September 30, 2021

Here's an item of interest we just stumbled upon. Did you know that in France, citizens voted by mail from 1958 to 1975, but found it created conditions so conducive to fraud that they stopped it and went back to strict in-person voting? It's true.

This piece is a must-read. It describes the terrible problem the French had with mail-in voting and massive fraud. (In fact, the mail-in system was described "an indecent provocation" to election fraud.) Now they vote exactly the way we should in our country: the old-school way --- as we've been calling for --- in person, with hand-marked paper ballots (no "electronic voting systems"), a documented chain of custody, plenty of watchers (any registered voter can watch), and full transparency. Tabulators are required to count the votes and announce the winners that same night. The ballot box, which literally is transparent, never leaves the polling place.

If the French can get it right, why can't we?

Leftists in our country would scream, "Voter suppression!" But polls have shown that most people of all races want elections to be secure, and they're fine with safeguards such as voter I.D., so I'll bet they would be open to these other provisions to ensure their vote was counted.

Again, be sure and read this entire piece, including the "Official rationale for the 1975 bill." This is exactly the way we in America should be talking about election reform now. I mean, RIGHT NOW, before we have to suffer through one more mess like the last one. Since states run their own elections, this is something that state legislators need to start taking up, immediately.

And if Marc Elias shows up, kick him out of the room.

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  • Richard Fred Howard

    09/30/2021 03:42 PM

    One (1) SSC # ... One (1) Vote ... in person.