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March 21, 2023



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31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

Luke 6:31 KJV

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Forces on the Left seek to fundamentally change our nation by disregarding the principles upon which it was founded. Members of the media and liberal politicians seek to damage our economic, political, and educational systems for their gain. The Three Cs That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism, and the Constitution:

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America faces a war of values that will determine its future and likely decide if it will continue as a great nation on the world stage. Mike Huckabee and Steve Feazel sound a needed alarm to Christians and conservatives to answer the call to action and push back against the forces that desire to move America from its heritage and founding principles. It is time for God's people to take an active role in the political arena, not with violence, but with votes and voices that proclaim and defend the values that made our nation the brightest light of freedom the world has ever known.

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The Three Cs That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution - Mike Huckabee

The 2024 GOP Presidential field appears to be growing…

There’s yet another potential contender in the growing field of 2024 GOP Presidential candidates. Former Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers is making some moves that suggest he’ll get into the race. Rogers would be in the “not Trump” pool of candidates. This Fox News profile tells you what his candidacy would be all about.

From our “About Darn Time” File

The Heritage Foundation and Advancing American Freedom are suing the Biden “Justice” Department to obtain documents relating to its response (or almost complete lack thereof) to violent attacks on about 200 churches and pro-life pregnancy centers since Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Critics say this is a blatant example of a politicized double standard of justice that shows contempt for pro-life Americans and people of faith. But Attorney General Merrick Garland has claimed that the reason they’re prosecuting pro-life activists is that protests at abortion clinics tend to be in daylight with cameras present, while pro-abortionists attack at night and wear masks. Well, in that case, it would require some sort of police work. I can see now why absolutely nothing has been accomplished.

The hubris of Dr. Anthony Fauci

We don’t hear much these days about the sin of hubris, since its definition (“overbearing pride, presumption or arrogance”) is now such a popular lifestyle. But I have to give kudos to whoever released the video outtakes from an “American Masters” episode of PBS that I’m sure was intended to deify Dr. Anthony Fauci. Instead, it gave the world a shining example of what “hubris” means.

The videos showed Dr. Fauci and Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser going door-to-door during the pandemic to fight “vaccine hesitancy” in a mostly black DC neighborhood. In retrospect, we can see that the average people who had allegedly been “misinformed” about COVID and the vaccines were actually better informed on the subjects than Fauci was.

When a mom (correctly, as it turned out) told Fauci, “I heard that it doesn’t cure it and it doesn’t stop you from getting it,” he replied with smug certainty, “No, on the very, very, very rare chance that you do get it even if you’re vaccinated, it’s a very – you don’t even feel sick. It’s like you don’t even know you got infected. It’s very, very good at protecting you.”

He then blamed Republicans for this “crazy” vaccine resistance, saying, “They don’t like to be told what to do. And we got to break that, unpack that.”

Maybe they just didn’t like to be told what to do by a power-mad bureaucrat who was absolutely certain that he was correct about things he was wrong about.

Click the link for this must-see video, and for the other one, where they encountered a man who really wasn’t in the mood for Fauci's snow job.

The Dollar Tree stops selling eggs

Thanks to the policies of Joe Biden (or whoever around him is actually imposing these crazy leftist policies), inflation is so bad that even Dollar Tree is charging $1.25, with many items now in the $3-5 range. And people are so hammered by inflation that Dollar Tree has become a major source for groceries for many Americans. But there’s one thing you won’t find at Dollar Tree. No, not caviar. The chain is pulling eggs from its stores.

Yes, eggs are now so expensive that even with the new higher prices on some items, the chain figures that if you’re shopping at Dollar Tree, you can’t afford a dozen eggs.

Maybe they should start selling them one egg at a time for $1.25 each.

Arizona election update

The media have imposed a tacit lockdown on stories about Kari Lake’s challenging of the 2022 Maricopa County, Arizona, elections, but she’s continuing to press her case in the state Supreme Court. And here’s just one more story that makes that election smell even fishier.

Rasmussen Reports and College Republicans United conducted a survey of likely voters in Arizona. It found that 55% believe that the Maricopa election irregularities affected the outcome, in which Democrat Katie Hobbs defeated Lake by only 17,000 votes, with 35% believing it’s “very likely.” The survey also found that even now, after Hobbs has been in the Governor’s seat for two months and Lake has been vilified by the media, Lake’s favorability rating is higher than Hobbs’ by 51-44%.

But even more intriguing, of the 95% of respondents who said they voted in 2022, 51% said they voted for Lake and only 43% voted for Hobbs. That 8-point gap is almost three times the poll’s margin of error. There were similar findings in two other statewide races in which Democrats won narrow victories. You might think that just means the poll sample was wildly skewed, but oddly, the self-reported vote for Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly over Republican Blake Masters (about 50-46%) matched the election total. Hmm…

“Indictment Day”?? Get-Trump agenda goes several bridges too far in New York

Capitol Hill police are putting up security barricades around the Capitol and getting ready for the violent mega-MAGA “domestic terrorist” protest that Democrat strategists surely hope for.  With all the political mileage they got out of January 6, it’s easy to imagine them rubbing their hands together with glee at the thought of having another one, eagerly watching security structures going up in DC and thinking wistfully, “If we build it, they will come!”

I would hope that at this point, there is not even one Trump supporter with the bad sense to go to the Capitol with anything destructive in mind, now that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg --- who campaigned on indicting Trump --- has shown intention to arrest and indict a former President of the United States over a $130,000 payment made by then-Trump attorney Michael Cohen to porn star Stormy Daniels seven years ago.  Don’t even go NEAR the Capitol Building, or any other federal building in the area.

Trump himself has said he anticipates being arrested Tuesday, and he has encouraged “protest.”  Of course, as on January 6, he means the peaceful assembly protected by the First Amendment.  So pray for peace, in DC and in Manhattan as well.  Anyone causing a disturbance had better be some antifa chucklehead with his MAGA hat on backwards, not a real Trump supporter.

Personally, I’d recommend ignoring the whole thing.  Besides, developments on Monday have made it look as though this arrest isn’t going to happen, anyway --- at least for now and maybe not at all --- because the case is simply falling apart.  More on that below.

But word is, “Insurrection Day” will at least be postponed, till next week. report-law-enforcement- officials-dont-expect-trump- arraignment-until-next-week/

Maybe Bragg has come to see that if they arrest Trump --- especially if they offer the visual of Trump in handcuffs --- they have pretty much handed him the nomination and maybe even the election.  (After the Mar-A-Lago raid, Trump’s poll numbers went up 11 points.)  My writers say that the moment they arrest him, if they do, their trusty old TRUMP 2020 flag is going back up in front of their house.  Any party that finally succeeds in fundamentally transforming our beloved republic into the “banana” kind with this level of abuse of power should never, ever be in power again.

In fact, the sight of Trump in handcuffs might send such a powerful message about the state of “our democracy” that we even thought he might try a little reverse psychology, as in “Br’er Rabbit and the Briar Patch”: “Oh, Mister DA!  Mister DA!  Please have mercy!  You can do whatever you want to me, accuse me of whatever you want, tie me up in court for years, anything you want!  Just, please, PLEASE, whatever you do, don’t put me in handcuffs!!  It’s just too humiliating; I’ll die of embarrassment!!  PLEASE don’t put me in handcuffs!!”

We’re just having a little fun with this because the point is probably moot.  Bragg’s case is a disaster.  Unless George Soros made Trump’s indictment an iron-clad condition of his contributions to the Bragg campaign --- we’ll never know but can easily see that being the case --- Bragg might want to rethink the whole thing.     

Elon Musk tweeted that if the former President is handcuffed, arrested and paraded in front of the cameras, “Trump will be re-elected in a landslide victory.”  The Trump indictment, he said, is the result of planning and funding by George Soros, who apparently thinks differently. george-soros-planned- political-assassination-of- donald-trump/

On Monday, three Republican House committee chairs demanded from Bragg all documents and communications relating to his investigation of Trump.  Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (Judiciary Committee), Kentucky Rep. James Comer (Oversight) and Rep. Bryan Steil (Administration) are also calling for him to sit for a transcribed interview, which he has until 10 a.m. on Thursday to schedule.  Their letter is appropriately biting: “You are reportedly about to engage in an unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority: the indictment of a former President of the United States and current declared candidate for office.”  You can read the whole letter here; it’s quite magnificent, summing up the problems with the case --- including the total lack of credibility of its main witness, Michael Cohen; the obvious political motivation for it; and the tenuous legal theory propping it up. sites/evo-subsites/ gov/files/evo-media-document/ 2023-03-20-jdj-bs-jc-to-bragg- re-trump-investigation.pdf

“Your actions will erode confidence in the evenhanded application of justice and unalterably interfere in the course of the 2024 Presidential election,” they wrote.

Also, anticipating that Bragg will try to delay by saying they’ve not specified a legislative purpose for their demands, they spelled it out for him:

“Your decision to pursue such a politically motivated prosecution—while adopting  progressive criminal justice policies that allow career ‘criminals [to] run[ ] the streets’ of Manhattan—requires  congressional scrutiny about  how public safety funds appropriated by Congress are implemented by local law–enforcement agencies. In addition, your apparent decision to pursue criminal charges where federal authorities declined to do so requires oversight to inform potential legislative reforms about the delineation of prosecutorial authority between federal and local officials. Finally, because the circumstances of this matter stem, in part, from Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, Congress may consider legislative reforms to the authorities of special counsels and their relationships with other prosecuting entities.” 

There you go --- specific legislative purpose!  Several, in fact. 03/20/house-republicans- demand-documents-from- prosecutor-investigating-trump

In new developments Monday, Michael Cohen’s former legal adviser Robert Costello testified before Bragg’s grand jury for more than two hours and just about dismantled the case, calling Cohen “a serial liar.”  Cohen had implicated Trump in the payoff scheme to Daniels as part of his plea deal in 2019, but prosecutors --- this was before Bragg was DA --- opted out of charging Trump then.  In 2021, the Federal Election Commission also finally took a pass, with former Commissioner Brad Smith writing that this payment would not be a campaign finance violation.  It was considered to be a personal expenditure.

After Costello testified, he told reporters in front of his Manhattan office building that he’d testified to the grand jury that Trump did not know about the payments Cohen had made for non-disclosure agreements with two women, Daniels and model Karen McDougal.  (Cohen testified in 2018 that Trump had “directed” the payments.)  Costello said he’d told grand jurors that Cohen is a convicted perjurer and can’t be trusted to tell the truth.  He described a meeting in April 2018, after the FBI’s search of Cohen’s home and office, in which Cohen was utterly panicked --- even suicidal --- at the thought of spending even one day in jail.  He was desperately looking to make a deal, saying over and over, “I want you guys to know that I will do whatever the (bleep) it takes.”

Costello told the reporters that Cohen, who did indeed go to jail on a three-year sentence in 2018, is “now on the revenge tour.” (Cohen later responded that Costello’s remarks were “fantastical.”)  More details at FOX NEWS. politics/trump-manhattan-da- case-bob-costello-testifies- grand-jury-says-michael-cohen- serial-liar

Later in the day, Costello went on the air with Tucker Carlson to say that “Michael Cohen was lying about just about everything.”  He also said it was clear that the DA’s office didn’t want to get to the truth.  But Costello managed to work it into his testimony, even when not directly asked about it.  He explains in a must-see interview. 6322993205112

Another must-see is the interview Judge Jeanine Pirro (subbing for Sean Hannity) did Monday night with Trump attorney Joe Tacopina, who makes the problems with this case crystal clear. 6322994354112

Mike Davis, former chief nominations counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee and founder of the Article III Project, spoke late Monday night with Trace Gallagher, observing that even what the NEW YORK TIMES had said about this case translates into “bogus, trumped-up charges...part of the Democrats’ pattern of going after President Trump.  They’re afraid they can’t beat him in the polls, so they want to indict him.”  A recent poll supports that view. politics-policy/trump-surges- ahead-possible-arrest-poll

The legal theory is weak, Davis said, “and their star witnesses are a stripper and a disbarred attorney, so good luck to you, Alvin Bragg.”

Finally, here’s a piece by Don Surber showing that even Daniels’ former attorney, “creepy porn lawyer” Michael Avenatti, is saying from prison that the case against Trump is bogus.

https://donsurber.substack. com/p/avenatti-says-theres-no- case-against



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