So, what does the far left think of Kamala? Here's a clue...

August 12, 2020 | - August 13, 2020

We’ve been looking at Kamala Harris from our own perspective as conservative Trump supporters. But what about those folks on the far left, the so-called “base” of the Democrat Party? Harris has THE MOST liberal record in the Senate of anybody there –- just to the left of Bernie Sanders; I am not kidding –- so you’d think they’d be thrilled with this choice. Think again.

As reported by Matt Vespa at TOWNHALL, leftist reporter Michael Tracey communicated in a series of tweets his utter disdain for this VP pick. Apologies in advance for a little rough language, but it does drive home what he thinks of her.

Vespa’s report reminds us what a major train wreck Harris’s presidential campaign was, leading to her departure from the race even before they had the primary vote in her own home state of California. That's how bad it was.

The tweets from Tracey reveal the problem not only with Harris herself but (perhaps inadvertently) with the entire Democrat Party. Tracey wrote: “Kamala’s past as a hardline prosecutor doesn’t endear her to left-wing voters, and her most recent embrace of an Extremely Online activist rhetorical style doesn’t endear her to “Law and Order” voters. So she’s in a weird political “no man’s land.” Who’s her natural constituency?”

In other words, no matter which way she goes, she alienates a major segment of Democrat voters. I would add that the Biden campaign's thinking may be that Democrats detest Trump so much that they won’t much care. That might be correct, even though what they hate is a wildly distorted abomination, an evil fictional creation, not Trump the real person. The media have done quite an effective job of demonizing him.

For Kamala, all of this is just posturing, anyway, a balancing act to use until the polls close on Election Day. How she “defines herself” during the campaign has little to do with how she’d use power if she really got it, or to whom she would be beholden.

Tracey praised Tulsi Gabbard’s evisceration of Harris at one of the debates, calling the points she made “100 percent substantive and informed by Tulsi’s sincere beliefs on criminal justice policy.” In contrast, he described Kamala’s response as “smearing her [Tulsi] with unrelated nonsense.” As I recall, that’s pretty much how it went down.

We all know who walked away the winner of that contest: Tulsi. If they were going to pick a far-leftist --- Tulsi definitely is one --- who doesn’t shy away from a fight and can beat-down even an experienced prosecuting attorney like Kamala, the congresswoman from Hawaii might have been more of a crowd-pleaser. Then again, she barely registered among Democrats during the primaries.

Anyway, Tracey's anti-Kamala tweets get more and more scathing as you scroll down. Keep in mind that he’s from the far left of the party; it makes perfect sense that one of his criticisms is this: “After all was said and done the Democratic Party donors and professional class got pretty much exactly what it wanted.” And he is right about that --- not just about Harris, but about the strange gap within the current Democrat Party, a gap that perhaps no prospective VP candidate would have been able to bridge.

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  • Louis McCluer

    11/16/2020 08:51 PM

    This just gives more credence to the question, why would voters re-elect GOP congressmen/women, only losing 1 seat, and yet not re-elect Trump. It makes no sense whatsoever, and with this info, it makes it even more senseless.

  • Jane F. Mitchell

    11/06/2020 08:42 AM

    So all who voted for Biden know Kamala becomes president when they send Biden to a home, don't they,?

  • Jane F. Mitchell

    11/06/2020 08:41 AM

    So all who voted for Biden know Kamala becomes president when they send Biden to a home, don't they,?

  • Ann Bruce Pineda

    08/28/2020 07:51 PM

    I left the Democrats when I learned how Obama voted for partial birth abortion even before he became POTUS, while he was still an Illinois state senator. I do like to research opposing points of view, even though I voted red across the board in 2018. I really like Tulsi as a candidate and appreciate your gracious hospitality toward her on your show. Kim Iversen introduced Tulsi in Los Angeles at a townhall and I watch her videos. Some of her last videos really show what you're saying about Kamala Kameleon (Jezebel for short). She might even vote for Trump. Please encourage POTUS, at least after he wins, to offer Tulsi a good job in his administration. They're both against regime change wars. That's her first priority. Blessings and many thanks, Brother Mike.

  • Roger Sellman

    08/16/2020 01:01 PM

    I'm wondering why no one is talking about Kamala's eligibility status
    She is a anchor baby. Her parents were NOT CITIZENS at the time of her birth.
    She is NOT a Natural Born Citizen. She is ineligible to be VP or POTUS..

  • Carol Phaneuf

    08/14/2020 12:51 PM

    It is still scary that KH Could end up half a heartbeat from the Oval Office!

  • Ron Larkin

    08/14/2020 08:50 AM

    I think they put the final nail in the coffin with that VP pick.

  • Doug Moon

    08/13/2020 08:20 PM

    In the midst of all this hoopla about Biden's Veep, I come back to the one absolute truth regarding regarding the left's standards-- NOTHING is absolute! No matter what you are told today, reality can(and will) shift at the blink of Nancy Pelosis' eye. I say that because, at the moment, it appears that Laura got it wrong regarding the DNC-I mean-Biden's pick. However, it ain't over yet! My money is still on Ms. Ainsworth. Harris has so much baggage that I have a hard time believing she won't be cancelled by the radical(or most radical; the whole party is the stuff of nightmares) element of the people's party long before November gets here. Let's face it: there is only one person on this earth who can bring about the second coming of the Democratic heaven on earth; that one perfect, sinless individual, Michelle! So yah, I'm still holding my breath.

  • Paul S Gantt

    08/13/2020 06:50 PM

    That won't affect how the left votes.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    08/13/2020 06:00 PM

    From what I have read and listened to on numerous channels...Kamala, like the entire democratic party, is nothing more than a NEVER TRUMPER. She slept her way to the top which makes one ask...was there a "blue dress" involved?

  • Gene Curtis Boswell

    08/13/2020 05:32 PM

    Kamala is what I term a "convenient" black person. Her mother is from India. Her father is from Jamaica. I think that is called biracial. This just not fair to real black people. Someone is allowed to designate that she is a black woman??? Of course, if I say this out loud, I am deemed a racist. Clearly she is left of left in the AOC camp. Disgusting.

  • Norris Harod

    08/13/2020 05:29 PM

    The 2016 election and Hillary gave us a clear picture of how the Elitist Democrat leaders are stuck in the past where their media could control and mold voters' minds and the Swamp would punish their detractors. They live in their bubble of rich arrogant cocktail and social circles where everyone else is dumb and to be told what is best for them. They still do not get that they can no longer let anyone get a glimpse of their true motives and selves without being booed like players kneeling on sports fields for being anti American and insulting the intelligence of the fans/taxpayers paying their salaries to attend their "game". Now in full review, come Biden and Harris with a portfolio of recorded past lies and not supporting common people, proof their vote buying schemes are not affordable, and fully supporting Communists in the street looting and hurting people to show who is in power. They are glowing at thoughts of their having full power over the people, and oblivious that President Trump is delivering the freedom, success, and pride in America they have sworn to take away again. They trot around their adoring media like the Emperor With No Clothes oblivious that the multitude sees how naked and wicked they really are. Anyone who pays just a little attention to their future will vote to make the 2020 election a runaway for President Trump and a GOP House and Senate. The Leftist clowns need to be jammed back into their little clown car and driven home so they no longer ruin our lives.

  • Martha Miller

    08/13/2020 05:04 PM

    I have believed from the get-go that Biden would not choose his own VP. I firmly believed the Dem party would select his VP, selecting someone whom they could control because it is very evident that Biden is not capable, will never be capable, and will probably get worse. I love Leo Terrell. He tells it like it is, and he is a staunch Dem but says this will be the first time in his life he will be voting Republican. I do hope that more people see the light and vote Republican. If they don't, then all I can say is God Help Us!!!! I just wish more people will look at the whole picture and the issues. I just don't understand why people can't open their eyes, search things out for themselves, and put two and two together. Maybe they can't add???? God Bless this country and our people.

  • John Walter

    08/13/2020 04:54 PM

    The ;problem is that none of what you bring up about Kamala Harris will alter the fact that Dem voters will vote for her because she has that D by her name. They don't care about her hypocrisy nor her politics; only that she has that D by her name on the ballot that they are completing.

  • Donald Tygart

    08/13/2020 04:18 PM

    Kamala Harris is, in my opinion, the Democratic attempt to make up for the lost time - due to Hillary Clinton being unable to get elected. Revert to normal.

  • Richard Quitliano

    08/13/2020 02:35 PM

    You can call me crazy but this is what I'm seeing. Slow Joe will have to come out of his basement to govern and his mental decline will become obvious to everyone. Harris is constitutionally unqualified for the presidency which will force the issue into the House. Assuming that the Dems maintain control, Nancy Pelosi will be 3rd in line, if Kamala is disqualified, Nancy gets what she's always coveted -- the presidency.

  • Carol Wilson

    08/13/2020 02:21 PM

    I believe bringing Kamala Harris onto the Ticket, is a perfect way to deflect the inadequacies of Joe Biden. Now, everyone on the 'right' are obsessing over Harris and ignoring Biden. Big mistake. We need to continue to make Biden's obvious shortcomings first and foremost!!! All the way to the election. Harris should just be an afterthought ...

  • Marsha Hays

    08/13/2020 01:15 PM

    You appear to be my only outlet right now so here goes!
    I honestly don’t believe Joe Biden will be nominated for the Democratic choice for President at the Democratic convention. Believe many other fellow intelligent people are thinking this sane thing.
    Yes, I did hear Judge Janine’s comments the other night as everyone else was talking at the same time. Think she is right on. Can’t believe the Democratic Party could be this stupid unless they totally expect KAM al a to take over in short order or replace Joe with someone THEY feel would be more appropriate to destroy our country

  • Brian Sherman

    08/13/2020 12:57 PM


    Check your best internet search engine for an article that showing that when Kam was a DA, she defended a bunch of pedofile priests in San Francisco. Now why do you think that was a big plus for Joe Biden? Surely your know. Please check it out. Should America know about this?


    Brian Shermaln

  • allen tamias

    08/13/2020 12:52 PM

    Only way dems can win now is through massive voter fraud and they are very busy at it.

  • Bob Byrns

    08/13/2020 12:45 PM

    The left thinks appearance is all that matters, not substance, when campaigning. When the ends always justifies the means, no matter how destructive those means are, who cares about truth? They deplore us who do, and think we are dumb enough to accept their character assassinations without looking at substance and results.

  • dennis k dressler

    08/13/2020 12:12 PM

    I would like to see Tulsi Gabbard on a republican ticket. May not like all her positions but she is an honest, truthful and up front person we need in politics to lead this free country and keep it free. I believe if she spent time around the president and his people she would change some of her vues.

  • rodney burke

    08/13/2020 11:58 AM

    when dems don't like her that should set off warning bells. Apparently a portion of the communist party in America, doesn't care. K Harris has no where to go. She openly displays her hatred for the American people with what she says. Whic h by the way is on tape and forever. So this should be the strategy of the Trump campaign. All they need is what she said to sink her. If she's to the left of Bernie, they have a problem and we hae an even BIGGER one.

  • Cynthia Sanborn

    08/13/2020 11:55 AM

    Governor Huckabee,

    It is so obvious what Kamala Harris is after. We can see her lack of loyalty.We know what socialism looks like. Americans do not want that. Thank you Governor for Caring and being Professional.

  • Bubba Humphries

    08/13/2020 11:54 AM

    Mike, please keep doing what you are doing. I thoroughly enjoy your daily newsletter!