President Trump tweets barrage against FBI

April 10, 2018 |

This morning, President Trump unleashed another Twitter barrage over the FBI (acting on a tip from Robert Mueller) raiding three locations of his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, and seizing records that reportedly include confidential communications covered by attorney-client privilege. The FBI claims they will be given to agents to sort out what investigators are allowed to see. Well, that should set everyone’s minds at ease! The same notoriously biased and leaky government agency that can seize your confidential documents will read them to see which ones the same government agency is allowed to see. What could go wrong?

I won’t comment on whether there is any justification for the FBI to treat the President’s attorney (who was said to be cooperating fully with investigators in turning over documents voluntarily) with the kind of heavy-handed tactics normally reserved for Mafia dons and terrorist suspects. I won’t comment yet on whether this is justified, because we don’t know what the alleged violation might be – although if, as rumored, it has to do with a possible campaign finance violation for paying a porn star $130,000 to go away, that seems like awfully small potatoes for such tactics, compared to the free ride on a magic flying carpet to exoneration that was given to Hillary Clinton and her cronies.

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Trump blasted the raids as an assault on America and a “witch hunt,” and tweeted “Attorney-client privilege is dead.” His critics, of course, are mocking his anger and dancing with glee. They shouldn’t be. If rationality and perspective could penetrate their thick shell of bias, they’d realize that the dangerous precedent this sets rings an alarm bell that may someday toll for thee. They’d do well to recall that under Obama, intelligence agencies didn’t limit their snooping on the media’s phones to Fox News, they also did it to the AP. Or recall how the Oscar telecast unreservedly endorsed the MeToo movement; but when the head of the Academy was accused of sexual misconduct, suddenly, he wanted his due process rights to defend himself.

Destruction of basic legal rights isn’t so funny when it happens to you, is it?



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  • Gail Readinger

    04/11/2018 03:29 PM

    Enough is Enough. When are the Democrats, and others, going to give up on trying to get something on President Trump? No one is noticing the good things Mr. Trump is doing for this country. When is the President of the United States going to be respected, again?!!! It's all about how and when the Dems can impeach Mr. Trump. Maybe, some of the Senators and Representatives should be impeached. They don't care about the people, it's all about them. Doesn't anyone notice who is paying the bill here???? We are, the tax payers, and we the people want it stopped!!!! Why don't we have a say? No one listens to us, uneducated morons, degenerates, as Hilary calls us. We don't know anything. I really love my country. And we are headed way in the wrong direction. I believe truly, these are, the beginning of the end times, till Jesus returns. Thank you

  • Cheryl Wood

    04/11/2018 10:08 AM

    God has Trumps back even if Session through him under the bus. Watch God work you will see God is great! Its going to be fun watching people run as far as they can from Muller and team. Its coming!!!

  • Deanna

    04/11/2018 12:29 AM

    How is this going to ?? stop
    The Democrats run wild and
    Donald Trump is being railroaded
    They keep saying he can’t stop this Mueller,Why not!!!!!!

  • Michael Edwards

    04/10/2018 11:59 PM

    Sir you are a breath of fresh conservative air. Keep up the fight! (Oh and if you could tell that incredible daughter Sara to tell our POTUS to not forget obamacare!)