for a real-life ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ with women completely enslaved and subordinated to a patriarchal order.” No, really, I didn’t make that up to satirize their mindless radicalism. They actually said it, exactly that way.

At the link, the response from a spokeswoman for Students For Life gives a perfect illustration of just which side really is promoting violence, oppression and fascism. Although if the point the Antifa punks are trying to make is that some people should not reproduce, then they’re doing a bang-up job of it.



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